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Yet more Oil Seed Rape flowering on the rolling fields of Avington, near Winchester.

Despite coordinating w/the , the convoy was hit Mon as it was leaving the Deir al-Balah warehouse, said. The team had unloaded >100 tons of food brought to on the maritime route.

The workers killed include a & citizens from , , & a dual citizen of the & . Andres, in a social media post, said he served alongside the victims in , & other countries.


contd / Sunak: Britain urges Israel to investigate death of aid workers in Gaza

"We're asking Israel to investigate what happened urgently, because clearly there are questions that need to be answered," Sunak told reporters during a visit to northeast England.

You win!

"Activists take sledgehammers to defense contractor building over Gaza"


"A spokesperson for the local police force said that officers received a report at 5:04am of a break-in at the premises, and, upon arriving at the location, found four people on the roof."

The needs a change of . Whilst it says on the UK 's own website that the can only arrest someone if they have a "reasonable belief" to do so, the police do arrest people if they only have a "suspicion"

A suspicion is NOT a reasonable belief. E.g., racist people have a suspicion of the people that have a different colour skin.

Updated law = A citizen CAN refuse to be arrested! if, & only if, the police don't offer a reasonable belief to arrest a citizen

UK government launches review into headlight glare after drivers complaints


BOOM! Is the Centuries-Old Edinburgh Gun Salute Under Threat

In 1928, the passed a law fixing the date of to the Sunday following the second Saturday in April, but its never been enacted.

: That point in a day full of train delays and cancellations between Berlin and Aberystwyth on my way to a conference, when the very friendly guy at the sticky chips place in Birmingham International train station looked at me with concern and said "they'll tell you off for drinking wine in the station" as I attempt to exit with a f***ing sad plastic cup containing my little consolation Merlot.

"Three-quarters of children want more time in nature, says National Trust"

Good evening. It's 7PM, Tuesday, 2nd April. The headlines: The British Museum faces scrutiny over Ethiopian artefacts. A novel artificial pancreas brings hope to those with diabetes. In the Middle East, a presumed Israeli strike in claimed 13 lives three aid workers died in . The BBC visited a town by the Israel-Lebanon border. Singer Lulu talks about her final tour.

This is part of the reason music died here in the UK
When you're left with only a laptop to make music the genres start to ebb away as to what you can construct.

This affects music teachers as well as professional musicians.

So says he doesnt want criminalised but he criminalised people for looking for a ceasefire and called them . Seriously, is the screwed

Weather at 6pm on Tue 2 Apr is fine, 9C, pressure steady and 2.2mm rain. Humidity is 86%.


UKs David Cameron slams completely unacceptable killing of aid workers in Gaza #Israeli-Palestinianconflict #Aidanddevelopment #Israel-Hamaswar #Politics #War #UK

"Public has no right to swim in sea, claims firm that dumped sewage at bathing spot"

Everywhere, men cheer a simple biological reality: shes not ours.

Horse airlifted after nearly 24 hours stuck in California river.

15-year-old girl was shot dead by police after escaping her murderous dad

: Sluice, Burgeddin
: sluice

As the goes, so goes . Same corporate overlords for both ruling major parties. stuff is just a distraction.

contd UK summons Israeli ambassador over killing of aid workers

Foreign Ministry:

"I set out the Government's unequivocal condemnation of the appalling killing of seven World Central Kitchen aid workers, including three British Nationals," Britain's Minister for Development and Africa, Andrew Mitchell, said.

"I requested a quick and transparent investigation, shared with the international community, and full accountability."

Foreign Secretary David Cameron:

"Israel must urgently explain how this happened and make major changes to ensure safety of aid workers on the ground," Cameron said in the post.

The defense innovation agencies of all three AUKUS nations
, the and
have launched a competition among global suppliers to source (EW) technologies
that will provide an edge in the congested electromagnetic spectrum

Such tech would be used for both offensive and defensive purposes, from targeting and protection against adversarial capabilities

includes locating, exploiting, degrading, targeting, disrupting, denying, deceiving or destroying an enemys electronic systems that support military operations or aim to deny friendly forces the ability to use the EM Spectrum.

GlobalData projects the global EW to register a compound annual growth rate of 1.99% over the 2020-2030 period, growing from $12.8bn in 2020 to $15.6bn by 2030.

"ExxonMobil accused of greenwashing over carbon capture plan it failed to invest in"

It's breeding season for UK birds! Focusing on corvid nests of course (3 magpie nests, 3 crow nests, and 1 rookery found in my town so far!), but I'm also growing very fond of this collared dove nesting in a tree in my garden

If you are in the UK, consider surveying a nest for the Nesting Neighbours survey, or the Nest Record Scheme!


's largest arms company, Elbit Systems, has permanently vacated its factory in Tamworth, Staffordshire, following a relentless campaign by Action.

This is the third Elbit Systems site in the to be shut down permanently by Palestine Action.

Was wondering if any Canadian peeps could comment on how safe/good CITY is for trans people, also how hard will it be to only know English there

Alternatively I would also appreciate if any UK folks could comment on , how safe for trans people

I may have an opportunity to move to either for a job(they have locations in both) but I was hoping for more anecdotal information on the cities..

I am leaning more towards Quebec because it's closer to me here in the US and I don't hear great things on the trans front coming out of the UK, but I have friends in the UK I would honestly love to meet so it's hard. As well I don't speak French so I wonder if I would fit in better in the UK.

Editing to clarify I am talking about Quebec City because I keep getting info about Montreal

US opposes China supporting Russian aggression in Ukraine US State Department (more)

are growing almost as fast in the as their cousins
New study finds that giant add 70 cm of height and store 160 kg of carbon per year.


A chance for voters to send a clear message to the dominant parties on . The 's place is in the . Get The Rejoin EU Party on the London Assembly,

to criminalise Brits who have fought in israeheilies army If u r in Britain Britain Britain Please sign it

Germany suspends production of missiles

Finland school shooting leaves 1 dead and 2 in serious condition

Register to vote:  Please support this important initiative.  Citizens UK is on a mission to get 300,000 at-risk people on the voting register before the next election.   

So its 4 weeks today since the house got stripped. I e mailed the letting agent to ask when the 2nd damp survey would be done.

Her reply
The walls will need to stay like that for a few months im afraid I did explain this over the phone when we spoke. Basically the property needs to breath through the warmer months so w can obtain a better reading your damp course It will be summer by the time we have a better idea of the best course of action.

From the blitz to Ukraine: has sheltering underground changed in pictures

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