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When the electorate reject you as badly as they did in 2019, you dont look at the electorate and say: What are you thinking You look at yourself and change the party.

No. You look at the damage done by the liars coercing people to vote against their own interests and say "what REALLY needs to change here" Then you look at yourself and evaluate your fitness to govern.

The Plan Is To Privatise EVERYTHING. Heres How Aaron Bastani meets Brett Christophers

Asset management companies like Blackrock, Vanguard and Macquarie have avoided real scrutiny for decades, but their secretive activities are starting to attract attention from political researchers and academics. What do these companies do, and what risk do they pose to society

UK will transfer to Ukraine the largest batch of UAVs in history (Kanal 13 - Azeri News in English VIDEO)

PM Rishi Sunak in Kyiv: "Ukraine is not alone" (The Kyiv Independent News VIDEO Short)

Conservative MP Chris Skidmore resigned in protest of the government's plan to expand gas and in the North Sea, contradicting global efforts to shift away from .

urged investment in renewables and criticized the move for undermining climate leadership.

This adds pressure on the UK and calls for the US Department of Energy to pause LNG export licenses, highlighting the urgency of addressing the environmental crisis.

Refugee Bear From Bombed-Out Zoo In Ukraine Finds New Home In Scotland (more)

Weather at 6pm on Sat 13 Jan is indeterminate, 2C, pressure steady and 0.4mm rain. Humidity is 90%.

"Council gives green light for major blue hydrogen hub in Cheshire"

Its been a good week in the global fight for . Significant pledges of support for from and , followed by a successful election in in which the voters chose to continue on a path of independence and sovereignty.

UK: A trans woman stayed in a women's refuge and what happened She was afraid of mixing with the other women because she's trans but they warmly welcomed her ...

"Staying in the womens refuge really changed the entire course of my life, she adds, reflecting. Shes still friends with some of the women she met there"

Hundreds of thousands rally across cities to support Palestinians, the innocent victims of 76 years of brutal occupation & US backed israeli genocide and apartheid

Revolution is in the air, Brits are sick of the Grifters!

After years of backing s atrocities in , the and bombed the poorest country in the Middle East for trying to stop s genocide in emphasizing the importance of free flow of commerce

: Copperas House Aqueduct
: aqueduct
: Photo by Andrew Batram on Flickr

Ukraine vs Palestine -Dual standards



UK Film heads up BBC 4 21:00pm tonight - Korean mystery drama Decision To Leave - my review:

Nestl is hiring a Data Scientist
Location: York, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Salary: 38 000

We promise Russia more surprises this year President's Office after agreement with UK (more)

ICAO code:
Operator: Royal Air Force
Speed: 707 kmh
Altitude: 10371 m
Distance: 7.1 km
Angle : 55.7
Direction ->: WNW


Seen: 9x

Wielka Brytania zmierza do likwidacji prawa do azylu. Zdecyduj obywatele, a nie gangi i trybunay"

Ukrainian president and UK PM visit wounded soldiers in hospital (PHOTO and more)

The Psychology of Israeli Propaganda- how to sell a lie

When you have no defense to Genocide play the victim and attack the truth

Israeli spokesperson accuses South Africa of cheapening the memory of the Holocaust"

PM Sunak on Ukraine's NATO membership: We need to be more ambitious at Washington summit (more)

President Zelensky, Prime Minister Sunak visit wounded Ukrainian defenders at Kyiv hospital (PHOTOS and more)

"Get back to work you lazy proles! 'Trust!', you want Trust do you You should be grateful to be alive on OUR Earth, now shut up and do as you are told. Know your place!"

Our masters wonder why we dont want to contribute to THEIR society any more.

Russia-Ukraine war at a glance: what we know on day 689

London and Kyiv sign new security treaty during Sunak visit Ukrainian spy chief says attacks on Crimea just the beginning

Despite The Vinyl Hype, CDs Remain King Of Physical Media In The UK
They continue to outsell vinyl significantly.

There is no offense , no crime.

Israel is not a marginalized group, a religion, a church , a synagogue, a God, nor above reproach, just as Russia is not .

Cons flew the swastika , Nazi flag during the siege convoy and no charges were made. .

Police say a man waved a terror group's flag. Here's why it may be difficult to prosecute as a hate crime

Destination Discovery on X:
"Experience the Van Gogh Fireworks in London, UK A spectacular display of art and light that you wouldn't want to miss. Join us as we travel the world! " / Twitter

Having watched 8 out of 10 cats and Would I Lie to You back to back, I actually believe that Lee Mack thinks with his fingers.

Like, all 10 of them. Probably with the toes as well. Otherwise there's no way he could be that quick.

Bear in mind that Richard Osman once revealed they often have to insert pause into recordings to make it looks less uncanny.

I wonder what it's like having a conversation with Lee Mack.

and finally, my fave from today, its a Long-tailed tit who is watching one of its buddies fluttering around just above it

A Bluetit balancing with its wings as it examines a food source in a tree

The obligatory Robin photo from today's walk

Here is a wren foraging in the ground based shrubs

I'm going to start (and finish) today's small selection of birds with the ever lovely, Long-tailed tit

Today's location photo: Rushden Lakes, Northants, UK

3 Miles down the road from home, this lake backs on to a Shopping Centre/mall/precinct. The lake is currently about 3 foot higher than normal following the heavy rains of the past 2 weeks

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