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Wes Streeting told to fund the NHS properly

Celebratory street decoration for Queen Elizabeth's Jubilee, summer of 2022 on the street of Tenterden, Kent, UK.

, , considering cooperation with on pact

Protesters have painted Labour HQ red demanding Labour and Conservatives put a stop to the sale of weapons to Israel

Number 1 for Free UK Wills

Father and son blowtorch murderers jailed for life

"Can a Waitrose shoppers gaze boost loose produce and cut plastic waste"


Journalist Scoffs At State Dept Denial Of Support For Undemocratic Changes

WATCH LIVE: 2024 Total solar eclipse from around the US


When killing pays wholesale slaughter occurs - Ca Ching

Lawyer slams Germany for facilitating Israel's bombardment of Gaza at the Hague

: No, A New Does Not Show "Being Is Just A "

The The continues to play their part in the in the by spreading and .

Paint it red, shut it down.

Youth Demand activists paint the UK Labour HQ in blood red in support of Gaza and denounce Labour's complicity with 'Israel' in the murder of thousands of Palestinians in Gaza



, is the mother of , and a She shared her for sharing Rowlings social media post alongside the word preach.

"Major snack brands introduce paper packaging to reduce plastic waste"

my team is not hiring, but we do have several jobs available.

Hit me up if you have any questions about working here or the office. I can't tell you much about any of the other offices.

Ukrainians returning home to get dental treatment

If attacking commercial ships is for the ( # France )
Then attacking human aid shipments is much worse than terrorism, right

But that's what does in , so it seems it's okay for the west

And criticizing Israel but supplying the weapons of isn't really more than a poor excuse for mass slaughter

But hey
Money seems more important than lives for us western people

Stop terrorism NOW!

Tick tock, drip drop... Weathervane highs/lows so far (17:00) Mon 8 Apr 2024:

High temperature 14.7C at 15:43 hrs
low 8.2C at 03:43 hrs

High humidity 89%RH at 14:23 hrs
low 69%RH at 11:23 hrs

Max wind gust 10.5mph at 01:09 hrs

Daily rainfall 0.2mm

Microsoft AI opens London hub to access enormous pool of talent

"The Hate I Receive as an Creator"

Writing the next Hogwarts book If you want to check to see if a weird UK town name exists in real life, you could try using this tool (surprisingly fewer 'Wells' in a name than I expected.

The usual high tide flood at the intersection of North Lane and Partridge Lane, a couple of hours ago

Ah, it looks like another generation of young voters is about to learn that the only real difference between and the is that one wants you in a gulag, and the other wants you in a fucking workhouse.

Older voters ought to know by now, but we're talking about a tranche of fuckwits who thought voting for and 'Boris' Johnson was a good idea. And so the cycle continues.

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lohnt sich
Selenskyj kaufte Highgrove House vom Knig von Grobritannien, Charles III., fr 20 Millionen

Das Highgrove House, das Prinz Charles seit 1980 als Landsitz genutzt hatte, wurde, nach 44 Jahren im Besitz der Krone, zusammen mit dem umliegenden Park, an den Prsidenten der Ukraine verkauft.


UK, French foreign ministers urge to boost aid for Ukraine, saying 'we all lose' otherwise (more)

Microsoft announces new AI office in UK

US concerned over Chinese companies supporting Russia in its illegal invasion of Ukraine (more)

US concerned over Chinese companies supporting Russia in its war against Ukraine

UK and Ukraine's foreign ministers discuss steps to find more Patriot air defence systems for Ukraine (more)

UK and France call for increased aid to Ukraine: If Ukraine loses, we all lose (more)

Weather at 3pm on Mon 8 Apr is fine, possibly showers, 12C, pressure steady and 0.6mm rain so far today. Humidity is 89%.

UK, French foreign ministers urge to boost aid for Ukraine, saying 'we all lose' otherwise

Keir Starmer insists allegations over Angela Rayners living arrangements just smear by Tories

UKs top diplomat to warn U.S. against further blocking aid to Ukraine (more)

Brit left to rot in worlds toughest jail where inmates run riot & stabbings are rife

Here's the latest variant picture for the United Kingdom.

BA.2.86.* "Pirola" remains dominant - led by the JN.1 sub-variant.

The JN.1.11.1 sub-lineage (12%) now looks the fastest growing at 6% per day (45% per week).

Report link:

Na vier jaar is het gelukt en heeft zoon vanavond zijn eerste rijles in de .
Heeft geen NL rijbewijs, want 2x gezakt en had het niet echt nodig.
Werd wel eens tijd want nu rijdt vriendin of haar ouders als hij ergens naar toe moet
Er zit in dat gebied.maar n kleine rijschool met 2 instructeurs waarvan er er n al 2 jaar ernstig ziek is.

People think Im a real MP: satirist Rosie Holt on life as a fake viral politician

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