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Volgende stap: het blijkt niet te mogen volgens Europees Verdrag voor de Rechten van de Mens en de stapt daar uit. Dat is voor een flink deel het chte doel, omdat dan elke Britse regering voor zichzelf kan beslissen wie wel mensenrechten heeft en wie niet. Om maar eens aan te geven hoe ook met democratische middelen grondrechten gesloopt kunnen worden.

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Letter to the UK Government Calling for an Immediate Halt to UK Arms Transfers to the Government of Israel

on , described by critics as a floating prison.

They are being separated from the rest of society, and we have witnessed a serious deterioration of peoples mental health. We have regularly been reporting suicidal intentions amongst residents and no action is taken. The must take

A Dunnock and a Goldfinch from a very misty walk on Lansdown Hill, near last week.

8pm... time to dance!

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He will come home for the Rwanda vote and fly straight back - what a fck farce

It's scary that, as fights a in order to protect their , members of the 's governing party talk blithely about scrapping them


Russia has lost 87% of the troops it used at the start of the Russian invasion on 02/22.


Here is today's speech from MAGA Mike Johnson after meeting with President Zelensky.

Johnson is deflecting responsibility for defunding Ukraine war aid.

7pm is Hip-hop time!

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minister Graham Stuart makes a 6,824 mile round trip to vote on the plan to send seekers to . Such is the state of the party

Red Admiral Butterfly

Weather at 6pm on Tue 12 Dec is fairly fine, improving, 6C (feels 3), pressure rising slowly and 6.0mm rain. Humidity is 95%.

Great Britain, where the 'INTERFLEX' operation training for the Ukrainian army is taking place, is making every effort to ensure that the training on the training grounds is as realistic and effective as possible.

Microsoft is hiring a Data Science Manager
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6pm means it's time for some Soul Sounds

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Good evening. It's 6PM, , 12th December. The headlines: Parliament debates the Rwanda asylum policy with a vote due Tuesday amidst party divisions. An asylum seeker has died on the Bibby Stockholm barge. In international , sees heavy fighting as President addresses the US Congress. A new COP28 draft resolution is anticipated soon.

The year in + : is in its

After a series of and for the , theres that it may finally be .

"Lord Hague warns Tories could be out of power forever if they dont unite ahead of key vote tonight". Whaaaat And there's Margaret Starmer aping them just as they're about to go out of fashion. Please don't get my hopes up William.

What is going on inside Palestine is a terrible human rights persecution

Powerful political forces in America prevent any objective analysis Jimmy Carter

live: NGOs call for government to intervene and halt to

Four human rights groups write to UK ministers calling for halt in arms sales to Israel in response to war in

: Bridge 26, Jacksons Bridge
: track bridge
: Photo by Bods on Flickr

live: accused of outrageous as minister leaves conference

Fury as returns to London as says UK has obliterated its moral authority

Benjamin Zephaniah 1958-2023
Born 15th April 1958, he leaves behind a vast legacy of poems, literature, music, television and radio. Benjamin lived an extraordinary life he was a phenomenal person who created innovative art that positively impacted multiple generations. A poet, author, musician, performer and activist are just a few....

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Original tweet:

Wael Arafat, 28, is currently unable to walk but remains conscious and talking.
The British-Palestinian has lost nearly 20kg since starting a 50 days ago.

He is demanding the government act to stop Israel's two-month-long bombardment of the Strip. He stopped eating and drinking on 22 October, after learning that his sister and her four children had been killed by an Israeli air strike on their home in Gaza City.

Report MEE:

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My new Mini is here! He had a plan to be involved in voting out Tinuke without actually doing it, but it was silly. Did his lack of strategy knowledge lead him to become the target Why Laurence Lost on TikTok:

You can also find out Why Laurence Lost as a YouTube Short:

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P Okay, I'm not a huge Kier Starmer fan as I don't do social identity. I vote for policies, like a sane person in an insane world that primarily votes for whomever turns them on the most. But... What Starmer said "You don't want a populist popstar prime minister raging against the woke you want to be able to afford Christmas, you want to be able to count on the NHS, you want a really boring bureaucrat who can get the frickin' job done." Fucking yes, absolutely.

"UK's first air capture plant is turned on to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and turn it into jet fuel"

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News at 3PM: Sir Keir Starmer has delivered a speech. Parliament is debating the bill, with Tory factions discussing their stance and centrist MPs cautioning against breaching international law. A vote on 's Rwanda policy is set for . Tragically, an asylum seeker has died on the Bibby Stockholm barge.

Europe inferior to Russia, China or India in terms of military resources - media (more)

This is ridiculous:
1) leaving for a domestic political
2) the need to take such a long flight for a 1 day turnaround trip
3) parliament doesn't have remote electronic voting!!!

Climate minister Graham Stuart making 6,313-mile round trip by plane for crunch Rwanda vote

Our new recap of Episodes 13-14 is out! Matthew the British newbie & I discuss all the action, including the dumb but funny lobster trap situation, from our unique perspectives. Plus, our Finale predictions! Listen now:

Went to buy something on in the . The options for are double the options for not-Amazon-Prime. it's amazing how hard they push it. Note that at the top of the screenshot is "3 Offers". Step 3 was stopping my checkout process and offering me prime, which I had to decline. So at step 4, they shove in 4 more ways to join Prime.

Complment au billet Joseph Bouchette, cartographe de lEmpire britannique

Le livre de Matthew H. Edney intitul Mapping the Empire. The Geographical Construction of British India, 1765-1843 (Chicago, UCP, 1997) est cit la page 57.

Le livre de Matthew H. Edney est aussi rfrenc dans la bibliographie de ltude de Jrmie Lvesque-St-Louis (p. 170).

"Britain is sending tens of thousands of tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere because its electricity grid operator is prioritising gas-fired power stations over battery storage, Sky News has found."

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