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US: Oooo intrigue! We might have found who murdered one of the most influential and successful rappers of all time.

UK: Cool story, more importantly what's happening about the tree

For the first time, has slightly edged out the in the number of most cited papers, (...) China accounted for 27.2% of the most cited published in 2018/2019/2020, and the US for 24.9%. Next was the , with 5.5% was in 10th place. (...) US still leads in spending and the number of doctorates awarded. But China leads on applicationsand (...) scientific enterprise is catching up at an unprecedented speed.

Ive heard people mention toad in the hole, and the way they spoke of it, I got the impression that its a special dish where the toad is some sort of sausage. No idea if eggs or bread are involved.

Tick tock, drip drop... At 20:00 hrs on Fri 29 Sep 2023 the Malmanac weathervane reports 14.8C, 77% relative humidity, pressure rising fast 1019mb. No rainfall. Wind is blowing 1.6mph from E, gusting to 8.5mph.

8pm... time to dance!

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The first grown have been successfully grown in , following years of research by the University of

England's top flight women's league, the Women's Super League, begins this weekend after the World Cup this summer! Opener is vs. on Sunday at Villa Park, 12:30pm UK time, BBC 2.

If you're in the , WSL games and where to view then can be found here:

Many are free on or TheFA Player online.

Follow the group on Mastodon too!

I couldn't be more hyped!

I'm going to try and make it to the Safe Streets Now demo at 11:00 tomorrow, Saturday 30th September. The one is at The Plain roundabout. See anyone there

Evening in Stratford-upon-Avon

Planting trees eh I wasn't imagining it, when I remembered that this planting thing happened in the 1970s. They even had a catchy slogan for it.

Russia jams GPS of ships in our territorial waters Romania's top general (more)

7pm is Hip-hop time!

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If youre behind on your rent payments, make sure you:
Check you owe the right amount of rent
Speak to your landlord to agree on repayment
See if you can claim benefits to top up your income

Heres how you can deal with rent arrears

What is the next pandemic Disease X, origin, cases and patients

A trip down memory lane - UK Another great trip to Scotland

Putin signs decree to conscript 130,000 Russians

The (or 11, if you count the bonus "most shared") articles in today, , are a crushing indictment on the state of the , it's descent into , and , highlighted in nearly every

Never mind and more like

Britain Slaps More Sanctions On Russian Officials 1 Year After Illegal 'Sham' Votes In Ukraine (more)

News at 6PM: US Senator Dianne has passed away at 90. In the , a major incident was declared on the M53 near Liverpool after a school bus overturned, leaving two dead and eight hospitalised. A new law will allow young people to find their sperm donor parents. In , Alberto Nez Feijo lost his bid to be PM. marks the first anniversary of Ukrainian regions' annexation with a concert in Moscow's Red Square, attended by .

"Heat pumps and EVs still too expensive for the majority of Brits, survey finds"

UK sanctions Russians involved in organizing illegal sham elections in temporarily occupied parts of Ukraine (more)

6pm means it's time for some Soul Sounds

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UK Viewers to Enjoy AEW WrestleDream at No Cost -

With Braverman tipped to be the darling of the Tory conference, her threat to Sunak grows

The Home Secretary's attacks on the European Convention on Human Rights and multi-culturalism will land well among rightwingers

Is Satans Sister After Satan

Is she a monster of his own creation

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Tate, is currently facing , and in .

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Winter fuel allowance could be removed for most pensioners to pay for triple lock

The Caring Conservatives

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The decision by , the parent company of , comes one day after both Wootton and Fox were by .

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: Lock 4, Walsall
: lock
: Photo by touluru on Flickr

Tory MPs complain to chief whip about Suella Braverman's asylum speech

Satans Sister upset the Demons

"I've never seen hearts so big, British Army instructor says of Ukrainians "

Hello ! This is GBH News bringing you the world from . It's 60F at Logan Airport and visibility is 10 miles.

In a sad act of vandalism, a much-loved massive tree near Hadrian's Wall in the was felled.

U.S. Sen Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), has died. She was 90 years old and served in the Senate for 3 decades.

Disabled residents of a public complex are no longer trapped in their apartments as their elevator has been fixed.

It's National Day:

Weatherwatch: needs and to describe changing -

ICAO code:
Operator: Royal Air Force
Speed: 695 kmh
Altitude: 10973 m
Distance: 7.6 km
Angle : 55.4
Direction ->: WNW


Seen: 5x

Soldiers of the Ukraine Special Operations Forces destroy Russians with any weapon or equipment.
On land, air, and sea.

"The UK has fallen well behind the rest of Europe in the growth of electric vehicle sales and risks falling further back after Rishi Sunaks screeching U-turn on its climate policies, according to industry analysts."

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