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US approves transfer of programme for Ukrainian pilots' F-16 training at request of Denmark (more)

Worked with him during my intern/free labour days, which was about the same time as he started 'dabbling' in obscene materials.

Clammy, arrogant and self-serving. Surprised about this nonetheless.

"Former newspaper editor given suspended sentence for viewing child sexual abuse

", the former editor of the , had more than 100 indecent images of children on his computer..."

US gives approval to Denmark on F-16 instructional materials for training Ukrainian Air Force All Systems go, simply waiting on UK to begin 4 months of English language classes (more)

Red cottagecore vibes here


The 's Neil Mackay on a former 's claim that the security service infiltrated Scotland's governing party/...

Saudi Arabia's strategic importance to the West (Times Radio News VIDEO)


General note, I want anyone who wants any of my works to have them, so as long as it covers my work time and delivery I can change prices to work for you. There's just so much joy in making something and sending it to someone who'll recieve it with joy, it's a positive cycle

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Tick tock, drip drop... At 20:00 hrs on Fri 18 Aug 2023 the Malmanac weathervane reports 16.7C, 92% relative humidity, pressure falling fast 1013mb. 0.2mm rainfall so far today. Wind is blowing 3.8mph from SW, gusting to 10.5mph.

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A historic battle is set to be waged when take on in the 2023 final on Sunday (20 August), with a number of out + taking to the pitch for the tournaments eagerly-anticipated climax.

Two more photos of a Juvenile Spoonbill

I swear, Keir Starmer's only consistent position since becoming Labour leader has been to go back on every single pledge that he has made.

Oh, except for his unequivocal support of Israeli apartheid, of course...

This beautiful Juvenile Spoonbill flew into the lake to about 25m away from where I was sat.

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The wetland militia

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A weathered Rook perched atop a tallish tree

"UKRI commits 6m to enhance circular fashion"

UK court rejects Russian businessman's suit to overturn sanctions (more)

"A year ago, put a resolution to the calling for a probe into activities of American labs in Ukraine. It was vetoed by the US and its allies and .

In March 2022, responding to accusations of devlpmnt in Ukraine, US dismissed Moscows claims as classic Russian propaganda. However, a few months later, the US admitted it'd been supporting 46 Ukrainian labs, insisting all its joint programs focused on improving public health and agricultural safety.

A trip down memory lane - UK Fort William, Scotland

''At the country level, the highest numbers of new cases reported within the 28-day period were from the
Republic of (1 209 194 new cases +140%), (30 402 new cases -52%), (18 806 new
cases -40%), (18 419 new cases +10%) and the (16 938 new cases +60%).''

White House: Ukraine to receive F-16 fighter jets after pilots complete training (more)

Denmark, Netherlands confirm receiving US approval to send Ukraine F-16 jets, but still have not begun pilot training (more)

"Campaign groups and law firms are calling for increased regulation for environmental financing after it was revealed that the UK-based lender Barclays used one of its sustainable finance initiatives to provide funding for the oil and gas company Shell."

There were probably a lot more sewage leaks but they were misidentified as government briefings.

: Winding Hole, Sutton Cheney
: winding hole
: Photo by jthornett on Flickr

Pink News: Nike outrages Lionesses fans with England post after refusing to sell Mary Earps kit 'sWorldCup

A trip down memory lane - UK visiting the seal colonies on the Farne Islands, Northumberland

The local lady I know who went to Seoul recently.... Has written about it for a local digital magazine ( get a mention )

2,000 people were evacuated from the Moscow International Business Centre after reports of an alleged UAV attack people are also being evacuated from the VTB Arena Plaza Shopping Centre.

'Ethnic minority Brexiteers have been vindicated
Every promise of the Leave campaign has been dashed except that of easier migration from outside the EU.'

-Linked Conference Exposes Regimes Attempted Infiltration In -

Ukraine's Advances Likely Show 'Wider Degradation' of Russian Forces: ISW

French revolutionist , oil on canvas board 40x51cm.

Why Abramovich's Money from Selling Chelsea Has Not Reached Ukraine (more)

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