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US and NATO soldiers get Christmas gift from Republicans of impending war with Putin, while they holiday. The US Congress appears no closer to a deal ahead of a critical week for negotiations over funding for aid to defend Ukraine. US lawmakers will leave for Christmas holidays in just a few days time and (more)

"Cypriot opposition demand answers on use of RAF bases to supply Israel's war"

'Council dismisses talk of 'all or nothing' plan after pushing Government to take Ivanhoe Line from Ashby through to Leicester'

I remember hearing that the Ivanhoe Line would link Leicester and Coalville when I lived there, and that was in a previous millennium.

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Hermann Gring said: "It works the same way in any country."

And it worked in Russia.

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MPs will debate the planned shutdown of the copper wire telecommunications network

Plans are for closure by the end of 2025 & replaced by broadband

How resilient the new technology during power cuts

Shetland last year, had some properties without power for up to six days.

The replacement Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system only has a resilience of 1 hour

President Zelensky confronts Hangary's Orbn in Argentina.


Cenk Uygur went on a tirade, speaking out against the genocide of 17000 Palestinians in Hashtag#Gaza and the American government's involvement and complicity. The government is sending $14 billion worth of aid to , pending approval from the senate.

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What the hell is wrong with people

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A former Secretary has called for someone to blow up a Jewish labor event.

Pre-fight checklist in Wintery Ukraine

hits new low!

'blacklists' countries for allowing transitioning 'too easily'

:heartnb: :hearttrans:

HIMARS On Duty in Ukraine

PPE bought via VIP lane was on average 80% more expensive, documents reveal Coronavirus The Guardian

"UK ministers misled public when scrapping air quality regulations"

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Oh the 'surprises' are never ending.

Pink News: Gay couple transform home into festive Wonka wonderland

In 2023-12-06 the Speaker said "Order! We really must hear the Prime Minister, and we have a lot of questions to get through. Interruption. It is not the Prime Ministers opponents who are giving him trouble."

after Stephen Flynn (Aberdeen South) (SNP) said "Is the Prime Minister worried that he is projected to be the first Conservative party leader to lose a general election to a fellow Thatcherite"

"UK bans airline adverts over 'misleading' environmental claims"


Ask your mp to pledge cruelty free

UK Animal Welfare Minister Backed Seal and Bird Culls

: Fitzwilliam Bridge
: road bridge

In 2023-12-06 the Speaker said "Order! Come on now."

after Keir Starmer said "If we want the perfect example of how badly the Tories have broken the asylum system, last week the Home Office admitted that 17,000 people in the asylum system"

In 2023-12-06 the Speaker said "Order! There is understandable excitement about the mention of the name, but the House must listen to the Leader of the Opposition."

after Keir Starmer said "There was mention of Margaret Thatcher earlierHon. Members: More!"

In 2023-12-06 the Speaker said "Order! That is enough."

after The Prime Minister said "In fact, we know they do not want to tackle this issue, because even when this Government were trying to deport foreign national offenders from this country, they opposed it. Multiple shadow Front Benchers signed a letter to me to that effect, but I do not need to tell him that, because he signed it too!"

Keir, how many more children in Palestine have to die before you call for a ceasefire... Where is your humanity Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labour Party in the UK, was confronted on his trip to Glasgow, where he is due to attend the Scottish Labour Gala Dinner.


Russia launches more concerted campaign to destroy Ukrainian energy infrastructure UK intelligence (more)

In the words of Simon Case, the Cabinet Secretary:
"I've never seen a bunch of people less well-equipped to run a country".
He was talking about the government.

Blue Light Card is hiring a Senior Data Scientist
Location: Cossington, United Kingdom

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Cette carte dresse par N. Bazire illustre les prtentions de la Grande-Bretagne et des tats-Unis dAmrique (Maine) au sujet de la frontire mridionale du Bas-Canada (Qubec), ainsi que la proposition de rglement (1831) du roi de Hollande. Cette carte de 1842 est rfrence dans lAtlas du Qubec en Amrique et dans le monde :

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UK could slip back into Victorian age poverty gaps between rich & poor

A study by the Centre for Social Justice has found the most disadvantaged in Britain are no better off than 15 years ago

Some 13.4 million people lead lives marred by family fragility, stagnant wages, poor housing, chronic ill health & crime according to the Centre for Social Justice

Opinion: After 13 years we need a government now more than ever

Balanced piece on where are now on , and where things will go in the short term (not a lot of change anytime soon).

>Voters have changed their opinions about Brexit, but does it still matter to them<

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