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Update on another case, this time in the . US citizen
Ryan Castellucci has been granted permission to appeal an earlier High Court ruling over gender recognition certificate,

Baby Reindeer: Real Martha Comes Forward, Threatens To Sue Richard Gadd

"Labour are the conservers: Shadow secretary pledges to reverse nature degradation in UK"

Ukraine Says Russia Used Cluster Bomb In Odesa Strike On 'Harry Potter' Castle (more)


"Amidst speculation that the International Criminal Court (ICC) is set to issue arrest warrants for Benjamin Netanyahu and his ministers, the new blackout could be intended to protect British ministers from possible prosecution for complicity in war crimes, including defence secretary Grant Shapps."
"...MoD had also now imposed a block on parliamentarians even asking questions about Israeli military operations involving UK territory."

UK police say 14-year-old boy killed in London sword attack FRANCE 24 English

Why does Sunaks 900 tax cut claim keep getting fact-checked

It's been a few years since we've been to our spiritual home at Pilton Farm but I just fear it'll all "the Saltburn crowd " and all the interesting people will either be the Acts, stewards or watching it all at home.
The Cost Of Living Crisis saps the joy out of society, no amount of cruelty to Refugees is going to distract me from that.

Stoltenberg: Ukraine's trust in NATO 'dented' by aid delays

Has anyone else in the heard or seen a or

Just heard one 'Whee' at speed & gone.

Seems unusually early on my patch, especially given the recent chilly wet weather.


Will Israel pay for the rebuilding of Gaza , damages intentionally caused


Weaponized Antisemitism to Silence Dissent, democracy, free speech and fundamental freedom


I'll never see the exhibition, but I found the write-up surprisingly moving.

"Michelangelo could risk this Renaissance coming out partly because artists were regarded as special and different, their genius liberating them from conventional behaviour. As Michelangelo was thought the greatest of them all, why should he not have licence"

Michaelangelo's work has been so often reproduced and talked about that it almost feels commercial at this point. But I got it when I saw the Sistine Chapel, one early January, when the crowds were thin. His figures are *alive.* They breathe. Each one has a soul.

Where do their loyalties lie

: Bridge 18, Bailey Bridge
: towpath bridge
: Photo by Andrew Batram on Flickr

Iran protests: Evidence suggests Nika Shakarami molested and killed by armed forces BBC News

Hainault stabbing: Police announce death of 13-year-old boy

Four police officers killed in shooting at North Carolina home

Man wielding sword arrested after attack on members of public and officers says Met Police

Hainault stabbing: Boy, 13, killed by sword-wielding man who attacked five including two cops

These men are why we can't have nice things.

Are you considering a new We have some space available in the summer.
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Male House Sparrow today in . (I am aware that in the Americas these are widely considered a pest species, but here in the UK, where they are native, they are in serious decline and are a much-loved species).


ICO verhngt 8.772 Euro (7.500 GBP) gegen The Central Young Mens Christian Association GDPR

Cork Tree Spikenard Angelica

Apple Photos can't make up its mind what type of tree this is. Seen in Coombe Wood Gardens in Surrey, UK.

Guarantee the Hainault Swordsman thought he was a very macho man and all them 'poofters' are ruining Civilisation.
But did any of his fellow men call him out of his nonsense Of course not, most straight men are cowards.
"Dave has a cool sword, he very strong, Women must be drawn to his strength. I won't say a word, he might attack me........"


Im well: King reassures patient on visit to cancer centre

The Conservative party chair, Richard Holden, has four times refused to say whether the party continues to take millions from its biggest donor, Frank Hester, after it was revealed the businessman had made comments condemned as racist and misogynistic

That, I think answers that question

My friend Hedgy feeding one of his fledglings today in Somerset . Hedgy's mate, Hazel, has made a new nest is currently sitting on the next batch of eggs, leaving Hedgy to look after their little ones from the previous nest.

Liz Schaffer's breathtaking new book encourages you to explore the world around you more slowly
Book: Liz Schaffer's new book, Slow Travel Britain. LodestarsTravel HoxtonMiniPress
by DomCarterAgain at creativeboom

The signed the convention in 2009, but it has still not been incorporated into British law.
In 2016, an inquiry by the 's Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities () found that the UK was in breach of three of the Convention's articles
The same inquiry found that welfare reforms introduced since 2010 had "adversely" affected people.

Comparison English Breakfast vs Irish Breakfast Recipe Guide


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