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United Nations report heavily critical of UKs increasingly severe crackdowns on environmental protesters

: Hungerford Wharf
: wharf
: Photo by AppleTV.1488 on Flickr

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British Museum reveals bumper haul of treasures found by the public

British Museum reveals bumper haul of treasures found by the public Archaeology The Guardian

'While the 60s counterculture helped export British music, films, and theatre to the world, today we also export our chefs, produce and restaurant culture. In 2021 alone, NealsYardDairy sold 1m of British cheese to France.'

'While the 60s counterculture helped export British music, films, and theatre to the world, today we also export our chefs, produce and restaurant culture. In 2021 alone, NealsYardDairy sold 1m of British cheese to France.'

Afternoon movie.

Maggie Smith and Alex Jennings star in THE LADY IN THE VAN (2015).

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Tick tock, drip drop... At 20:00 hrs on Tue 23 Jan 2024 the Malmanac weathervane reports 12.6C (feels like 11.3C due to wind), 81% relative humidity, pressure steady 994mb. 6.2mm rainfall so far today. Wind is blowing 5.6mph from NE, gusting to 12.8mph.

The Turkish parliament approved Sweden's application to join NATO.

Made a QUEER AF adjustable bracelet for fun and also because ah, I'm kinda gay and I know a lot of you lot proudly are! Find it on my little shop:

Follow-up to the , pianist vs. mess. Chinese- Mr. Shen () tells us who some of these people were, and we get to see the to the public about what actually happened, validating the hypotheses I posted yesterday. No wonder they want to get the pianist's removed!

A grant competition for creating dual degree programs between and has been launched

The 80,000 grants will be provided to create a master's dual degree program between a Ukrainian and a British university as part of the Twinning initiative.

Applications will be accepted until 23:00 February 17, 2024.

Read more here

"Altered States"

Iranian army adds new drones to its fleet

Interior Ministry: Russian strike injured 22 people, damaged 28 sites in Kyiv

Q. for UK mature students:
Was I supposed to have paid my NI while I was a uni degree student or was I exempt

If I was exempt, what form do I have to fill in to prove it to the HMRC

I really cannot believe the ridiculous reactive prison sentences being given to non-violent protesters in the UK.

And the fact they cannot even mention climate change in their defence is abhorrent.

The complicity of so called rule of law governments around the world in this theft of land and is despicable.

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Es gibt regulatorische die ein Land, selbst , nicht alleine stemmen knnen. z.B. ein neues Chemikalienrecht. Ein Kraftakt vor ber 15 Jahren. Andere Lnder haben dies mehr oder weniger kopiert. musste dies nach den Brexit selbst verwalten und ist gescheitert, alle fristen wurden einige Jahre nach hinten verschoben. Ebenso ist Trkei bei der zeitgerechten Umsetzung gescheitert. Die Schweiz schwindelt sich durch.

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Weather at 6pm on Tue 23 Jan is rain at times, worse later, 12C (feels 9), pressure falling fast and 14.2mm rain. Humidity is 91%.

Israel blew up only 21 of it's own collateral damages. . Hardly noticeable compared to 100s of innocent Palestinian civilian victims .

Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari said 21 soldiers were killed in an explosion when

two buildings they had mined for demolition by Israel collapsed

"UK used to be a leader on climate, lament European lawmakers"

Good evening. It's 6PM, Tuesday, 23rd January. The headlines: The nominations have been announced, with 'Oppenheimer' at the forefront. In , 25,490 Palestinians have died the IDF acknowledges 24 fatalities in a day. The UN cautions of an escalating crisis in Gaza. The US and have initiated fresh strikes against the Houthis. The UK braces for Storm Jocelyn with multiple weather alerts.


One of few things that makes me proud to be British: yesterday, in the corner shop, this tiny East Asian lady came in - she looked as though she wouldn't be out of place in a market in Asakusa or Busan. She walked up to the counter, and then said in a thick, Mancunian dialect: "Alright, darlin' Can I 'ave a pack of twelve, please"


Unwinable war on Gaza

Andreas Krieg, a senior lecturer at Kings College Londons School of Security Studies, spoke to Al Jazeera about Israelis' potential response to the *real* cost of war.

Israeli public so far shielded from the real cost of war: Analysis

Ukrainian journalists film on Mariupol nominated for

I keep expecting the camera to get ripped of the wall the amount it is blowing about, and it's going to get worse.

U.S., U.K. Launch New Strikes On Multiple Huthi Sites In Yemen (more)

Royal Guard horse BITES and rips coat off tourist posing for selfie

The correct answer for Place of the Day (22 January, 2024) was: Tower of London

The Tower of London, officially Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress of the Tower of London, is a historic castle on the north bank of the River Thames in central London. It was founded towards the end of 1066 as part of the Norman Conquest. The White Tower...(more)

To discover more about the Tower of London:


American and British Jets Pummel Yemen a Second Time

According to the Pentagon, naval ships , and and the submarine were involved

And and attached to Carrier Air Wing 3 aboard the Dwight D. also flew

Typhoons based at , flew 1,300 miles each way to drop precision munitions on targets as well

Rail services restarting but more severe weather to affect Tuesdays trains

Network Rail will be carrying out vital reliability upgrades between Portsmouth and Fareham over the February half term

Essential weekend engineering work on the Great Eastern Main Line will take place this February to maintain reliability and safety

Network Rail begins major enhancement work at East Kilbride station

Passengers thanked after major signalling upgrade on the West Coast main line

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