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Ukraine's Mobile fire groups worked on Russian "shaheds" at night

Barbaric israeli practices are usual and customary .

Palestinian men and boys describe abuse during detention by Israeli forces

London mayor turns down Klitschko's request for scrap vehicles - The Telegraph (more)

Michelle Mone and her husband Doug Barrowman speak to the BBC

.and say theyll return the money with interest

.after Elvis turns on the Westminster Xmas lights

UK military instructors host (what may be their last) Christmas parties for AFU trainees (VIDEO and more)

Nestl is hiring a Data Scientist
Location: Gatwick, United Kingdom
Salary: 65 000


8pm... time to dance!

Radio Jammor is on the air...
Broadcasting from to the , &

Hate and Blood lust spares no one .

of the week I have never been, it gets good reviews. So if you are searching for something a little quirky and different, why not visit the place that is the home of the world's first pencil. Please share other quirky museum ideas with me.

Derwent Pencil Museum

Third driver reportedly dies at blocked Polish-Ukrainian border

Love how supportive my family is about my efforts to move overseas. Spent hours talking to my grandmother about the process, our favourite places in the UK. What it was like when she lived there for a time, what places I've been looking at...

update on - please don't share, especially with your friends. It's not cricket.

Netanyahu supports Hamas , conflict and war crimes

Weather at 6pm on Sat 16 Dec is indeterminate, 10C (feels 6), pressure steady and no rain today. Humidity is 93%.

Here are a couple more for your enjoyment, on my feeder a few years ago.

6pm Saturday: Time for the New Music & Scottish Albums Chart show

Radio Jammor is on the air...
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Our economic capicity is at sci-fi levels. Fewer people needed, to make many times more, faster for less money. The creation of wealth is easy. 14 people make half a million tons of steel a year.

But human capacity has been stolen by geniuses of hoarding.

Wages were higher in the 50's

A "just in passing" comment in actors profile

" . . . it seems bleak. Other media are taking over, peoples disposable incomes are shrinking and this was back then . . .way more severe now."


Good evening. It's 6PM, Saturday, 16th December. The headlines: In , waving a white flag were mistakenly killed by Israeli forces, an act against their rules of engagement. The Israeli offensive in the region persists. In the , actor Matthew Perry's death was caused by a ketamine-related accident, and the healthcare system faces mounting pressure. Missing child Alex Batty is set to return to the UK this .

Honest Government Ad Visit the UK!

Caveat: Violence is not, for example, letting a SUVs tyres down that's owned by a politician who supports more oil and gas extraction, for example (and posting that activism on social media explaining the details of why)

In the , that non-violent civil disobedience would be termed criminal damage (which isn't accurate, because letting tyres down causes no damage)

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine 16 December 2023.

Last weeks Survivor UK had a great unintentional comedy segment as Matthew messed up with the lobster trap Idol, Nathan discovered it, and Christopher couldnt believe it! 1st TikTok today:

You can also relive this three-part comedy as a YouTube Short:

Or on Instagram:

Why NATO may have to fight a Russian invasion of Europe - without the US due to MAGA Republicans takeover of America (VIDEO)

Scorched earth and genocide mean kill everything and everyone the israeli/ US war crime way

Israeli hostages killed by troops had been holding a white flag, military official says

Ukrainian drone attack on a group of surprisingly well-equipped Russian soldiers


The email addresses were visible to all recipients, with 55 individuals having thumbnail pictures linked to their email addresses.


"It took in a little water!

Navigating roads in Ukraine is difficult right now!



Workhorse of the War!

A US BRADLEY IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) is working on Russian positions near Avdiivka.


G7 is approaching a decision to confiscate the frozen assets of the Russian Federation for Ukraine, - FT

UK anti-abortion charity with links to MPs ran misleading Facebook ads Abortion The Guardian

Russian propagandist says the Russian army should get ready to fight in the Carpathian mountains (West of Ukraine, close to the EU border).

They are ready for a protracted war, no matter the cost.

Dear Reader,

"I see videos like this and my anger towards Republicans blocking Ukraine military aid grows hotter! "
- Aure

"We don't want to go to someone else's village, we want to be at home," say residents of Blahodatne village in Mykolaiv region who live in ruins.

Partially reconstructed pre-Hadrianic bathhouse



"Escaped from an Asylum"

Russian propagandist Keosayan is sure that millions of people want to come live in Russia. He says people who speak Russians are preferable but others would be welcome, too.

Anyone fancy a move

"They Want to Know"

What Russians would really have liked to ask Putin during his "direct line": when will the war end, why are the pensions so small and when will Putin finally die

Voices: Think Rishi Sunaks a moderate, middle of the road Mr Nice Guy Think again

He masks it with genteel manners and a nice smile, but in any previous Conservative government, even that of Margaret Thatcher, Sunak would have been a token headbanger, writes Sean OGrady

its the partys lurch to the right that has made the PM seem palatable...

: Bridge 17B, Victoria St. Footbridge
: footbridge
: Photo by Britain Quaker Meeting Houses on Flickr


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