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Typical bread recipe in : Take flour what type some bread flour and mix with a handful of DRIED yeast because apparently fresh yeast does not exist in UK, wait an hour, throw into oven and bake. Its quick, unsophisticated, and who cares about taste!


Why is so popular in I mean, its entertaining, but its not possible to do good baking in the UK. The UK barely has any bakeries, and the few that can be found sell only very few standard breads and pretty bad pastries at excruciatingly expensive prices. You can barely get any baking ingredients. Yeast! You literally cannot buy fresh yeast! It does not exist in the UK. And the flours! There are barely any flours that you can buy, only very few, obscurely named types.


I tried to find a petition opposing Shilans deportation to Iran, but couldnt find one. Theres now a link below to petition the UK Parliament to apply pressure to Turkey.

Carte de la Palestine en 1915
War Office (Londres)


"Decathlon's BuyBack service lets customers resell their old bikes for up to 45% store credit. The offer is set to expand to other products in the future including kayaks and paddleboards."

8pm... time to dance!

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Another visit from the woodpecker that i caught albeit against the low autumn sun and a lot of window reflection. Must get the trail camera out there.

6pm means it's time for some Soul Sounds

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7pm is Hip-hop time!

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Ex-WWE Writer Discusses How London Wrestling Fans "Pissed Off" Vince McMahon -

- Evolution of production by source for 2000-2022 (% of Total)

Rishi Sunak backs hydrogen vehicles after warning that UK was being 'left behind' by EU and US

Is anyone aware of any specifically active with based hosts Our intrusion detection systems are locking a massive amount of attacks coming from GB and AU (130 unique IP addresses so far...)

The blatant contradiction of political narratives.

In the context of the invasion, & condemn brutal acts of violence by the military against civilians.

In the context of the & conflict, the Conservative & Labour 'party-line' has NOT explicitly condemned the brutal acts of violence by the Israeli military against civilians.

The sign of genuine morality is consistency - not geopolitical virtue signalling.

The Insider: Russian Kinzhal manufacturer imports components from EU


How many international laws did Israel violate

Laws Violated: Israel has violated

28 resolutions of

the United Nations Security Council

(which are legally binding on member-nations U.N. Charter, Article 25 (1945)

a few sample resolutions - 54, 111, 233, 234, 236, 248, 250, 252, 256, 262, 267, 270, 280, 285, 298, 313, 316, 468, 476, etc.

Pink News: Kemi Badenoch investigating census data for overestimated trans population numbers

One year of Rishi Sunak and the verdict is dismal

His biggest success is not being Liz Truss. His best quality is failure

I would call this an understatement

Lying, misrepresenting and attacking is what Israel does to deflect as their actions cannot withstand the light of day

his comments were "misrepresented" in a dispute that has led to a ban on visas for UN staff.

ECtHR due to announce a number of decisions this week. X PASSPORTS submitted June '22. Really hoping decision on our case not too much longer. Other countries issue X PASSPORTS & other countries' courts upheld cases for X PASSPORTS. 's failure on X against international trend.

Seems Legit

We are writing to inform you that we need to make a 0.00 transaction on your card that is used to pay for a subscription for ... magazine.

This is required due to a change in legislation (effective from 01/11/23) that now requires a 'Trace ID' to be presented when submitting recurring payments.

To enable us to continue taking continuous credit card payments for your magazine subscription, you may see a one off 0.00 transaction on your account.

It is!

you can't say that Christina. is already solving that problem for them. Kill civilians so that there is no one to need fuel. Problem solved.

is a bully, ranting on just because it has love from Mummy and money/guns from Daddy .

What did was bad and they should be punished but what is doing to civilians with reckless bombing and seige is worse!

'IEA: global temperatures could rise by 2.4 C under current policy settings'

'Despite industry assurances that they will remain on track for a 2030 end to the sale of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, the Prime Minsters September announcement delaying the ban by five years to 2035, has been rebuked for the negative impact it will have on the UKs EV market.'

aye aye. The woodpecker's back on the feeding station. 'GardenBirds

We were busy with locks and watching for a chandlery to buy coal, not watching the sky.

By the time we descended Church Minshull lock, it was full sunbut low in the sky because it's less than a week to November.

Photo: We are passing a traditional carrier type of narrowboat, with its 2-stroke engine. It's not a putt-putt-putt sound it's lower and more blutt-blutt-blutt.

See ALT text.

Weapons of Mass Deception

The US has enabled, supported, aided and abetted Israeli Apartheid and war crimes over 40 times

The US has vetoed resolutions on Israel a total of 46 times, including last week.

Israel says it is banning United Nations representatives from visiting the country to teach them a lesson

It is israel and the US that need to be taught a lesson

Israel says it will ban UN staff .

What else would a full blown terrorist state do whose war crimes cannot stand the light of day


"The UK has added around 450m to its climate-aid spending in developing countries by changing how it defines climate finance, according to Carbon Brief analysis."

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*Except for requests

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Just Stop Oil protesters spray Grade I listed Wellington Arch with orange paint

Three protesters were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage after the protest action on Wednesday


"Entire fields have been submerged in water after swept across the , with crops ruined. events are becoming more likely and frequent due to breakdown, and have caused food shortages and price increases.

Last year, farmers faced turmoil because of the extended drought and , which caused crop losses, water shortages and effects on planting and harvesting."

More footage of pro-rape supporters ripping down photos of kidnapped hostages in ,

: 's betrayal shows he is failing as a leader

Good afternoon. It's 3PM, Wednesday, 25th October. The headlines: Dire situation in with continued Israeli air strikes and potential fuel shortage, prompting calls for a humanitarian pause. Ex-police officer Lewis Edwards jailed for life for child sex abuse, having groomed over 200 girls online. rural bus services at a historic low. Sepsis failings reported in UK hospitals.

"Chris Packham launches shoestring wildlife series on YouTube"

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