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Two police officers hurt in Paisley chainsaw chase incident


The early bird catches the worm

Redshank with breakfast

Dumb question: what happens if Rishi Sunak resigns but nobody else stands to be PM

Its not known what the group has agreed to, and whether Israel will back the plan.

Hippo takes big bite out of boat rotor in Namibia

Newly released dashcam footage shows a tornado destroying a building in Nebraska in April.

Jewish leaders demand newly-elected Green councillor who hailed election as a win for Gaza and shouted Allahu Akbar is suspended as party officials launch probe after he claimed Palestinians had a right to fight back in wake of Hamas attacks

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" said on Monday it could strike military installations and equipment both 'inside and beyond' if weapons are used by to attack its territory. 'Any British military facilities and equipment on the territory of Ukraine and beyond could be a response to Ukrainian strikes with the use of British weapons on the territory of Russia,' the Russian ministry of foreign affairs said in a statement"

a Blackbirds flying buffet

Russia threatens the UK with strikes on its "military targets and equipment in Ukraine and beyond." The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the UK Ambassador to Moscow to "express a strong protest" over the statement by the UK Minister that Ukraine has the right to strike Russian territory using British weapons. The Russian MFA accused the ambassador of inconsistency and again stated that the UK has "de facto" become a party to the conflict.

A muddy beaked Black-headed gull

Bank voles are very active and agile animals, and are frequently seen - they even visit bird tables. They live in shallow burrows, but may make grassy, round nests above ground if the soil is unsuitable for digging. They have three or four litters a year, each with three to five young. Bank voles do not hibernate. Info: The Wildlife Trusts

I've been loftmining today and found some photos I didn't know I had of my old friend and legend Jerry Galley during a private midnight session at Radlands back in 2003.

The soul of our planet being slaughtered by and others destroying for more greed, lust, dark money, colonization, corruption, lies and destruction I can barely listen because we are losing such an awesome soul connection on this planet in exchange for mass murdering lying thieving corrupt psychotic regime of criminals.

The sportsball has relatively little to do with this unfortunate doctor having his car broken into and the front end nicked (other than the match being an event that would attract a lot of outsiders) - this routinely happens to small cars in as the parts are stolen and resold to dodgy body shops / garages. Whole city is best avoided, unless you have a really compelling reason to be there..

: Valve, Folly Footbridge East
: sluice
: Photo by ell brown on Flickr

CoppaFeel! founder Kris Hallenga dies aged 38 from breast cancer

How rental libraries of things have become the new way to save money

How rental libraries of things have become the new way...


media report that the ambassador in was called in by the foreign affairs ministry and "warned that the response to the strikes using weapons on the territory of could be against any military facilities and equipment on the territory of and beyond."

: ambassador arriving to the foreign affairs ministry

"UK network operator offers earlier grid connections for 836 MW"

Factbox-What are the new post- border controls starting on April 30

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Bring Me The Horizon - 'Kingslayer' ft. BABYMETAL


Rishi Sunak admits Tories may not win general election and claims UK heading for hung parliament Politics News

OTD in 2023 the United Kingdom crowned their 3rd King Charles. The first two weren't very successful.

My first of the year earlier today. Whoooooop!!

Four spotted over

Armi nucleari nel Regno Unito, il piano degli Usa contro la minaccia russa: testate 3 volte pi potenti della bomba di Hiroshima

Londra sotto accusa: "Continua a importare russo" - Shipmag

a very good article! Prospects for the do not look good. Too inward looking. is only just being implemented for UK imports, which will add more to costs and lose valuable suppliers who cant be bothered with red tape. I live in (ROI) and have just been food shopping. Hardly any UK produce whereas once I could buy eg English cheeses and branded goods. Not a problem, now have a wider selection of excellent produced food. UK self-harm.

warned on Monday that if British weapons were used by to strike Russian territory then could hit back at British military installations and equipment both inside Ukraine and elsewhere.

British Ambassador Nigel Casey was summoned to the foreign ministry for a formal protest after Foreign Secretary David Cameron said last week that Ukraine had the right to use British weapons to strike Russia.

What horrors can you commit in Legoland

To be honest, and I hate to say it, but there's a lot of truth in this analysis. Is it a triple whammy, a quadruple whammy

The U.K. economy is running out of places to look for a good news story as its economy continues to deal with inflation while its neighbors in Europe leave rising prices in the rearview. Now its likely to impact the countrys growth prospects.

'I cittadini britannici siano pronti ad una futura con la '

Il ministro britannico : Kiev "ha diritto" di colpire in , anche con le nostre armi

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