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"So many Space Beefy Lads, so little time"

Why British cities make no sense - MapMen

I clearly remember mocking at first and for quite a while, at least here in the . Maybe the US press was more receptive

Love the Sophie and Peter Johnson Peel session, some amazing synthing and 808ing

British stage and screen actor Sarah Lawson died of on Aug. 18 at 95.

Suella Braverman restates wish for UK to leave European court of human rights Suella Braverman The Guardian

That isn't good at all!

Be kind to your mind:  Here are a few suggestions in how to help someone struggling with their mental health.   

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The s issued the after finding traces of (BMDP) in powder being sold as

2023/05/24 Christoph Koester

Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View (1991) by Cornelia Parker.

Photo taken at the Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, UK. April 2015.

face at 's .

Anna says that, in the to her Fringe Festival run, she struggled to get to come along to , or to help out with and .

Around 40 members of campaign group Fossil Free London staged the protest at the National Portrait Gallerys Paul McCartney: Eyes of the Storm exhibition on Monday, taking aim at gallery sponsor Bank of America (BofA) and its links to fossil fuel finance

in , working to bring her to Israel.

argued that the was not in to bring the woman home.

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Weather at 6pm on Mon 28 Aug is fine, possibly showers, 16C, pressure steady and no rain today. Humidity is 79%.


News at 6PM: air traffic control faced technical issues causing flight disruptions. The issue has been resolved but delays persist, so passengers are advised to check before travelling. A preliminary sex abuse case has opened over a kiss. London is expanding its pollution charge. In international , the Taliban stopped Afghan women from studying in Dubai and plans to ban abayas in state schools. A migrant barge faces legal challenges over safety concerns.

Pink News: CM Punk poses with fans trans rights sign calling out Rishi Sunak -Binary

Ukraine has developed its own 'Super Missile'!

Ukraine boasting it has developed a new super missile which has already given a 'flawless performance' in attacking Russian forces.

The weapon took out a Russian S-400 Triumf air defence system last week in a spectacular strike in annexed Crimea

Beautiful landscapes of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, UK.

Tick tock, drip drop... Weathervane highs/lows so far (17:00) Mon 28 Aug 2023:

High temperature 18.4C at 13:57 hrs
low 12.1C at 04:57 hrs

High humidity 94%RH at 05:43 hrs
low 59%RH at 14:43 hrs

Max wind gust 8.5mph at 10:47 hrs

Daily rainfall 0.0mm

Towering spotted off coast of Isle of Wight

UK air traffic control delays: Compensation, when to go to the airport and more advice Euronews

>Hundreds of flights to and from the UK have been delayed or cancelled after a breakage in the country's air traffic control systems.

Flights in the UK were disrupted due to a technical issue with the air traffic control system. The National Air Traffic Service (NATS) imposed restrictions on aircraft movement and stated that engineers are working to identify and fix the problem. The extent of the delay is uncertain, but some reports suggest flights could be delayed by at least 12 hours.

UK red carpet for Saudi Crown Prince and the supposed 'great rehabilitation': Ministers have gone back and forth between the and in the past several years, wants more trade and a vote to stage Expo 2030

ICYMI: Tenders Issued For New or Refurbished Rolling Stock for Chiltern Trains and Northern

Breaking : Airspace Over the Closed with Grounded Creating During Peak across Due to Glitch:

A search for the Loch Ness Monster ends without evidence of existence.

The biggest Loch Ness Monster hunt in over half a century has resulted in several reports of possible sightings but nothing conclusive. The evaluation of the data would take a lot of time, the organisers said.

Softwareproblem bei in .

Mathias Corvinus Collegium, "a breeding ground for future Fidesz-friendly elites", is to open a branch in , .
Victor Orbn "knows hes not going to be prime minister for ever"...

Thousands delayed as air traffic control issue hits

A technical issue has hit systems, with thousands of people facing long delays at airports
National Air Traffic Services says engineers are working to fix the fault which is affecting the processing of airline's flight plans - which are being done manually

Chaos in the skies: the latest disaster to befall the failing state that is the
Smells like

'a WhatsApp message that's been received by British Airways crews..says that a decision by National Air Traffic Services (Nats) to fall back to manual processing means there are "punitive regulations driving significant delays".'

Is this 'technical issue' Putin's Russian hackers

Flights disrupted across UK as air traffic control reports a 'technical issue'

News at 2PM: air traffic control faces a network-wide failure, causing significant flight disruptions. plans to ban abayas in state schools, sparking controversy. 's football federation is set for urgent talks. Protests erupt over a Libya-Israel meeting. Zimbabwe's president dismisses election criticism amidst accusations of a staged coup by the opposition. links recent floods to change, while San Francisco raises concerns over robotaxis.

Not so long ago, when the British Government hosted COP 26, there was agreed recognition that limiting global warming to 1.5 C requires rapid, deep and sustained reductions in global greenhouse gas emissions, including reducing global carbon dioxide emissions by 45 per cent by 2030.

The domestic rescued from s richest streets Channel 4 News

"In the last five years, hundreds of women have been saved from domestic slavery and violent abuse in the . More than 220 of those rescues were carried out by a small, fearless band of volunteers.
Channel 4 News has had exclusive access to the group, whove made it their mission to free those trapped behind the closed doors of wealthy families, mostly from the ."

Tweet by John Burn-Murdoch via Twitter/X

"NEW: we need to talk about the dire state of British .

Of the 52 with 250k+ people, only 8 (15%) have a or .

In & its 80%, is on 60%.

Even *American* cities are better served, and the US hates public !"

UK National Air Traffic Services fault:

I have to fly out in a few days, I hope they fix it and clear the backlog before then

Im in Cork Airport and people are getting off the flights due to go to the UK. They are cancelling multiple flights. What a disaster.

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