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This is levelling up: Jamie Oliver calls on all mayors across the country to offer free school meals for children

Doors are closing on solutions, argues the Climate Crisis Advisory Group


The experience doesn't just stop at getting held hostage in a flat and begging a pensioner for the ransom money.

No, the drama is even more INTENSE.

"...In 2017, the Mirror reported Menzies had been quizzed by police over claims he got a dog drunk in 2015. He denied the allegation to the paper and said that he was cleared by police...."

I like to see a being kicked while they're down but I cant help but think that this is the political equivalent of footballers crowding the referee and demanding red and yellow cards for the opponent. It isn't a good look and is tit-for-tat.

Oh Nick.

Javier and Mark aren't ready for the proceedings about & that smol firm in called 's at or the public scrutiny of being , for data extraction of facts about what they knew, when, where how and why, are they Nick

is the least of 's failings right now.

My mockUP card.

"UK Government outlines plans to harness energy flexibility from EVs and appliances"

Peter Murrell re-arrested in SNP investigation

ISW: US can either help Ukraine or face emboldened Russia at NATOs door

Hugh Grant has been priced out of his phone hacking lawsuit against The Sun, after learning it would cost him more money to win than it would cost Rupert Murdoch.

"At the right moment and at the right amount, a skilled litigator can bring a civil claim to a speedy halt": writes

Economist Usha Patnaik looked at 200 yrs of data on tax & trade, & calculated that Britain gained $45 trillion from India from 1765 to 1938. The Ministers revisionist take is purely ideological



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Good evening. It's 7PM, Thursday, 18th April. The headlines: has dropped its aim to slash emissions by 75% come 2030, labelling it unattainable. The and US have sanctioned senior Iranian military figures. Gulf storms have led to disturbances at 's airport. The UN chief has briefed on , as US legislators gear up for a aid vote. 's PM cautions that a Russian victory could spark World War III.

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GOP Congresswoman spreads Russian propaganda to oppose Ukraine aid bill

A welcome olive branch from the . But why exclude anyone over 30 Most people in the didn't want nor to lose FoM.
Please don't punish us for the criminality/stupidity of our own government. Brexit was a crime perpetrated against the electorate with millions of voters deceived into voting against their own interests.
I'll never stop fighting to regain my stolen EU Citizenship.

and Shit Shows Issue New Sanctions on , Leaks Show U.U. Opposes

Weather at 6pm on Thu 18 Apr is showery, becoming more unsettled, 9C (feels 7), pressure falling fast and 3.8mm rain. Humidity is 92%.

Another 'benefit' that was entirely predictable that government chose to ignore. Shortages of some medicines IS the new norm. There MUST be a and the criminals that forced this country out of the held accountable. and cohorts should have faced serious criminal charges rather than rewarded for their wrongdoing. By rights they should all be in jail.

Opinion: The Mark Menzies story exposes the increasingly bizarre behaviour of our MPs
Tory 'sleaze has returned with a vengeance to haunt a dying Government

Has returned

tory sleeze never went away

Stop sacrificing the Arts for STEM.

"By the governments own estimates, the creative industries contribute around 126 billion to the UK economy. Thats more than the car industry, for instance, or aerospace, oil and gas."

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: Lock 32, Devizes Lock
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: Photo by Andrew Batram on Flickr

UK music fund may walk off stage without encore

"easyJet trials hydrogen refuelling at Bristol Airport in UK first"

Boating over a huge canal for seagoing ships on a rotating aqueduct, at Patricroft.

The aqueduct is wide enough for broadbeam barges, almost twice the 6-foot wide boat I'm on. Both formats are miniscule compared to true ships.

The video is heavily compressed, so distorted, but you can see the steel structure, and see that we're up very high, crossing the Barton Swing Aqueduct over the Manchester Ship Canal below.

"The MP called an elderly party volunteer saying he was locked in a flat and needed 5,000 as a matter of "life and death", the Times reports." Seriously

Yet Joanna has taken offence to the Scottish Hate Crime Law, even as attacks on Queers increase. The media gives her a platform and not us, so people are inevitably going to come down on the bigot's side, weak willed and indifferent as most are.

Could this man be more fabulous

rollout starts today for millions: no more physical cards

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