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These are the estimates of Russias combat losses as of Feb. 18, according to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


And the BAFTA for best performance as a lazy arse, good for nothing, skin balloon MP, goes to Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Ukrainian troops loose Avdiivka as President Zelensky pleads for military help in Berlin (The Sun VIDEO)

Before anyone says anything, please look carefully at the border guard in the grey sweater, sitting on the bed being spoken to in the first scene. If you have never seen it, thats shell shock. Clearly a product of intense fighting. The Head of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine visited the wounded and released from captivity border guards (Ukrinform - Ukrainian National News Agency VIDEO)

The Shocking Rise In US-Style Mega-Farms In The UK

Avdiivka fall spurs Western officials to increasingly believe Russia could attack NATO country (Kanal 13 - Azeri News in English VIDEO)

Conservative Promos Banned by Local Newspaper After Party 'Wrongly Suggests Paper Endorsed' Candidate - Byline Times

Case opened over executions of Ukrainian POWs in Avdiivka and Vesele (more)

Mstyslav Chernov's film 20 Days in Mariupol won the Best Documentary category at the prestigious British BAFTA Film Awards. We hope people actually watch and recommend it. (VIDEO)

Trumps comments cause Germany to call for the UK and France to form a nuclear shield against Russia (Kanal 13 - Azeri News in English VIDEO)

"Kingsley Ben-Adir shines at the BAFTAS."

Artlist is hiring a Data Scientist
Location: Norwich, United Kingdom

Hunting: A case for change report.

A consolidated report overviewing illegal hunting

More Proof Musk doesnt care about truth or security: UP account in Elon Musks social network X hacked (more)

Classic Hollywood comedy - How To Marry A Millionaire - movie review here -

Indeed i also understand that the pale blue bits in , and are bookable to during the era of direct colonial rule.

The article has more explanations and simpler graphs:

Having ridden my today through floods (and diverting because some of the flooded roads are too deep) and big potholes, it's clear to me that do not consider or to be a priority, and when they do, they only do half a job that falls apart 6 months later. Clearly taxation for local is broken if they can't get enough money from the enormous houses.

Remember when 's said that any troop to would be a declaration of

"The training of Ukrainian pilots of on the takes place at high speed", - Rutte

We have found half a million 155 mm shells and 300,000 122 mm shells for , - Pavel

is working with countries to provide Ukraine with thousands of new AI drones.

It is shameful: why the return of Victorian-era diseases to the alarms health experts - "There has been a surge in cases of and both highly contagious as well as and , conditions we thought had been eradicated. Are public health cuts to blame" rhetorical question, methinks...

It is shameful: why the return of Victorian-era to the alarms experts Health The Guardian

Thanks mainly to chronic underfunding of the by the

Bassem Youssef on Piers Morgan interview fallout, Jon Stewart and disdain for Biden

AFUs 110th Mech. Bg. provides evidentiary testimony about the chaotic mess of the new CinC Syrskyi during Avdiivka. This included abandoning troops without rescue, and a lack of coordination during the withdrawal. Arm chair Western intelligence in UK and US are attempting to save his reputation, but there is dissension among AFU rank and file. (more)

: Bridge 78, Ingestre Bridge
: track bridge

will still rely heavily on her traditional security partners, although those should not be directly involved in the fight against AS anymore. The , , and should continue to provide training, and drone strikes should continue. funding will remain paramount. Bilateral security deals have likewise been struck with Turkey and the UAE. The lifting of sanctions should allow further countries such as to contribute war material.

Victorian' diseases return to the UK

A symptom of a society that is failing to care for it's future has the predictable results. And I remember when younger, Rickets and Scabies being scare words from the old days with measles on their way out.

But a combination of disinterest from the neo-Victorians (yes Rees-Mogg, we see you) and hysteria over vaccinations will get many in the coming years.

The latest list (12-Feb-2023) of UK Mumsnet-TERFery forum brands to boycott for being trans-positive : :hearttrans:, LGBTQ-positive :heartprogress: or supporting Pride :flagrainbow:.

You couldn't make this up if you tried but here we go ...

BBC Radio 6 music
Body shop
British Library
Bud Light
Calvin Klein
Costa Coffee
Dorset Cereal
Este Lauder
Hat Trick Productions
House of Fraser
Jo Malone
John Lewis
Kew Gardens
'New Zealand & all products from NZ'
Tate Gallery
The North Face
The Cooperative Bank
Virgin Atlantic

Plus it seems -
London Bridge Station (stop using the Underground then)


"UK Government not serious about closing EV Gigafactory gap, MPs worry"

Good afternoon. It's 3PM, Sunday, 18th February. The headlines: At the Scottish Labour Conference, Keir Starmer urges a swift resolution to the strife. 'Oppenheimer' tops the Bafta nominations with 13 nods David Tennant is set to present. The Munich Security Conference wraps up, centring on and the Israel-Gaza conflict. Alexei Navalny's death in custody sparks arrests during memorials. The faces economic downturn and Conservative by-election defeats.

The implicitly demonstrates the type of 'middle ' thinking that is causing , & why we are heading towards an all out

To paraphrase "take the average family, they keep a (diesel) boat on the Thames in Berkshire..blah...but when they received a flood alert they took a last minute flight back to the "

"berks" Inside : Understanding Flood Forecasting

Episode webpage:

Media file:

16% of the UK population follows a -free diet (8.6 m). 6.4 m Brits plan to adopt a meat-free diet in 2024 if they do, the could have 15 m people (28%) eating meat-free by 2025 among it could be 52%:

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"UK universities threaten to divest billions unless banks accelerate net-zero plans"

The foreign ministers of the G7 countries promised to keep Russian assets frozen until the Russian Federation pays for the damage caused to Ukraine.

They also pledged to tighten sanctions against Russia and step up efforts to combat sanctions circumvention.

ICAO code:
Operator: Royal Air Force
Speed: 811 kmh
Altitude: 12192 m
Distance: 9.8 km
Angle : 51.2
Direction ->: WNW


Seen: 26x

Early Spring 1976. Steve Jones, Danielle Lewis, Alan Jones, Chrissie Hynde, Jordan and Vivienne Westwood inside Sex, 430 Kings Road, Chelsea. , .
by David Dagley.

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