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"the worst miscarriage of justice in British history"
...not sure that's accurate but it's pretty bad
Fujitsu apologizes for software bugs that fueled wrongful convictions in UK Ars Technica

> exec: "Bugs and errors" aided wrongful prosecutions of postal workers.

Robin and unintentional Ladybird

Took this Robin photo the other day and didn't notice the small Ladybird at the top of the broken branch just beneath the birds feet..

Saw this in Lidl earlier. Do *not* get me started FFS.

is sorry that its software helped send innocent people to prison: its exec: "Bugs and errors" aided wrongful prosecutions of , 20240117,
by Jon B,

Visualisation de 150 ans d'exportations des superpuissances conomiques

'Unknown' Russian partisans sabotage railways Ukraine: The Latest (The Telegraph News VIDEO Podcast)

United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO)




"Octopus Energy invests 200m in data centre heat recycling technology"

United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO)



The German Bundestag did not support the supply of Taurus to Ukraine, - DW

Of the 666 deputies, only 178 voted for, 485 voted against.

Jaz on knows that Paul is a Traitor. But what can he do about it when everyone loves Paul Some people would make loud accusations anyway and get knocked out of the game. Jaz knows better and is trying to play it slow and smart. 1st TikTok today:

Also as a YouTube Short:

Or on Instagram:

This never happened when was in charge. must go

the story of your great grandmother

A bee is sitting on top of a purple thistle.

Weather forecast for tonight is as low as --6C (21F). Brrrr. I know for some people this is not particularly cold, but we in the UK seem poor at coping with freezing temperatures. Infrastructure can't cope, homes are not insulated enough, heating is inefficient, and fuel costs are high. So, brrr.

and boroughs join forces to keep London moving during severe weather

"The news comes following s announcement in October 2023 that it was issuing notices of an intention to prosecute UK politicians, including government ministers for their complicity in war crimes in ."

Criminal Complaint Alleging Government Ministers Complicity in made to Scotland Yard

King Charles III to get hospital treatment for enlarged prostate

Buckingham Palace says monarchs public engagements will be postponed.

ICAO code:
Operator: Royal Air Force
Speed: 752 kmh
Altitude: 12192 m
Distance: 0.8 km
Angle : 86.2
Direction ->: WNW


Seen: 23x

If you live in and/or are a fan, consider signing this petition addressed to to stop using to host fairs (specifically, armoured vehicles + helicopters fairs, 22-25 January). Many of the companies attending are arming up the in
-->Rafael, government owned manufacturer
--> Systems
--> Systems
Good summary article, contains link to Solidarity petition

"Gaza will be the grave of the Western-led world order" - Article by Saul J. Takahashi, Professor of Human Rights and Peace Studies at Osaka Jogakuin University in Osaka, Japan

: Bridge 113, Abbey Footbridge
: track bridge

and support a political party, especially where unions dont exist. Donate. Turn up. Campaign.

"tHE pOlCe aRe hEAr tO PrOTeCt tHE vULNerABle"

Too busy stalking women who told you 'no' was it lads
Swapping rape porn with your buddies in the Firearms division to waste time on 'civilians' was it lads
Balls deep in harassing journalists and concerned citizens online to check to see whether a kid was dead was it lads

"Anglian Water spills sewage for two weeks straight into rare chalk stream"


This land is a sickness. It won't get much better with Starmer in charge either, remember how it was Marcus Rashford who stepped up and fed those kids while Labour sat on its' hands rather than stop Tory cruelty

Key Statements about Ukraine made by British Defence Minister during recent speech (more)

BT updates price hike policy ahead of new regulations

Wizz Air pays out 1.2m over disrupted flights

Wizz Air looked again at 25,000 claims for flights to or from the from 18 March 2022 onwards.

Of those, 6,000 have resulted in additional payments, with the amounts received varying significantly.

Is it Ed Balls Day already

And who ever said he should be a "personality", he doesn't have one!

Good afternoon. It's 3PM, Wednesday, 17th January. The headlines: Sir Keir Starmer has pressed Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on the fate of absent asylum seekers before a key vote on Rwanda policy. MPs are examining Sunak's bill closely. Iran has fired missiles at militant bases in , while a struggle for ownership of Polish media continues. In the , talks are underway to safeguard future homes against floods.

I'm unsure whether this is real, but it's certainly realistic. And it's sad.

Ive made secret discoveries on my doorstep: a year-long journey across my local OS map

'We have become disconnected from the wild world around us and I wanted to get regular small doses of the delights of travelling without having to wait for the trip of a lifetime'

Lovely piece about slow living in the places just beyond your doorstep. But, oh, how cute that he thinks we all just jump on a flight to the sunshine!

Complaint filed alleging ministers' complicity in


Defence Secretary says hes 'unaware' of comments made by

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