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'The Chris Hedges Report with human rights attorney, author and Professor Noura Erakat on Israel's manipulation of legal systems to perpetuate its campaign of erasure of the Palestinians. Time and time again, the human rights attorney Noura Erakat writes, we see evidence of the laws assumed insignificance in the dispossession of Palestinians. Great Britain remained committed to establishing a Jewish national homeland in Palestine despite its legal duties as the Mandatory Power to shepherd local Arab peoples to independence. The Permanent Mandates Commission remained committed to the incorporation of the Balfour Declaration into the Mandate for Palestine, in contravention of the Covenant of the League of Nations,..'

: join protest against anti-strike legislation, ignored by major

Underground Living: How Russia's invasion is changing childhood in Ukraine (BBC News VIDEO)

Tick tock, drip drop... At 20:00 hrs on Fri 2 Feb 2024 the Malmanac weathervane reports 13.4C, 82% relative humidity, pressure steady 1017mb. 1.6mm rainfall so far today. Wind is blowing 6.3mph from NNW, gusting to 12.8mph.

A candidate targeted by a deepfake has an AI warning for America (CNN News VIDEO)

Tyson Fury injured and out of bout against Oleksandr Usyk.

"West of England coalmines to be mapped for renewable energy potential"

Gee British Media, how could this culture of Transphobia have come about

"Good BRITISH cowards who keep their heads down and do as they're told! Good British Cowards who always step on the Individual and always defers to Power, the sort that ran the Empire!"

"In a world built by plutocrats, the powerful are protected while vengeful laws silence their critics"

Inequality demands oppression. The more concentrated wealth and power become, the more those who challenge the rich and powerful must be hounded and crushed. In other words, economic inequality is mirrored by inequality before the law. You can dispense with all the other indices of democracy. The best measure of the health of a political system is who gets prosecuted.

Not much to add. Monbiot is describing the corporatism side of fascism. And if anyone is thinking: "nope, it's not fascists, these are just greedy business assholes and scammers", I have to say that they can be and usually are both. The predatory behavior is opportunistic, they call it "win-win".

Assuming you're familiar with XR, see: - they seem to be UK based (formerly known as Animal Rebellion).

Judge throws out case against Greta Thunberg and other London protesters

Court rules not enough evidence provided to prove defendants failed to comply with section 14 order at anti-fossil fuel rally


British media are reporting that ex-Sevastopol governor Dmitry Ovsyannikov is held in custody following his arrest at his home in London last week. The National Crime Agency charged him with seven counts of circumventing British sanctions and two counts of laundering criminal proceeds. The bank (more)

ICYMI In the International Centre of Justice for Palestine () recently presented its first tranche of evidence to Londons Metropolitan Police (responsible nationally for war crimes investigations) of collusion by officials in genocide.

The criminal complaint accuses a number of individuals (not yet publicly named) - including (among others) 4 government ministers, 9 UK citizens fighting for - of complicity in genocide.

Separately, the ICJP has written both to Prime Minister Rishi and Labour leader Keir warning them that it will pursue prosecution of any ministers who endorse and abet Israeli war crimes. Starmer was specifically warned that public statements by senior Labour politicians constituted breaches of international law and would be prosecuted,

Conservative MP Crispin , a director of the ICJP, has said that he does not think his parliamentary colleagues understand their legal peril over their actions.

This video of an interview with ICJP Director on Palestine Deep Dive is highly informative on the above and much else in relation to some of the broader legal peril implications for those in government and media who are complicit in Israels genocide:

"Brown hairstreak: the rare butterfly quietly retaking London and beyond"

The AFU crew of the British Challenger 2 tank from the 82nd Airborne Assault Brigade reports on its combat experience (VIDEO)

for Freedom of Information release:
on the network
"We do not make revenue from busking. Buskers do not pay for their license and we do not take any money from buskers."

Weather at 6pm on Fri 2 Feb is settled fine, 10C (feels 8), pressure steady and no rain today. Humidity is 93%.

UK Weather Forecast:

Fri 2 Feb - Sat 3 Feb

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"Grossly irresponsible: UK hands out 24 new North Sea oil and gas licences"

Allstate is hiring a Data Science Intern
Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

More than 800 officials from the US and Europe sign scathing criticism of Gaza policy

there is a plausible risk that our governments policies are contributing to grave

violations of international

humanitarian law, war crimes and

even ethnic cleansing

or genocide.

On I was checking in with my namesake and I learned that apparently at overnight music festivals in the UK it's become a thing to yell "Alan" in the middle of the night

Via TheTab: "Who is Alan The hunt for the lost soul who keeps us all awake at festivals every year"

Absolutely love to see it. Their courage in the face of illegitimate state power is exemplary

Horror moment teen snowboarder falls from chairlift

The Magickal Women Conference 2024 June 22, 2024, London, UK

Greta Thunberg CLEARED after judge throws out public order charge because police attempted to impose 'unlawful' conditions during the environment demonstration.

Inklusiver Digitaler Werkraum: Sprechableismus und Sprachableismus
Formen des welche die Kommunikation betreffen gruppe messel idw / inklusiver digitaler werkraum

Florence Farr and the Magical Imagination: The Mystery of Time April 13, 2024, London, UK

Flophouse bad live in this May, nice

 As the in 2016 slid so casually out of the , so could slide out of the UK. It should, by size and economic potential, be as rich and independent as Ireland or Denmark. Ireland shook off its reliance on the UK and became a Celtic tiger 

scrapping 28bn could leave , and

Decision to abandon key policy decried as reaction to short-term political pressures

I ate lunch outside, at 2pm, at the end of work, what sort of madness is this ( It's cheese and lettuce baguette if you are wondering) I was probably extra warm from working hard !

The police are returning to their Hillsborough/Orgreave mode of ignoring the law and doing what they want. This ends up with perfectly decent people refusing to cooperate with them on anything, and whole communities actively detesting them. They need reining in, and they must have INDEPENDANT supervision. This case was patently laughable. And has been a resounding success for the cause of the protesters.

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Guilty as fuck

Greta Thunberg and four co-defendants have been found not guilty of breaking the law when they refused to follow police instructions to move on during a climate protest.

Greta Thunberg: Case thrown because of 'no evidence'

Greta Thunberg outside court: We must remember who real enemy is

I'd add, & why the decision makers use police resources to harass peaceful climate protesters, whilst permitting shady organisations to promote & or fund ecocide (& that's just the government)

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