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That means that the would be in the eighteenth place or lower in terms of GDP per capita in 2019. There are a further four economies close enough per capita to the for it not to be possible to rank them other than arbitrarily. These are , , and . So the could have been anywhere between eighteenth and twenty second place in 2019 !

This is not at all a success story for the British Isles in past politics on renewable energy.
This video is based on a research done by the University of Exeter UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training in Environmental Intelligence commissioned by .

Now... is this 'wishful thinking' or a 'workable blueprint'
That'll be up to the policymakers of the near future.

"100% wind and solar is coming!" 17:30 min
by Just Have a Think
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Quote by JHaT:
"21 apr 2024
100% electrification from renewables like wind, solar, geothermal and hydro power, backed up with interconnections and energy storage is now just around the corner, and already the cheapest option available. But there are still bumps in the road. Can we overcome them in time"


I have also looked tentatively at real GDP per capita in 2019 implied by the same source. Just two of the six economies definitely larger than the in 2019 had higher GDP per capita - and the . A further three in the 'top twenty' are in that category - , and . Among smaller economies I have found , , , , , , , , and .

Primary school teacher, 50, pretended she had COVID after killing cheating boyfriend during sex game and used 10 day isolation from illness to bury him in the backyard, court hears

"German authorities say they have arrested three people on suspicion of spying for ... The accused are said to have collected sensitive information, including designs for an engine suitable for use on combat ships, to pass on to China. In a separate development, two men in the were charged with spying for China after being accused of providing information which could be 'useful to an enemy' according to police"


Climate activists smash windows of Cambridge Energy Institute

The group responsible, This Is Not A Drill, claimed that the IEEF researches harmful tech that aids the extraction of new fossil fuels. They also accused the University of letting oil execs push their agenda and failing to address their dodgy industry ties


Losers flock to Trump.

The Prime Minister, whose term was shorter than the time it took a head of cabbage to spoil, has jumped on the .

Planning a party but concerned about the mess (environmentally) afterwards

A party kit is a box containing reusable plates, cups and more everything needed for a colourful party with zero waste. After each hire, the equipment is returned to be used again and again.

Neat idea.

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In light of Netanyahu's established pattern of lying to the world, especially Americans ,

Journalist voices concern over US being 'roped into war' with Iran by Netanyahu

This shows the for + , and doesnt even make the .

at conducted a to discover the best LGBTQ+- cities across the for .

"Letting grass grow long boosts butterfly numbers, UK study proves"

Gogglebox star George Gilbey has died after falling 80ft in work accident

recently took to /#X to say that she opposes but calls for and for the .

Because this apparently did not the enough, entered the with her usual .

Kudos to reporter James Matthew, who's saying 'Pecker' non-stop but still manages to keep a straight face.

Especially when the attorney he was interviewing, Julie Rendelman, said "Pecker is going to be huge". She knew what she was doing...

Dr. From : , Should Be Made .

Dr. Cass's latest are likely to cast more on the of the , which has come for on

Weather at 6pm on Mon 22 Apr is indeterminate, 11C, pressure steady and no rain today. Humidity is 87%.

Horrific moment yobs fight with swords and machetes in daylight London battle

"UK airline emissions on track to reach record high in 2024"

Free speech in the US includes

marching NAZIs and White Supremacists, Racists and

all things evil

but only if

you fully support israel ,

it's dishonesty and actions,

as the President does .

Thou shalt bow to israel

I think this is great but, as you imply, all those intractable crises are also underpinned by a governance crisis

The pretence that a ballot every 4/5 years in which most peoples votes are irrelevant is democracy is laughable

That the government, as in the has used its fraudulent referendum to make Parliament virtually irrelevant, by concentrating power in the executive is appalling

That dissent and protest are now criminalised is terrifying

UKs smart motorways regularly stop working

Jurors, you have an absolute right to acquit a defendant according to your conscience.

WAR IN THE AIR Thousands of Brit holiday flights attacked by extremely dangerous Russian jamming in major threat to air safety

Tick tock, drip drop... Weathervane highs/lows so far (17:00) Mon 22 Apr 2024:

High temperature 11.8C at 15:59 hrs
low 5.9C at 03:59 hrs

High humidity 92%RH at 07:37 hrs
low 80%RH at 16:37 hrs

Max wind gust 8.5mph at 14:53 hrs

Daily rainfall 0.2mm

Factbox-What are the new post- border controls starting on April 30

The government has reclassified nearly 500m of aid for war-torn and impoverished countries as climate finance, in a bid to meet its international commitments under the Paris Agreement.

This follows reports that the UKs pledge to spend 11.6bn on climate aid is slipping out of reach.

Humanitarian work in nations including Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia is now being double-counted as climate finance to help the UK hit its goal.

Hang on -- so Thames Water in the UK hasn't done necessary maintenance to prevent sewage spills into rivers and the ocean. Now, after so much public backlash about their environmental damage, they plan to do that work, and then RAISE the customers' bills by 40-44% to recoup the costs

It wasn't who ran the into the ground. Nor was it immigrants who privatised the now failing water authorities, having stripped the assets for their fat cat CEOs. It's not immigrants who are demanding a 40% increase in your bills to fund this theft of public assets. It's not immigrants who are raising your food prices and rents. If Brexit was about taking back then why are we worse off Immigrants

News at 4PM: The trial of Donald is set to begin with opening statements shortly. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has declared that the initial flight for asylum seekers to Rwanda will leave within three months, pledging to 'begin the flights and halt the boats'. Veteran BBC presenter Huw Edwards steps down on health grounds. 's military intelligence head resigns. Concerns rise as ads for the dangerous drug nitazene appear on social networks.

Two men charged with spying for China

The British Medical Association (BMA) has said it is "very concerned" by a tribunal's finding that a doctor's participation in Just Stop Oil protests amounted to professional misconduct

She said: BMA "Climate change has been declared the biggest potential health crisis in the world by the World Health Organisation (WHO)


So eine Sauerei!

"Denn seit Margaret Thatcher die englischen Wasserfirmen 1989 privatisiert hat, haben die umgerechnet mehr als 70 Milliarden Euro an ihre Aktionre ausgezahlt, in Abwasser-Rohre und Infrastruktur allerdings nur marginal investiert. Weshalb englische Flsse und das Meer mittlerweile im Dreck versinken."

A Halesworth Ghost Sign with a Celebrity Connection

A surviving ghost sign for William Frost, the ironmonger grandfather of the late television star Sir David Frost. Photo: Wayne Tanswell.

#Halesworth #Ironmonger #Suffolk #UK

ITVs Vera has been axed after 14 years

Free Will Registry for 2024