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Surveillance-by-Design in Proposed Amendments to the UK Investigatory Powers Act


Israeli Teen JAILED For Refusing Army Service Over Gaza Tells Devastating Truths

Anti-War Activist Schools LBC Host On Israel Gaza War

Keir Starmer says Netanyahu wrong to reject Palestinian state Keir Starmer The Guardian



UK Defense Ministry: Russian Air Force more cautious after destroyed A-50 plane

This indicates that the A-50 aircraft, reportedly destroyed on Jan. 14, was downed by Ukrainian forces rather than suffering an incident, the ministry noted.

This was the real objective all along of the libertarian ideologues that pushed Brexit as an agenda onto the country.

And people bought it. Sigh.


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In another occupied territory,
'Huge public sector strike sweeps across Northern Ireland
Strikers were angry with the Tories and DUP'
And whilst thousands go hungry and cold across the whole of the The Government wants to increase, the already ridiculous spending on the military. Also increasing military aid to Ukraine and the Zionists.

"Waste heat from Scottish supercomputer to be reused to warm homes"

My wife said the other day, that I often think of others before myself. Because I've probably moaned and ranted more about where I was sure the UK would end up if they went the Brexit route. And *this* was often first on the agenda when I had my soapbox moment.

"Brexit divergence from EU destroying UKs vital environmental protections"

Brytyjczycy pretestowali now bro .
Atakuje wroga z prdkoci wiata

divergence from destroying s vital

Exclusive: is falling behind the bloc on almost every area of , analysis reveals

dirty corner of due to lack of governance

Explainer: UK environmental protections dropped since Brexit

West Midlands Combined Authority: New government-backed Hubs will help more people into work on

Southern Hawker Dragonfly

hid the "from lawyers of wrongly convicted " ...

Inquiry probes coverup of bugs that aided in , 20240119,
by Jon B,

Weather at 6pm on Fri 19 Jan is fine, 3C (feels -2), pressure steady and 0.2mm rain. Humidity is 82%.


News at 6PM: Tata Steel is to cut 2,800 jobs. Fujitsu Europe's chief gives evidence at the Post Office scandal hearing regarding wrongful convictions tied to Horizon software. There are demands for a fraud investigation into a company linked to Lady Mone's spouse. An Australian reporter has been sacked by a state broadcaster. dismisses US suggestions for a Palestinian state. Anthony Burns receives a 24-year jail term for internet sex extortion.

Warm-up of the British Challenger 2 tank, which serves as part of the Ukrainian 82nd Airborne Assault Brigade.

In total, the United Kingdom handed Ukraine 14 tanks of this type, as well as two BREM CRARRVs based on the Challenger 1 tank.

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ICAO code:
Operator: Royal Air Force
Speed: 614 kmh
Altitude: 10356 m
Distance: 1.8 km
Angle : 80.3
Direction ->: WNW


Seen: 1st x

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"Prince Harry withdraws libel claim against British tabloid"

"Britain's Prince Harry on Friday withdrew his libel claim against the publisher of the Mail on Sunday newspaper over an article about his security arrangements, with his spokesperson saying he wanted to focus on his family's safety."

"Government watchdog abandons promise to protect 830km of struggling rivers"

When Miles name came up on , Harry suddenly had a feeling about him, just like he did before Ash was banished & revealed as a Traitor. Interesting how Harry has such great reads! 1st TikTok today:

You can also go Hmmm about Harrys amazing Traitors UK reads as a YouTube Short:

Or on Instagram:

The discussion is mostly based on this 2021 paper (which showcases the use of )

"The treatment of as in policy frameworks will give policymakers in consumer countries a false sense of optimism about the progress being made in their energy supply, while producing countries have no corresponding incentive to reduce future in compensation for the loss of sequestered ."

Ukrainians criticize historic UK security agreement as weak, nothing more than another Budapest Memorandum (more)

: Bridge 2, Runnel Brow bridge
: road bridge

Dead bodies of children, just five of more than 13000 little human beings murdered by 's , its' complicit supporters and silent enablers who did not call for a . We must refuse to live in a world where got lost.

Reuters somewhat stops spreading Russian narratives: renames 'Ukraine crisis' section to 'Russia and Ukraine at war', instead of Russian invasion of Ukraine (more)

What do you do if you have dozens of combat you dont want

If youre the Australian government, you dismantle them and turn them into landfill

Thats the imminent fate of 45 and MRH-90 , grounded since a crash in last summer and withdrawn from service

has had something of a troubled history with its - designed MEH-90s,

"Drax gets go-ahead for carbon capture project at estimated 40bn cost to bill-payers"

Breakthrough in : DragonFire Achieves s First High-Power Firing Against Aerial Targets

Dead baby about to be buried in a plastic bag, just one of more than 13000 little human beings murdered by 's , its' complicit supporters and silent enablers who did not call for a . got lost in this world.

A couple of panos of the frosty Vale of Porlock and Luccombe this morning. This view from Webbers Post has always frustrated me, cos the viewpoint just isnt high enough! So I took the drone up there this morning. Its amazing what an extra 75 metres gives you.

BBC Weather love me today

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