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Supertanskiii UKR What was this chaotic and undemocratic speech really about Not saving us money, thats for sure. The leak probably wasnt accidental nor is the corruption.

Theyre panicking.

This is political.

This is letting the world burn for a few votes. Give us an election, you shits.

Rishi Sunak likely to face legal challenges over net zero U-turn

UK climate watchdog said policy change would make it more difficult to meet legal commitment

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Alors que le Royaume-Uni devait interdire la vente des voitures thermique neuves en 2030, le premier ministre Rishi Sunak veut retarder cette transition vers l'lectrique car il estime que les gouvernements prcdents ont t malhonntes sur ce point.

Factchecking Rishi Sunaks claims on the net zero transition

"Russia Doesn't Have a Good Strategy for Winning the War"

In an interview, American military analyst Michael Kofman says he believes Ukrainian troops have a realistic chance of a breakthrough in their counteroffensive, assuming they don't run out of ammunition.


A Sea of Explosives 1,000 Kilometers Long

Russian troops have transformed the fighting front into what is likely the largest minefield in the world. Ukrainian sappers are making but slow progress through this sea of death. But they haven't lost their optimism.

likely to face legal challenges over

said policy change would make it more difficult to meet legal commitments

"We need more investment, not less: UK voters on Sunaks net zero rollback"

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Radio Jammor is on the air...
Broadcasting from to the , &

British Prosecutors OK Charges Against Five Bulgarians Suspected Of Spying For Russia (more)

Rishi Sunak Claims To Have Scrapped Meat Tax Plan But Did That Plan Actually Exist

Resurrect bill to ban selfish imports of hunting trophies to UK, Labour urges

Sunaks U-turn a symptom of government climate policy failure

More than anything this speech sounded like an admission of the governments failure to implement climate policy in a way that brings people with them while showing the benefits of a more sustainable future.

Jonathan Pie on Rishi Seven Bins Sunak

From Heathrow to Heartstopper, GLOW Artist Baby Queen is on a Musical Journey All Her Own

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Ukraine should change course and brace itself for war of attrition The Economist (more)

What is going on in the
Co-op boss urges to take more seriously after 33m cost The Guardian - Sounds as if government cuts have pared the police to the bone to the exent they can no longer police.

Our saviour

Rishi "Seven Bins" Sunak

TOEC City Crit Paris Wahoo RGT Cycling

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Retirement can feel like a long time away.
But no matter what age you are, its a good idea to start thinking about a pension.
Heres what you need to know


Radical Elsewhere
"Places, for those that know"

Pink News: New study finds decline in UK trans acceptance: A shift that benefits no one

in .

The , a in his 20s, was reportedly subject to , which included and , before being .

Rees-Mogg threatens us with a good time.
"Labour will betray Brexit" - Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Weather at 6pm on Thu 21 Sep is showery, bright intervals, 13C, pressure steady and 2.2mm rain. Humidity is 73%.

Former Kremlin lobbyist picked as UK Conservative candidate

Former GPlus boss hopes to be MP for Harpenden and Berkhamstead.

News at 6PM: Zelensky is set to meet in Washington. The 's ban on new petrol cars has been delayed until 2035, despite Sunak's commitment to net zero. has stopped supplying weapons to . Five individuals are being charged in the UK for spying for . has suspended visas for Canadians, escalating tensions between the two nations. Rupert is stepping down from his chairman roles at Fox and News Corp. The UK interest rate remains at 5.25%.

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Radio Jammor is on the air...
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outlaws privacy protecting .

Want to underline this advice: avoid that continue to operate in the UK. They are going to implement and or enable backdoors now.

"The contract was drawn up according to a payment by results model. Capita will be paid for the number of people they make contact with who then leave, the head of the UK Border Agency, Rob Whiteman, said. If nobody leaves, nobody will get paid. "

Amelia Gentleman, The Windrush betrayal Guardian Faber 2019, pp 163.

" government faces backlash after slashing budget - Move has drawn comparisons to the , where Rishi U-turned on environmental commitments

The Swedish government is facing a huge backlash including threats of no-confidence votes against its climate minister after slashing the countrys climate budget while admitting that it will dramatically increase carbon dioxide emissions.

The minority-run coalition, which has been in power for just under a year, announced on Wednesday it would be cutting funding for climate and environmental measures next year by 259m krona (19m) and introducing tax cuts on petrol and diesel.

While long-term emissions are expected to decrease by 2045, the government is now expected to miss its 2030 transport targets.

By its own estimates, emissions will increase by 5.9m to 9.8m a 67% increase! tonnes of equivalents by 2030 as a consequence of government decisions made between 1 July 2022 and 1 July 2023."

Boat view of dolphins

Progressive versus the regressive on GRA reform. Essentially, this will drag on for years ........

New revelations from archive surface
A decade after Snowden exposed and British mass , only 1% of documents have been published.
New: NSA backdoored , NSA compromised 's , NSA tapped !
The Guardian allowed GCHQ to destroy the copy of the archive in the . The Intercept is no longer in possession of the documents. I was informed that they destroyed their copy of the archive, Appelbaum said

Residents of Kherson share about last night's Russian attack on a residential area of the city.

Three civilians were killed, five wounded.

Homes, cars, power lines were damaged.

Kherson gets shelled by Russia almost every day, often multiple times per day.

Ukrainian Su-24M flying at an ultra-low altitude over Ukrainian positions. Filmed by Ukrainian artillerymen.

: Service Crossing
: pipe bridge
: Photo by Andrew Batram on Flickr

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