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Storm Ciaran cuts power, lashes UK with strong winds and heavy rains

Austria to work with UK on Rwanda-style plan for asylum seekers Austria The Guardian

The International Space Station is passing overhead Ouseburn at:

05:15 hrs, for 3 mins, from 26 above SSW to 10 above SE

Ukraine turns Avdiivka into a 'charnel house' tomb for Putin's troops (Times Radio News VIDEO)

Scientists Engineered a Bacteria to Eat Plastic Bottles and Transforming Them into Useful Liquids

'Time is running out for Xi Jinping' as West moves to contain Iran and Russia (Times Radio News VIDEO)

Selfless Quad Amputee Hopes to Summit Peak to Raise Money for Other Disabled Kids


's "Ready to Go" (1996).

It's a crack, I'm back yeah standing
On the rooftops shouting out,
Baby I'm ready to go

Video directed by .

- Evolution of production by source for 2000-2022 (% of Total)


The wests plan in action: whats really going on with Israel

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The UK is spending grand, for sure
To build a supercomputer
That Isambard-AI shall be
The most powerful the country sees
To start its operations in 2024
It sure puts the UK ahead of the game
A great investment to forever be its fame

Voto il mondo con ....isolati i protagonisti 2022-23 e Ucraina.....sorpresa che non segue lo zio Sam...
Il nuovo Asse si era gi trovato in sintonia sia col voto sulla Russia, sia col voto sulla tregua umanitaria in

10pm: 21st Century Rock & Pop time

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Josh Kelly returns on 16 December.


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A ripening medlar fruit glows softly in the morning light against a dark green background of leaves.

Green web

A spider's web, limned in dew drops, against the diffuse background of a Cytisus Scoparis (Scotch Broom) plant.

I find this study appealing because of the diffuse nature of the green light.

Worlds in focus - an autumnal view in the morning light.

The night's work is done. Morning promise

The illegal process to enter a foreign country is fraught with hardships and, in most cases, pathetic travelling conditions where people go without food and water for days before reaching their destinations

Morning dew gathered on a spider's web in the embrace of a single leaf

Cette saloperie de gouvernement conservateur britannique dont l'alter ego de notre est le premier ministre des riches millionnaire lui-mme, a os envoy un mail ses ressortissants ayant pu tre exfiltrs de pour leur indiquer qu'il ne prenait pas en charge leur rapatriement jusqu' Londres depuis Le Caire

Why the assumption that British voters switch to the Conservatives as they grow older is wrong

I would love to see an analysis of NZ voter preferences done the same way.

The defeat of the Russian Army near Avdiivka continues.

In the footage, we see the Ukrainian 47th OMBr destroy the enemy even in the difficult conditions surrounding the city.

EBRD and U.K. to develop war risk insurance project to encourage investment in Ukraine (more)

The were warned about a life under Doris Johnson, & now we're living through the nightmare we all feared...

There is an urgent need for greater investment across our court system so the systems reputation is not eroded or undermined. Chair of thebarcouncil KC

Chair of the Bar Council Nick Vineall KC said: There is an urgent need for greater investment across our court system so the UK justice systems reputation is not eroded or undermined." Read on - The Law Society of England and Wales has released a report to coincide with the IBA annual


Good evening. It's 8PM, Thursday, 2nd November. The headlines: The hosts an summit at Bletchley Park, with PM Rishi Sunak and Elon Musk attending. The Bank of keeps interest rates at 5.25%. The release their final song. Ciara causes havoc in southern England, closing over 300 schools and several airports. In international news, Israeli forces encircle city amidst escalating conflict. Donald Jr testifies in a multimillion-dollar civil trial.

8pm... time to dance!

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2/2: "Hello Ayman, once you have passed into Egypt, we will provide you transport to Cairo and 2 nights accommodation should you need it. We are not facilitating flights from at this time. There are a number of commercial options from Cairo to the UK." So the is telling citizens that they have to pay for their own sent a dedicated charter for its citizens. Does the believe getting bombed in for 26 days is not enough to earn support

Its an ill wind, as the saying begins, has been generating lots of . Even though it has calmed down a lot, 37% of demand is currently being met by .

1/2: My friend Ayman is still stuck in . He has dual citizenship. So far, the has provided TWO names to /#Israel to allow safe passage at . There's an estimated 200 people registered with . It is impossible to know if the UK have communicated the full 200 names, and/or given reasons for to deprioritise as both see fit, citizens last, especially with dual nationality. Today the FCDO sent Ayman this message: ...

Kuleba in Berlin: Ukraine will become added value, not burden for EU

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