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Eingehende Flugdaten htten die Systeme lahmgelegt.

Ist Little Bobby Tables etwa geflogen

The came up with an extremism prevention program called "" that mandated teachers had to flag even kids under 10.

One kid was flagged for saying it would "give to the poor" with a lottery win.

Another for a drawing with a "cooker bomb".

Turns out, "arms" was really "".

The "cooker bomb" in a drawing was....a cucumber.



accuses over / campaign

group backs

Have you any news on

": Poet missing after , police say

"Police are appealing for information after an award-winning poet went missing at a rural music festival...

"Northants Police said Mr Odubanjo is 5ft 6in (168cm) tall, with short, black dreadlocks and a full-face beard..."

In case you were wondering how little the U.K Government cares about Disabled people.
They skipped a conference at the UN.

"The controversial expansion of Londons ultra-low emission zone (Ulez) on Tuesday will be watched closely by policymakers around the UK and the world, as other cities weigh up whether to introduce similar schemes."

ICYMI: Network Rail secure planning permission for Leven station


Thought Bubble have announced that their week-long festival celebrating comic art and culture is returning to Leeds & Yorkshire between 6th - 12th of November. Teaming up once again with partners LeedsBID, Thought Bubble Festival 2023 will present a week of talks, workshops, exhibitions,...

A trip down memory lane - UK Dunnet Head, Caithness, Scotland - The most northerly point in mainland Britain


In its most extensive drone attack to date, Ukraine targets and destroys Russian military targets in six regions across Russia!

Billions of Rubles of destruction in one night!

Let's hope it's a sign of things to come!

Weather at 6pm on Wed 30 Aug is settled fine, 16C, pressure steady and no rain today. Humidity is 63%.

"Rishi Sunak has put decades of progress on clean air into reverse and now risks stunting the lungs of Londons children by failing to support the expansion of the capitals ultra-low emissions zone, Sadiq Khan has said."

Today's second stop was Highclere Castle. Downton Abbey was filmed here (I've not seen it). There's also a collection of Egyptian artifacts in the basement. You're not allowed to take photos inside.

... forgotten fairytale (2018) ...

Today's first stop was National Trust classic The Vyne. I really liked this one. Full of character & interesting history.

Back with another borb photo

Long-tailed tit

Today's music:

Sugababes - Round Round

Despite Brexiteer pledges to take back control of UK borders, this poll suggests most voters, including leave voters, believe quitting has made it harder to deliver effective asylum policy.

Well, the country was warned this would be the case, but some of its leaders said this was and unfortuntely they were believed!

: Bridge 39C, Old Railway Br
: bridge abutments
: Photo by cvtperson on Flickr

There's this footpath that in the middle has a field where the path passes. Gates at both sides were padlocked with no signs as to why. We found out. Moomins sat enjoying the sun right in the middle of the footpath

Pink News: The Sun condemned for comparing NHS Pride Badge scheme to Lucy Letby murders

My broadband provider sent an email out about the "stop sell of copper services" kicking in soon in the UK. Seemingly we won't be able to move to a providor still using the copper lines as the ADSL and PSTN infrastructure transitions to fibre and digital voice.

Russia's most massive attack on Kyiv last night since Spring!

While Ukraine attacks Russian military equipment, Putin tries to murder as many Ukrainian civilians as possible.

The Hague Awaits Putin!


Ukraine Strikes Back!

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence confirmed the destruction of 4 Il-76 planes during last night's attack on Pskov, Russia.

Each aircraft costs about $86 million. (8,256,000,000 Rubles)

What's next for tonight

Criminal Vandalism by German neo-Nazi that targeted Ukrainian refugees gets small fine, in a historical repeat. In Germany, a member of the city council of Baden-Baden Martin Khne, Spiegel reported. Martin Khne painted Nazi symbols on two cars with Ukrainian license plates and also wrote obscene words on them, the public prosecutors office in Baden-Baden informed. He received a fine for this.

Thousands Of Russian Soldiers Refusing To Fight In Ukraine As Morale Plummets

German Nazis rise again! German neo-Nazi (AfD) politician Martin Kne resigns after drawing swastikas and writing slurs on Ukrainian cars in Baden-Baden, Spiegel reports. This is the first attack of a real German Nazi on Ukrainians since 1945.

My neighbours Japanese Anemones, so beautiful in the sunshine

Screening the hundreds of pictures I've snapped this week (so far). and listening to a mix from BLANC Records,

Reliably great and music. "Anything is possible."

If Rishi Sunak wants to be tough on crime, he should start by not committing crimes. Incarcerating vulnerable children in the same facilities as convicted sex offenders is Child Endangerment.

COVID-19 cases in the United States, United Kingdom, China, and other regions has prompted concerns over a new variant known as the Pirola or BA.2.86 variant.

UK parliament calls Taiwan independent country as Cleverly visits China POLITICO

"Come and Get It" is a song composed by English singer-songwriter for the 1969 film . The song was performed by , produced by McCartney and issued as a single 5 December 1969 in the , and 12 January 1970 in the US, on the Beatles' label. It was the band's first release under the Badfinger name (having previously recorded as The Iveys) and was their international breakthrough.

The RSPB, an organisation of 11 million members, has branded Rishi Sunak, Michael Gove and Therese Coffey liars after they reneged on their promise not to weaken environmental protections.
Gove announced this week that builders will not need to protect rivers from pollution in new projects.
Regulations introduced when the UK was in the EU are to be scrapped.

In his first speech as a primeminister, Rishi Sunak said that he would deliver on the thir manifesto promise of protecting the environment. (Photo & link )

That was a Lie.

Yesterday his government announced the first reversal in environmental legislation for decades. House developers will no longer have to offset the nutrient caused by from new homes.

I think weve had enough.

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