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Sorry about your dogs/cats/loud-noise-PTSD-having family+friends, everyone.

Another Black-headed gull portrait

If this is how you treat the leader of an ally nation how do you treat those whose land you stole under the force of arms

President Macron loses temper with Israeli security in Jerusalem's Old City


As Europe and the US created and prolong the Israeli occupation it has been decided to give Israel a US state or an european country .

Which do you prefer Florida Hungary

Ofcom Lays Out its Plan to Implement the UKs Nasty Online Harms Act

UK regulator, Ofcom, has laid out its plans for how it intends on implementing the UK's Online Harms Act.

The UKs disastrous Online Harms Bill is now law. It passed a final vote and received Royal Assent last month. The new law


Everyone is equal unless your Palestinian , western hypocrisy

Egyptian comedian criticizes Israeli proposal to deport Gazas Palestinians

In war truth is the first casualty .

Israel lies and lies and lies MSM Lies


Israel must be held accountable for its actions & ignoring calls for a ceasefire - Mary Lou McDonald

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Pro-Palestine march in London

Tens of thousands of people have marched on Trafalgar Square in the latest of a series of large-scale demonstrations in the capital to demand an end to the bombardment of Gaza.

Andrew Marr says Britain is on the losing side over calls for Gaza ceasefire

"Pineapple loses its crown: Sainsburys sells leafless version to cut waste"

Officers have made three arrests at Piccadilly Circus.

One person was arrested after they were seen displaying a placard that could incite hated, contrary to Section 12 of the Terrorism Act.

Two other people were arrested one for breaching conditions of Section 12 of the Public Order Act and the other for assaulting a police officer.

All three have been taken to central London police stations.

Revealed: plan to brand anyone undermining as

Leaked documents spark furious backlash from groups who fear could be suppressed

Just in case you think this will never happen, we already have a situation where official Prevent training classifies extremists into three groups: 'extreme' Islamic ideologies 'extreme' right wing ideologies and left wing ideologies - not 'extreme' left wing, just plain, ordinary left wing ideologies.

6pm Saturday: Time for the New Music & Scottish Albums Chart show

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British Hovercraft Company launches bid to hover over and rescue Scotland's loneliest sheep that's been stranded on a desolate island for 2 years

Is anyone on the lookout for an awesome I know a brilliant one, who has some great experience is on the lookout for their next role.

He learns at such a rate, and is passionate about the tech. If interested, let me know, and Ill introduce you!

Ideally based in the

Newcastle well done, my old hometown!

During Covid, callous Tories knew this about old people: theyre expensive

I doubt many older voters will forget the terminal plans being hatched for them inside No 10"

Tory chief whip allegedly said I think we should let the old people get it and protect the others

Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice say the evidence is even worse than they feared.

exploring the arcade in 1992-01 TV / TV Mook Mystery Journey: Surprising theory of pachinko evolution

This was an incredible amount of work. When someone says "prewar game", we have to specify WW2, WW1, Russo-Japanese war... because some of these machines go into the 19th century.
The translated documentary is also linked.

Why is the not included in these statistics for in

arrested after 10 minutes under UKs repressive new

The is following in other countries footsteps with new powers to break up the group's slow marches.

By Euronews Green
Published on 31/10/2023

"More than 60 have been arrested in under the UKs 'repressive' new anti-protest laws.

"Just Stop Oil protesters were taking part in a slow march around Parliament Square yesterday morning (30 October), demanding an end to new and licenses.

"Within 10 minutes, Metropolitan police arrived - blocking their path and forcing activists off the road. When this proved unsuccessful, videos and photos show police kneeling on and handcuffing protesters, before carrying them into vans.

"This is the first time that the Met have made arrests under section 7 of the 2023, which bans any activity that 'interferes with the use or operation of any key national infrastructure in and .'

"Its part of a wider European crackdown on protests. and have taken an approach to some toughening and laws and even launching dawn raids on the homes of members."

Read more:

Being and in the in 2023 is like being drowned. I come back up and gasp for air, then I'm pushed back under the water. I have this strange idea I'm supposed to be "learning a lesson", but the someone doing the drowning doesn't seem to know what that lesson is any more than me. All they know is I'm unacceptable, and they've decided to do something about it. To save women and children, hospitals and schools, apparently. I thought drowning someone was wrong. Guess they showed me.

Good afternoon. It's 5PM, Saturday, 4th November. The headlines: US Secretary of State Blinken met with Arab leaders to discuss the Israel-Gaza war. No ceasefire has been agreed upon, and the humanitarian crisis in is worsening. The Crossings Authority announced no foreign passport holders can leave Gaza. In the , hate crimes have risen since the conflict began. Over 140 people died in a .

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PJ Harvey - This Is Love

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: Railway Bridge Consall Forge
: railway bridge
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I have no words, well actually I do, but none of them are suitable for use in a public forum.

I've decided to there is no in

Edinburgh Waverley right now. We demand a cease fire, justice, and an end to the illegal occupation.

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How time plays memory tricks.

So it was the video for that we made a special event of viewing . But I felt like it was Thriller ( much earlier release) we watched. I knew it was 1987 though because of the friends I watched it with. I need to watch this ( Bad) again because I really don't remember it!!

Before YouTube young people

Waving an image of the same bulldozer that was used on October 7th as part of the Hamas Gaza Flood massacre of civilians in Trafalgar Square,

Peaceful Pro-Hamas supporters in their element again

Who better to quote than Ghassan Kanafani whose PFLP slaughtered Israelis at Tel Aviv airport

Weather at 3pm on Sat 4 Nov is unsettled, rain at times, 8C (feels 6), pressure steady and no rain yet today. Humidity is 89%.

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Portrait of a Male Muscovy Duck

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