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Sometimes it seems that there's so much cherry blossom that the tree seems to be covered in snow.

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You MUST register by midnight tonight, to be able vote these Tory scumbags out.

Lots of good info here, and a few chuckles.

Spikkin Scots

"The Scottish newspaper the Press and Journal has published a series of articles about the Scots language. This series includes a Spikkin Scots interactive map which features a number of sound recordings of people speaking Scots across the whole of Scotland."


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Banning cigarettes for young people will ensure they are as impossible to buy as cannabis, insists government

Has anyone actually read Liz Truss memoir

's Chancellor outlines plans for fiscal flexibility, proposing tax cuts alongside increased defense spending. With confidence in strong growth prospects, Hunt assures that the era of high is behind us, fostering optimism for economic stability.

Artists in the who use sites that put their artwork on things - can you recommend one which is decent to work with and does good quality things


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Malaysian PM FEARLESSLY SLAMS Wests Hypocrisy Over Gza Crisis in Germany's Chancellors Presence.

We cannot erase decades of atrocities and disposition, occupation and apartheid .

Congress must let Ukraine win, say Barbra Streisand, Sean Penn, Imagine Dragons, Timothy Snyder and other luminaries


American Politicians Set To Make MILLIONS From Israel Invasion and Siege of Palestine

Wrightbus Places Orders for 70 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Engines from Ballard

heute: Diplomatie und Kampfjeteinsatz: Wie eng steht London an s Seite

Good idea! "New UK law targets despicable individuals who create AI sex deepfakes"


BREAKING: British Parliament releases evidence China paid bribes to two heads of UN General Assembly whistleblower reveals that top UN Human Rights Council official Eric Tistounet handed Beijing the names of Uyghur and other dissidents who were slated to testify about abuses.

US Congressman: Rosatom buys new assets to circumvent current sanctions


Far Right Anti -Immigrants told to go home to their right wing anti-immigrant country - they were not sent to Rwanda

Right-wing event in Brussels told to shut down by police

UK airport closed over reports of suspicious device found on Aer Lingus plane

"Rishi Sunaks decision to deploy RAF warplanes to shoot down Iranian drones heading for Israel raises serious questions about international law...Sunak justified the RAFs deployment as saving lives not just in Israel but in neighbouring countries like Jordan as well...this rationale would also oblige them to intercept Israels air strikes into Gaza, which have killed many thousands of civilians."

Many valid points on the UK govt and the opposition.


The world turns a comforting blind eye once again.

" On the turning away

From the pale and downtrodden

And the words they say
Which we won't understand

Don't accept that what's happening

Is just a case of others' suffering

Or you'll find that you're joining in

The turning away"

Leisure centres scrap systems to keep tabs on staff amid data watchdog clampdown


Those who commit war crimes , Israel, rely on censorship, lies and dishonesty from western countries and News Media - the US, UK, France, Canada

LEAKED NYT Memo: Can't Say 'Palestine, Occupied, Refugee Camp'

Nearly 1m living in , official figures show

Separate report suggests number of people living in poverty aged between 60 and pension age has tripled under

La pauvret s'accroit dans la 6eme nation la plus riche du Monde
surtout chez les vieux


Germany kills Freedom of Speech , and bans Truth

while it arms and supports

israeli slaughter of Palestinians .

Yanis Varoufakis Banned from Germany as Berlin Police Raid & Shut Down Palestinian Conference


When your just not welcome, a pariah .

Thousands of artists, curators and critics had signed an open letter calling on the Biennale to

exclude the Israeli national pavilion from this year's show to

protest Israel's war in Gaza.

Those opposed to Israel's presence had also vowed to protest onsite.

Weather at 6pm on Tue 16 Apr is fine, 10C (feels 7), pressure falling slowly and 0.2mm rain. Humidity is 62%.

" Farage and Orbns Brussels jamboree descends into mayhem amid police siege

Tinpot dictatorship fumed one of the National Conservatism Conference organizers at local mayors. "


supports seizure of frozen Russian assets to benefit Ukraine

households face second year without improved , says IMF

Growth per head will remain flat this year as the effects of high take time to abate

: Bridge, Cable Crossing
: pipe bridge
: Photo by JohnSeb on Flickr

Managing and Information for People with -Diverse Experiences
Date and Time: Wednesday 17 April 12.00 to 13.00 BST time FEDIP The Federation for Professionals in and
Location: FREE With a special emphasis on , and the integration of in

Which are at risk as causes havoc with global supplies

Many products consumed by Britons could be hit by floods and droughts driven by

UKs radical  bill on Tobacco and Vapes likely to become law

TIME - History Makes Clear the Risks of Appeasing Putin

Liz Truss has endorsed Donald Trump to win this year's US presidential election, saying the "world was safer" when he was in the White House

Not that anyone had any doubt that the woman is a fool.

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