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Sharp rise in basics forces families to make desperate choices

Which research finds cheese, butter and bread are up by more than 30% in the past two years, hitting the poor hardest

Watching the city


A message describing Russian President Vladimir Putin as a "d***head" and a "thief" has been beamed around a Russian city.

A chyron at the top of the news company SIA-PRESS Center building in SURGUT Russia reads: "Putin is huylo and a thief, 100 rubles for a dollar, you're f***ing crazy."

Pink News: Saudi football boss issues weak defence of Jordan Henderson LGBTQ+ support: It is what it is

"The UKs investment in renewable energy has lagged significantly behind the rest of the world in recent years, according to an analysis of global data."

ICYMI: Further progress for Port Glasgow accessibility project

Is Britain really as poor as Mississippi - FT Edit

Was similar for me in Exeter (30%, now 0% in Germany), however, junior PI recruits with an ERC StG are expected to cover 100%, so it effects them much more, given also that the grant is smaller ERCResearch

The urgent need to rejoin Horizon.

Similar for an ERC Advance grant: at least 40% of my salary over 5 years was computed into its budget. And 25% overhead. By the time all this was put in there werent enough funds to buy the equipment I wrote the grant for.

And if you get an ERC starter you will have to pay your entire salary from it, and you won't have money left to set up a decent team, defying the purpose of the grant. The ERC starting grant is considered a fellowship in the UK.

Occupations given by people during the 1881 UK census included budget bummer, drum puncher, ring-kisser, sausage maid, pony feeder, porridge warden, and twatmonger.

Romania will double its capacity to transit Ukrainian grain through its territory

A trip down memory lane - A summary of my trip to the Farne Islands, Northumberland where I saw Seals, Puffins and Artic Turns

So yet another ex-TV personality seems on course to run a country (). So far we have

Boris (hosting HIGFY it's what made him)
Trump, Reagan, Arnie
Berlusconi packed his party with C-lists
Weah (do sportsmen count)
Khan (yea they count)

Can't wait until and stars start leaving their mark

Malheureusement its in the

Ditching net zero will cost us blue wall, Tory MPs tell Sunak

Energy secretary Grant Shapps said last week that theclimate crisisposes a threat to Britains security and energy supply. We cant have global security without net zero, Mr Shapps toldPolitico.

But ex-business secretary Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg toldThe Independentthat Mr Shapps was fundamentally wrong. He said: The rush to net zero at the expense of the economy is a threat to global security.

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"BP donated tennis tickets worth a total of more than 4,200 to a government minister and two MPs, parliamentary records reveal. "

ICYMI: Ground Control: Launches of Devana Centre for Environmental Recovery in West Wickham

A pile of records by Rolf Harris

A transparent glass pitcher shaped like an erect member

Could we get this trending please

Pink News: Clapham stabbing: Two men knifed outside LGBTQ+ bar Two Brewers in suspected homophobic attack

The study indicated that 39% of British people "personally view" trans individuals positively, 33% feel neutral, and 4% don't know how they feel.

The remaining quarter felt negatively about the neighborhood. The YouGov study from 2022 revealed that British people were less likely to favor trans rights thus this increase from 16% in 2021 is not surprising.

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ICYMI: Young people warned that antisocial behaviour could leave them ghosted on public transport

Jobs, study or retirement: Why Brits move to EU and where they go

Brexit has made moving to the EU more complicated for Brits - but it's far from impossible and in fact more than 40,000 first-time residency permits were issued to Brits in 2022.

How did Hungary become an authoritarian state and how Orban turned from an anti- politician to the biggest Putin's friend in the

"Blue Monday" (1983).

From the "Power, Corruption & Lies" LP

I still find it so hard
To say what I need to say
But I'm quite sure that you'll tell me
Just how I should feel today

Weather at midday on Mon 14 Aug is settled fine, 17C, pressure steady and no rain yet today. Humidity is 81%.

Dezeen : DHaus brightens Hertfordshire House with glass extension

The Edinburgh Fringe is back. The biggest arts festival in the world has taken over the Scottish capital for the entirety of August.

With 3,535 shows registered this year to play across the city, it can be a bit of a headache to work out what you want to see.

Euronews Culture reporter Jonny Walfisz was on the scene to pick out the best shows at the world's biggest cultural festival.

Unicard adds EMV ticketing capabilities with Ecebs acquisition

and changes

Healthy diet in UK at risk from Mediterranean droughts, experts say

So many US colleagues have approached me over email. Theyd love to move to the UK. Alas, the cost of living is higher than where they are now the salaries are half and the housing market targets millionaires. There is opportunity to attract and retain talent but there arent means or will to seize it.

Similar situation for postdocs. Why move to Cambridge, UK, on a 35k salary if you can join an HHMI lab for 71k+. Young families need resources, not good will.

A trip down memory lane - UK Whitley Bay and North Shields, Tyne and Wear, UK

ICYMI: Identifying tramway training needs

"A study of more than 250,000 people in the UK has shown how air pollution speeds up the progression of lung disease."

Another answer Ive got is that the University of Cambridge has existed for 800 years and weathered plagues, wars, and financial ups and downs. But of course what matters to any new (and existing) faculty are the next 10 years, maybe the next 20, and thats about the span of any recovery program, was the broader UK or local leadership to implement one anytime soon.

UK Deputy PM: AI is the most extensive industrial revolution yet

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