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Scientific, thoughtful approaches to developing renewables.

Time's nearly up for . So let's bring it into - permanently

"I'll be playing you in an extremely offensive parody of you later, you racist old witch" Tom said, very quickly and very poshly so she wouldn't quite understand


Camilla hosts film stars at Buckingham Palace reception

Extreme Noise Terror - Conned Through Life (1988)

This compilation was my introduction to the wild world of grindcore music.

This musical genre is more of a novelty to me. I listen only occasionally.

But its classic John Peel.

He invited a succession of then unknown, extreme hardcore metal bands to play live on his national radio show. Ive read that these shows drew a few more listener complaints than usual, as listeners were aurally assaulted by the most extreme music theyd ever heard.

has paid more than 660,000 to since its launch

received just 1,100 from channel in same period, as concern mounts over its impact

are -
Equal to those of 9 plants, Deliver & PM2.5 equivalent to 4.6m cars...
of which 5.8k tonnes NOx is from Heathrow
& a staggering roughly 20% is from short haul flights.
Build to Scotland please

The UK Is GPS-Tagging Thousands of Migrants

"Ankle tags that constantly log a persons coordinates are part of a growing cadre of experimental surveillance tools that countries around the world are trying out on new arrivals."

"In 2022, days after Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh was murdered by an Israeli sniper, Ruth Anderson wrote an article on Index on Censorhips website about the matter. Neither Israel nor the Israeli army were mentioned."

Super-compilation of Tory MPs refusing to call Lee Anderson racist- the same world over.

"Hydrogen fuel cells and eliminating forever chemicals: Ofwat allocates fresh tranche of green innovation funding"

Bank of England is hiring a Data Scientist
Location: London, United Kingdom
Salary: 55 615 - 64 170

The UK Ministry of Defense denied Scholz's words about helping Ukraine with Storm Shadow missile guidance. They stated that providing Ukraine with equipment is to help it resist Russian aggression. The use of the sent long-range weapons was crucial for protecting Ukraine's territory and successfully putting pressure on Russian forces and their logistics.

Swimming in sewage: UK water forecasts are not keeping people safe, say researchers

New Report Reveals Desperate State Of UK Rivers

Ukraine's victory in war against Russia is ''biggest test of our generation'' UK Foreign Office (more)

UK people. Tomorrow is the last day you will be able to get the first two Matthew Cordwainer Medieval Mysteries, The Golden Crucifix and Blood Libel, for only 99p each. Only from Don't miss out!

VCA , ePaper , Wednesday, 28 February 2024

Weather at 6pm on Wed 28 Feb is unsettled, rain later, 8C (feels 6), pressure falling fast and no rain today. Humidity is 92%.

"Norfolk hawker dragonfly no longer endangered, scientists say"

Common Darter Dragonfly

UK power station still burning rare forest wood

Sixth Bulgarian Charged In Britain With Spying For Russia (more)

France, Netherlands back Czech plan to buy ammunition for Ukraine outside EU

Its been scary: relief in Plymouth as German bomb is floated out to sea

Today's music:

Paris Paloma - drywall

: Bridge 1, Elkington Brook Feeder (RR)
: track bridge

UK charges another suspected Russian spy (more)

Briefing 457

So unterschiedlich fllt das Arbeitslosengeld in Europa aus (Statista + Kommentar) Briefing 457 Wirtschaft, Gesellschaft

Yulia Navalny speaks of Ukraine in European Parliament and gives 'innovative' advice on defeating Putin (more)

UK quits treaty that lets oil firms sue government

2024-02-28 Stigmabase Nordic Xperience

Nordic countries have much in common in their way of life, history, religion and social structure. They have a long history of political unions and other close relations but do not form a singular entity today.

I was an early supporter of Cuckoo Broadband and just got told that they're selling up their copper line customers. I guess it's time to find a new ISP. What's good and not anti-Consumer like Virgin Media, etc

UK Report Promotes New Regulatory Framework For Leadership in Quantum Era Insider Brief The Department for Science, Innovation and Technology announced the release of an important report from the Regulatory Horizons Council The report lays out a strategic blueprint for fostering a pro-innovation

"Report: UK energy firms risk diverting 115bn overseas due to poor green policies"

old-growth forests are being destroyed while citizens are being duped AND ripped off. $6bn in green funds misappropriated. The millions of tonnes of are also hidden from record.

Drax: UK power station still burning rare forest wood

If anybody has a time machine out there can you pop back to the early 80s and get me a box of Golden Cup. There's a drink in it for you.

Excerpt from today's cover story.

Schools largely, at least here in the UK, are not responsive to this. While parents who drive a car carry with them an air conditioned living room, we who cycle have to endure the weather standing outside, as school grounds are closed to parents. Requests to provision a waiting room have been dismissed for our kids' school.

In other words: plan to do what suits you, bring an umbrella for waiting if sensible (no wind), and arrive at the time you find safe given weather conditions. The fault is yours and not your child's, and if and when the school complains, kindly and gently pass the blame onto them for not offering a waiting room while presently bending over backwards to provision a car line drop off and pick up for those who very unwisely drive (and selfishly pollute and endanger everybody else in their wake, in addition to announcing far and wide their condition as climate change deniers and about not caring one iota about the future of their own children).

Now things like this via YouGov polling deserve more attention and love :boostrequested:

Bear in mind this after five years of right-wing press demonisation and transphobia by the Torygraph, Daily Mail, the Times, plus the UK Guardian's 'reasonable debate / both sides / fence sitting' (plus plus ...)

And 'transgender issues' are never seen in polling as a major electoral issue by more than 2% of the UK population, 0.5% of who are trans in the first place!

In short - kindly leave us alone to be ourselves :hearttrans:

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