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"As powerhouse corporations dominate the global media landscape, one home-run TV station is bucking the trend and pulling in viewers nostalgic for another era. Haley Ott has more on the Talking Pictures family, whose network has grown to be the biggest independent channel in Britain."

UK Vegan Population Estimated to Have Risen by 1.1 Million in a Year

Hmm sounds just about like it looks from here.

Calls for overhaul of (uk) system as study reveals crisis - poorest families must spend an average of 63p in each pound to meet basic food & energy needs.

But, Hunt gave his heaviest hint yet that he plans a big tax giveaway at his next budget in the run-up to this years general election. He was speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, an annual meeting at a Swiss ski resort frequented by billionaires & politicians

I did a 'who should you vote for' quiz and apparently I should vote Count Binface.

UPDATE 21.01-20:50 SITUAZIONE DEL TRAFFICO AEREO COMPLESSA per passaggio tempesta nonostante le previsioni meteo fossero state precise e tempestive.
Alcuni aerei passeggeri stanno squawkando 7700

ADESSO 21.01-20:40 passaggio tempesta
2 passeggeri in contemporanea in 7700

I can hear the wind outside, it seems really strong, but apparently is only at 51mph, I can't imagine people up north with 100mph

New Investigation into a Turkey Farm in North Yorkshire, UK

"We're very sorry for the power cut. As you'll know, Storm Isha is bringing harsh weather conditions across much of the country and this weather, along with extreme capitalism is causing damage to our power lines and your livelihoods. Enjoy the ride you plebs"

Hey, people in the

Remember when Jacob Rees-Mogg said that enforcing post-Brexit checks on imports from the EU would have been an act of self-harm and would have cost British businesses and consumers 1 billion a year.

The ones that this Tory Govt delayed 5 times ...

well, theyre coming in from 31st January.

Brace yourselves for supply issues and yet more food inflation.

"UK Government backs green hydrogen refuelling hub and upskilling drive for North East England"

Nationwide Building Society is hiring an Associate Data Scientist
Location: London, United Kingdom
Salary: 30 500+

Methinks, with the dreadful state of the in the , in particular the issue, high on the agenda right now, time to revisit this I photographed in my back in May 2019. in Might be a broader message being conveyed here Not sure

warning issued as 90mph hits

Forecasters warn of life-threatening gusts in coastal areas as weather causes travel disruption across country



Starmer and his key personnel need to be thinking about how to do government

Starmer the reneger will do government as he's done party leadership after winning it.

Anyone who thinks Wes Streeting is fit for front bench shouldnt be anywhere near it themselves.

"Hologram lecturers thrill students at trailblazing UK university"

"AI-powered technology that projects lifelike avatars trialled at Loughborough University.

This could soon be the case for British students, with some universities starting to beam in guest lecturers from around the globe using the same holographic technology that is used to bring dead singers back on stage."

the mighty navy

A nine year old boy carrying his dead baby brother in a white bag - just one of more than 13000 little human beings murdered by 's , its' complicit supporters and silent enablers who did not call for a . got lost in this world.

UK Government Urged Not To Approve New Intensive Animal Farms Over Disease Risks

What does it take to get the British people to even contemplate Through all the political turmoil of the last few years the Green share of the vote has remained rock steady at 5%. It cant be because they are seen as a one-issue party because UKIP/Brexit/Reform (whose one issue seems to be ARGH! MIGRANTS! MIGRANTS!) are now as popular as the . Apparently to appeal to the electorate in the you simply have to be a total and utter gobshite.

Graphic by

Good evening. It's 6PM, Sunday, 21st January. The headlines: Storm Isha buffets the with gusts of up to 90mph, triggering amber alerts nationwide. In Norwich, an unexplained family death is under investigation. escalates its southern campaign, with Netanyahu affirming security dominance.

A relative's hand last farewell touching of a dead toddler's eyes - just one of more than 13000 little human beings murdered by 's , its' complicit supporters and silent enablers who did not call for a . got lost in this world.

Dead body of a baby girl named Mira who died of a cold and lack of medical aid during the siege of Gaza, just one of more than 13000 little human beings murdered by 's , its' complicit supporters and silent enablers who did not call for a . got lost in this world.

needs ambitious to keep up with allies, says frontbencher
calls for version of amid row over future of

Dead body of a 1 year old girl, just one of more than 13000 little human beings murdered by 's , its' complicit supporters and silent enablers who did not call for a . got lost in this world.

UK Defense Secretary calls on Europe to increase support for Ukraine (more)

A shiny remix of the Metaverse is coming to a lecture theatre near you soon...

Zuck's Metaverse went really well, didn't it

Could this be the 'Hollowverse'

Unis could just hire more staff on secure contracts and end the race, gender and disability pay gaps, but no, many will fail their saving throw versus shiny and throw their students' money at gimmicks and then throw the gimmicks at the students instead

Military interests are pushing new nuclear power, and the UK government has finally admitted it

Official assessments acknowledge nuclear performs poorly compared to alternatives. With renewables and storage significantly cheaper, climate goals are achieved faster, more affordably and reliably by diverse other means. The only new power station under construction is still not finished, running ten years late and many times over budget

Paul turned on fellow Traitor Miles. As they battled at the Roundtable, third Traitor Harry slyly chimed in to play others against BOTH! He planted the seed and it quickly blossomed as part of a great move! 1st TikTok today:

You can also focus on Harrys moment as a YouTube Short:

Or on Instagram:

Made it home from , through the begining of . Had to battle the wind a fair bit.

Hope everyone stays safe out there!

Exiled who survived murder attempt condemns plan

Opposition politician says country is unsafe and s pursuance of policy quite bizarre

AFU Northern Commander looses frontline defense, forced to retreat. Ukrainian troops withdraw from the village of Krokhmalne in the Kupyansk sector, Kharkiv region. Volodymyr Fitio, a spokesman for the Ground Forces Command, said that the troops had moved to (MAP and more)


Knew this was coming one day...
Hologram lecturers thrill at trailblazing university -powered that projects lifelike avatars trialled at

LNER are taking us for fools

This is bang-on. I wouldnt be surprised if LNER reinstate the cheaper fares in the face of public pushback, especially as people are just going to switch to EasyJet or Ryanair.

Hologram lecturers teach students at university

Loch Lomond, Balloch, Scotland.

Les premiers ordinateurs : Colossus (1943) et ENIAC (1945)
Colossus n'tait pas un seul ordinateur, mais une srie d'ordinateurs dvelopps par des scientifiques britanniques entre 1943 et 1945.

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