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This is an excellent documentary by PBS.

I highly recommend you watch this to get insights on what is happening today in Russia.

Local government administrators are worried about disruption of the next due to new laws

It's been a MASSIVE few days. We're saying goodbye to our wee housesitting cat friends here in the on Friday, we've just launched our comic fantasy whoddunit , OverLondon and we're headed off to a conference before going to the next stop straight after...

So I'm totally justified in treating myself by playing one of the best RPGs ever made, right

And if you've never heard of Torment, or haven't played but love rpgs or just excellent storytelling, this is Disco Elysium's great grandaddy. So worth checking out.

And if you haven't played Disco Elysium yet. Please, please do yourself a favour and go check that out too :blobsmilehappyeyes:

8pm... time to dance!

Radio Jammor is on the air...
Broadcasting from to the , &

Since July of this year, after Russia withdrew from the "grain agreement", Moscow missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles have destroyed 280,000 tons of Ukrainian grain, most destined for Africa.

breached privacy of IT professional and researcher, court rules

Facial recognition could transform policing in same way as DNA, says Met chief

Britains most senior police officer has predicted that facial recognition technology will transform criminal investigations as much as DNA testing has done, a prospect described as dystopian by human rights campaigners...

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This comes as part of The National Lottery Community Funds new : It starts with .

Make your UK Will online for Free.

in for a fifth time this year by masked men on a motorbike: This cannot continue.

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Proud to Support Partners with

Transport UK is proud to have attended Rail Partners with Ukraine, in support of a campaign to provide food packages for and their families.

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She didn't fool anyone

- Queen of England flight (-XXEB) landed at RAF Odiham at 9/13/2023, 6:06:52 PM

- Queen of England flight (-XXEB) landed at RAF Odiham at 9/13/2023, 6:05:41 PM

UK urges North Korea to cease arms talks with Russia (more)

7pm is Hip-hop time!

Radio Jammor is on the air...
Broadcasting from to the , &

Picture this: Communist invades the and demands they hand over the port city Immingham for a hundred years. British people are second class citizens compared to the hundreds of thousands of Chinese people moving in. The hundred years pass, but China throws a temper tantrum and refuses to return Immingham unless the UK promises to keep it communist and "autonomous" for another hundred years all while they still meddle in the city.

How would the West react to this Same as

Ukrainian tank crews praise 'nocturnal predator' Leopard 2 tank

There's no prize, but can you guess which famous Zen Philosopher who hailed from the UK and became popular with the "Beat" crowd when he emigrated to California is humorously parodied in this chapter of an audiobook I narrated for a friend

"Major Plumpton and the Brahman of Bromley"

Welcome back dear to Horizon Europe. We missed you! Looking forward to resume doing research together.

Russian ship and submarine damaged in last night's Ukrainian attack in Sevastopol.

President Zelensky

Good evening. It's 6PM, Wednesday, 13th September. The headlines: Over 5,300 people have died in Libyan floods. Rescue teams are searching for survivors in . There's concern that voter ID could disrupt . Patients feel misled by NHS cannabis pledge. Sara Sharif's father and stepmother are returning to the . The UK GDP shrunk by 0.5% in July.

Shoigu was asked whether Russia will win.

Watch for his answer.

6pm means it's time for some Soul Sounds

Radio Jammor is on the air...
Broadcasting from to the , &

Crimean Telegram channels published a photo of the large Russian landing ship "Minsk" in the dry dock of occupied Sevastopol. It looks like its entire superstructure was damaged.

Crimean Telegram channels publish Ukrainian strikes on Sevastopol Shipyard

A Russian submarine and large landing ship were damaged.

27 Russians were injured.

Prime Ministers Questions shows we cant afford to let the Tories OR Labour retain power Vox Political

If Russia wins, it'll take Poland and the Baltics next. That means will be at war

: Astbury Golf Course Footbridge
: footbridge

Ukraine is using its advanced Leopard tanks as a 'nocturnal predator' fighting mostly at night and at dawn, soldier says

A trip down memory lane - UK Skerray to Torrisdale Bay Hike, Sutherland, Scotland part 3 of 3

Another Brexit benefit I guess

(Guardian article: )

- Queen of England (-XXEB) took off from RAF Leeming Air Base at 9/13/2023, 4:07:21 PM

- Queen of England (-XXEB) took off from RAF Leeming Air Base at 9/13/2023, 4:07:16 PM

It also involved , financiers in and including the , and that wanted to exploit 's resources, including like the .

Today many make a mistake of calling these industrialists ''. They are not 'capitalist'. When corporatists merge with govt, that's ''.

See Rich Man's Trick (2014) by ex-BBC employee Francis Richard Conolly Running time 3:27:55

Pink News: Rishi Sunaks approval rating hits all-time low in August

"Britain will commit to provide $2 billion to the Green Climate Fund (GCF) to help developing countries cope with climate change, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said on Sunday at the G20 Leaders Summit in New Delhi."

In 2023-09-13 the Speaker said "Order! I did say this last week, and it will continue this week: anyone who wants to start the session by leaving, please do so. I am happy to help you on your way."

after The Prime Minister said "If he wanted to have a truly honest debate about this, perhaps he would acknowledge that prison escapes were almost 10 times higher under the Labour Government than under the Conservatives."

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