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Preventing a is the rationale plan.


and his Government are planning to build new fossil gas-fired power plantsin the (& a coal mine)

Sign the open letter to Rishi Sunak now - together we'll tell him: NO to new, expensive gas power plants. We want green, affordable energy for all.

Building new gas-fired power plants in the UK is an idiotic idea, that will lock in more energy poverty &

The original
A launch title was Ridge Racer
That was 1995 here in the
Remember the black car

What is the closest spiritual successor in 2024

Speed and precision are essential

need not apply - plat'd it twice, 3k hrs+ on PS and PC.

Seems apt wife took me and the doggos to Barco Lounge for lunch today

It is her favourite lunch/snack/coffee spot as they do stuff very well.

Light wash by Steffen Walther

We actually dont know much: the trying to the in

are running trials on how affect that will also benefit for the wider population

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"The end of landlords: the surprisingly simple solution to the UK housing crisis"

'Over the last 25 years, there has not just been a constant surplus of homes per household, but the ratio has been modestly growing while our living situations have been getting so much worse.'

'We now find ourselves in a situation where one in every 21 adults in the UK is a landlord. We have four times as many landlords as teachers. As a consequence, virtually everyone struggles to afford a home that meets their needs despite a net gain in housing stock.'

'Where Adam Smith and Karl Marx found common ground was in the idea that everyones interests are aligned against landlords: they are an economic deadweight.'

Anything Can Happen In The Next Half Hour (Live at . May 2023)

Finnegans Wake

We've had this date from the beginning
The curtain goes down on him again'
Who remains when the curtain falls
Who remains when the curtain goes down

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England's NHS falsely claimed "not enough " to support the use of as a routine for and with

Weather at 6pm on Tue 19 Mar is becoming fine, 10C, pressure rising fast and 1.8mm rain. Humidity is 91%.

Want to see an NHS doctor Prepare to cough up your data first.

Swimlane is hiring a Principal Data Scientist
Location: London, United Kingdom

Good evening. It's 6PM, Tuesday, 19th March. The headlines: Half of 's population faces acute food shortages, prompting urgent discussions in the Parliament. Gang violence in Haiti intensifies, stoking concerns of a potential civil conflict. The Football Governance Bill is tabled, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are spotted at a rural farm shop.

Could the cryptozoologists just do the decent thing and find the elusive creature known as '' At this stage, I suspect she is purely mythological, and a blank slate upon which our present culture projects its fears and suppressed desires.

Either that, or she's getting divorced.

Climate protest at York council as planners debate ring road dualling

CLIMATE activists protested outside York councils offices this afternoon as city planners arrived to discuss the latest plans to dual the A1237 York outer ring road.

They waved banners and chanted no more roads, no more cars, climate justice will be ours! as members of planning committee A arrived at West Offices.

Crazy Princess Kate conspiracy theories STILL rampant online despite video proof she is recovering

She'll be appearing on toast next

For non-Brits Romford is not the sort of place you'd usually see Royalty, it would be like seeing Taylor Swift in a New Jersey car park


The sold out after a century and a half of its own violent imperialism, passing it from one brutal colonial overlord to another, . The people there deserve to choose their own fate and form of government.

Dezeen : Cpla decorates Rixo Marylebone store with hand-painted murals

Once more, Israel is launching assaults on Gaza's primary medical facility, Al Shifa Hospital.

: Lock 1, Top Lock Swing Bridge
: footbridge

Labour Promise Return Of THATCHERISM


a 40-year reassessment of Margaret Thatchers legacy

economic legacy of Mrs. Thatcher

Thatcher years in statistics

Billy Bragg - Thatcherites

Government programme boosts 4G coverage in rural Wales

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The correct answer for Place of the Day (18 March,2024) was: Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is the London home and the administrative center of the British royal family. The enormous building and extensive gardens are an important site of ceremonial and political...(see link for more)

"UK company directors may be liable for climate impacts, say lawyers"

If you read only one article about , read this one. If you still support Brexit, this shows how much damage you have done. Only flaw is it focuses only on Europe and not the wider global stage. Comparisons with the US will show both the EU and UK list as a result of Brexit.

Court ruling erodes climate activists ability to defend themselves as the planet heats up

8 min video

Breaking down the failure and ineffectiveness of Thatcherism, the British face of the failure of neoliberalism and orthodox economics.

Ill quibble over the cocked up monetary assertions (regarding Vietnam era), alternate analysis is no less damning, but otherwise spot on.

Also NOOOO! Braverman's and Sunak's godmother, AHHHHHHH! :blobcatdizzy:

: 30+ civil society groups urge minister to amend and make government use of transparent

Campaign groups argue that existing voluntary schemes are ineffective, with only seven transparency reports filed since 2021

Read more via Public Law Project:

Speaking in and working from a hotel room last week

The future of customer interaction is , combining , , humans, classical and into a multimodal

Yesterday, Monday 18 March 2024, King Charles III of England reportedly left Earth to join the heavens.

This false information was disseminated en masse by the Russian media, which subsequently denied it.

It is important before relaying any information to check the sources.
Favour institutional sites, which are the first to communicate this type of information.

Attached is the false press release.

Interdimensional Warlock


For anyone who has a sibling, the feeling would be about the same for all of us.

Charles Michel: Europe must prepare for war

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