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Pour le 1, 9, 10, 11, 15 et 16 : existence d'un guichet unique, mme prix, billet tous oprateurs y compris en cas de changement ncessaire en cours de trajet, conditions/tarifs spciaux uniformes, c'est mon exprience d'usager en , alors qu'en et en continentale cela s'loigne... grande vitesse.

des ,

...mais avec les portillons automatiques, y aura plus trop moyen de ngocier

Bulgarians Face Russia Spy Plot Trial In Britain (more)

Book review: Aliens: The Chequered History of Britains Wartime Refugees by Paul Dowswell

"Britain has a proud history of welcoming refugees. It also has a shameful history of hostility to refugees. Often exactly the same refugees at the same time."

8pm... time to dance!

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Number 1 for Free UK Wills

Kremlin Admits To Violating Geneva Convention And Recruiting Inmates For Invasion of Ukraine (more)

It appears to still be here today

7pm is Hip-hop time!

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The march planned in London this Saturday, supporting Palestine, will face some harsh policing I'm guessing.

The Met will likely go overboard in order to please Braverman. I expect we'll see snatch squads, kettling, over the top conditions, etc. Maybe a forced change to the route on the day as well, to assert authority.

Anyone going, be careful, look after yourself, take food and drink, and medication if you take it as you may end up there far longer than you expect.

Weather at 6pm on Fri 10 Nov is fairly fine, improving, 2C, pressure rising slowly and 0.2mm rain. Humidity is 92%.

Who can guess what happened in Q1 21 Cant blame Russia. Cant blame Hamas. Can only blame the electorate.

6pm means it's time for some Soul Sounds

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News at 6PM: In , over 240 hostages are held as heavy fighting and explosions occur around hospitals. Thousands of civilians flee south. Saudi summits discuss the Israel-Gaza war. The economy records no growth in Q3, despite expectations. A US veteran receives the world's first eye transplant. Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes premieres, marking the first major premiere since a strike ended. Prince Harry continues his legal action against a newspaper.

"Britain's pensions industry could invest up to 1.2 trillion pounds ($1.5 trillion), half the capital needed by 2035 to put the UK on track to its net-zero goals, if there were more attractive projects and fewer regulatory barriers, a report on Tuesday showed."

Was reading research stuff. Forgot about Grammys. Unimpressive (as a person in the UK) . Why they never bothered me pre spring 2021. Forgot to stop spotify and tune into UK Chart show - but twitter says did well, 3 for album, 6 for SNTY.

Shocking -- cat kicked viciously, dies 3 weeks later

However, I strongly agree with the sentence and have recovered some hope in the legal system:


"The influential Conservative-linked Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) has been pushing for further North Sea oil and gas drilling while several of its board members hold financial interests in the industry, a DeSmog investigation has found."

Robert Jenrick stops charity giving asylum seekers clothes, haircuts and legal help at migrant centres

Refugee charity Care4Calais has been stopped from visiting asylum seekers at Napier Barracks, where it offers individuals legal advice and emotional support

The charity has also been blocked from entering RAF Wethersfield, another asylum seeker accommodation site, to give haircuts, clothes and shoes

Can you believe this

: Bridge 11, Mill Lane
: track bridge
: Photo by chrischapman on Flickr

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UK Manufacturers Support Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism, E3G Research Shows

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Now that the boat is moored in a marina for winter, I'm using the marina's toilets and showers (to avoid pump-outs).

The thing I'd like for Christmas is some no-lace shoes, so I can get to the toilet without 2 minutes of first untying and tying laces in the morning.

I'm thinking of step-in shoes with grippy soles because the wet dock is more slippery that I'd like.

call on to

Letter to expresses concern about leaders support for stance on

Football fans fighting food poverty: how a lifesaving mobile pantry scheme spread across the country


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Good afternoon. It's 3PM, Friday, 10th November. The headlines: sees heavy fighting around hospitals, with thousands fleeing south. Robert De Niro's company settles a $1.2m lawsuit with a former assistant. The new Hunger Games film premieres worldwide. Saudi summits are set to discuss the Israel-Gaza war. A US veteran receives the world's first eye transplant. economy stagnates, recording 0% growth in Q3.

UK has trained 30,000 Ukrainian soldiers (more)

We will be with you until you are victorious (more)

Israel is losing the
The organisers of the pro-Palestine march due to take place on believe hundreds of thousands of people will turn out for what they say will be one of s biggest days of mass protests after the row over whether the event would be banned.

Pro- march will be one of s biggest ever protests, organisers predict - War The Guardian

'Intentions vary. Some buy property to flip it. Others are the type of landlords who dominate the rental market in Britain, hoping to grab a fat yield on a decrepit two-bed house in Stoke. Sometimes, although rarely, people plan to live in it themselves. Fundamentally, the British dream is not owning your own home, it is owning someone elses.'

United Kingdom to stand with Ukraine until its victory PM Sunak (more)

Having the right support during your can make all the difference. We help guide and support you from the very beginning of your journey.
+ Support = the best possible outcome.

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Dear Mastodon, give us a wave if you plan to attend the national for in tomorrow to demand an on , outrageous, right I cannot overstate how much international public support means to & , and I really hope we will be more than 1 million, making it the biggest in history. Ask your friends, come , it's a friendly crowd, filled with families (check my pix of previous ones) .

Yeah some tracks just stick. I've been semi-obsessed with this track since it dropped in summer.

- My Big Day

So became not by conviction, but because she saw as a career opportunity. Let that sink in for a moment. It's almost like you'd miss the good old days of straightforward idealism. And her obstination with Saturday's demo was an excuse to stage her exit. PS: Gary Gibbon at never ever mispredicts a . The question now is: who benefits from funding her campaign in 2024

Brian Edwards, a visiting research fellow at the University of the West of England's Regional History Center, typically investigates chalk hill figures, and the ceremonial sites at Stonehenge and Avebury. But his outstanding sleuthing in a very different area recently solved one of the great mysteries of our time.

Palantir has already won half-billion pound NHS contract, report claims

Although NHS England says it's 'still in a procurement process'

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