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Person with indefinite leave unable to return to the UK for over 15 years after Home Office mistake

a Somali national who came to the UK when he was 9 years old. He lost his travel document and travelled to Ethiopia to seek assistance from the British Embassy. The officials did not accept that he had indefinite leave to remain because the Home Office had failed to keep a record of the grant of indefinite leave.

President Zelensky

"Thank you America!"
- President Zelensky

Overcoming opposition from Donald Trump, MAGA, and Vladimir Putin, the House of Representatives passed $60B of aid to Ukraine!

You can tell some people voted Brexit just from their actions these days.

tories replaced by the neo-nazi party whoops I mean reform uk

Shell is hiring a Principal Data Scientist
Location: London, United Kingdom

St Albans pub landlord defends viral child free sign


UK Defence Ministry has not spent half of money from international support fund for Ukraine The Guardian (more)

The US House of Representatives has approved the vital bill to provide Ukraine with military aid

Meta is hiring a Data Science Manager
Location: London, United Kingdom

My postal voting pack for the local and mayoral elections has arrived. Time to fill in and follow Steps ABC&D, fill in 3 forms, put the forms in correct envelopes and one envelope inside the other. Then post it.

Joey Barton says hes been visited by police four times in three days over his tweets and hits out at an attempt to intimidate me and my family as he compares the UK to North Korea

has set back on , says s adviser

, head of the , says decision to dilute key has had huge diplomatic impact

I just overheard someone (in a restaurant/pub garden) babies are punishment for cumming in the wrong hole.

The party hasn't named their candidate for the local council election, but their leaflet makes it appear that the local MP is standing, and is designed for people who confuse causation for correlation, and doesn't say who caused police and NHS funding to be cut in the first place, or who was PM when inflation ballooned. Perhaps they assume their voters are stupid.

MoD accused of go-slow with half of 900m Ukraine fund unused

More than half of a 900m military fund for run by the British Ministry of Defence has not been used because of bureaucratic delays in handing out contracts.

The UK-led International Fund for Ukraine counts nine countries among its donors. Critics claim its provision of weapons to the frontline has been slow.


: Botany Bay
: winding hole
: Photo by dickinsonjohn02 on Flickr

"UK minister writes to London police over 'openly Jewish' comment"

"The Metropolitan Police apologized for the 'use of the term "openly Jewish" by one of our officers. We know it will have caused offense to many. We reiterate our apology.'"

New Talking Security Camera Has Robot Gun to Shoot People With Teargas

If only amazon sold them

(That really would keep the keenest tory canvasser off your door step)


Today's music:

Precious Pepala - Bubble Wrap


Rodents size of cats prompts calls to declare rat crisis in Glasgow

well, so far the (who have a majority in the !) said that they wanted to give more help to and sooner (!), but they didn't until now because of , , the and the (!)

still no "Blame " though

UK spent less than half of the international fund for Ukraine. Out of 900 million pounds donated by 9 countries in the past two years, with UK contributing 500 million pounds, only 404 million pounds have been allocated or spent. Some equipment from signed contracts won't reach Ukraine until next spring.

: has set us back, head of watchdog says - BBC News

Weve always know that the dont care about as long as their rich chums continue to get richer by exploiting the .

Rishi Sunak set us back on climate change target, watchdog boss Chris Stark warns

Opinion: Tory wipeout and opposition until 2037 the future facing a disunited right

As things stand the real winner of this fight on the right will be Keir Starmer

tories out till 2037

Still a few decades to soon


PM - said to be in danger of a coup at any time - is frustrated with advisers and rumoured to be considering a summer election

I wish

Rishi Sunak has "set us back" on climate change and left the UK at risk of falling behind other countries, the head of a government watchdog has said

Good man for speaking out.

Guardian: Half of British military defense fund for Ukraine remains unused

More than half of the U.K.'s 900 million pound (over $1 billion) military fund for Ukraine remains unused due to bureaucratic delays in handing out contracts, the Guardian reports.

Hadleigh Castle this morning, our first castle of the year. Built in the late 13th Century on unstable ground, it had a tendency to fall into disrepair very quickly.

Once a favourite location of King Edward III, with that 180+ degree view across the Thames Estuary, it's a stunning location. Windy and exposed, but stunning nonetheless...

The is currently 32 GW and of that, 25.2% is coming from , 17.1% is coming from , 16.8% is coming from and 9.9% is coming from and only 7% is coming from . There is also a fair amount coming from continental Europe through the various interconnections.


Why Is Everyone Sick After We Forced Everyone To Get Sick Says Man Who Runs Whole Country

Edit: oops, spelt Vertlartnic wrong.

sorry 4 l8 response, i think your writings here and on your website show how #dns is inherently a bit of a beast. I do think leaks can disappear by simply tunneling the dns to tor's DNSPort but we have differing opinions on whether this is acheveable for anyone.

when i talk to ppl about this i start when #mozilla was labelled an internet villain of 2018() by the #uk for sending all dns to #cloudflare using DoH. i explain they can tell firefox to NOT do #DoH and instead "#portforward" dns 53 requests to tor. i explain port-forwarding like passing a in this case ball passes to your firewall, that acts as your special teammate. I explain that the firewall catches the leaky (unencrypted) 53 request and can pass it into Tor, doing this makes the ball invisible, it is now passes along three tor nodes and noone knows where the ball goes but it reaches its goal and noone even knows you scored a goal. ie. noone can tell u made the DNS request!

At the end of the game these invisible goals are reveald.

i dunno maybe this ball-passing analogy is good, people tend to be transfixed that they can do this magic. i explain that it is really simple they just need three basic steps, add "DNSPort 5353" to tors config, configure the firewall to catch the bad 53 and forward it to tor's 5353, and then finish the process by disabling DoH in the browser and tell the browser to do the old-style 53s. Done. if you want me to find some authoritative resources on this i should be able to, its a pretty big thing.

>"Tor is often slow and frequently blocked"

happy to report thats not the case today, #tor is fast and reliable, in some ways TOO fast, i almost feel like throttling it sometimes. :P

bad/unethical sites may block it but many don't and i'm actually more sad when they dont, but for the 1 site a person desperately needs (eg bank) they can use a non-tor browser. I think people reading your site are likely to be interested in finding alternate ways and means so i really don't think it would bother them much to see how some sites might be hostile to ideas of privacy, if anything it may help reolve underlying questions and feelings that they might have to see sites X,Y and Z be equally hostile, that knowledge means they might use the normal browser for X, but maybe for Y and Z they will use a different service completely (eg. invidious, fediverse). etc. :thinka:

Good afternoon. It's 1PM, Saturday, 20th April. The headlines: Global leaders urge restraint amid Israel-Iran tensions. The US Congress progresses with support. Voting begins in 's general election. The 's Co-op Live venue gears up for its last trial event before opening. A blast at an Iraqi army base causes a death.

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