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Pentagon: Funds to replenish Ukraine military aid to run out on Dec. 30

The Delusions and Dangers of Defeatist Voices in the West. There Is a Path to Victory in Ukraine


Mossy steps at Sampford Spiney churchyard

It's not 6pm Saturday: It's 8pm Monday!
Time for the New Music & Scottish Albums Chart show repeat
(first broadcast on Saturday 16th December)

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or end child poverty. says pick one!


Highly recommended awarding a very special award

Lloyds Banking Group is hiring a Lead Data Scientist
Location: Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Salary: 85 255 - 100 300

7pm is Hip-hop time!

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Honest Government Ad Visit the UK! (2024 election)

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In todays issue we discuss how Mark Zuckerberg is building a $240 Million dollar 1,400-acre Hawaii compound with a secret bunker, Costco sells $100 Million dollars worth of 1-ounce gold bars, How the Grinch Stole Christmas is one of my favorite Christmas movies

wall Brown Butterfly


Weather at 6pm on Mon 18 Dec is fine, 10C (feels 8), pressure steady and 0.4mm rain. Humidity is 90%.

6pm means it's time for some Soul Sounds

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Gaza, the new Nazi Ghetto

Jewish journalist Masha Gessen on comparing Gaza to a Nazi ghetto

I feel it is time that us folks in the UK look back 30 years and remember how great our taste in music was in 1993 - especially with our Christmas number 1

See him lie, oh how he lies.

Israel and the US both have loooong proven histories of lies and war crimes

'IDF doesn't shoot churchgoers', says senior adviser to Israeli PM Israel-Hamas war

Cynigion technoleg uchel yn ystod pryderon masnach byd-eang -deals -customers -trade

Khans decision to block cars for Ukraine scheme gobsmacking

Vitali Klitschko, the mayor of Kyiv, asked for vehicles destined for scrapheap but London counterpart turned him down

Layla Moran's family are reportedly among hundreds trapped in 's Latin church. Ms. Moran's extended family, consisting of her grandmother, her son, his wife, and their 11-year-old twins, are Christian Palestinians.

According to the Latin Patriarchate of , a mother and daughter lost their lives within the Holy Family Church complex on Saturday due to sniper fire.

Video by MEE UK:

UK farmers say Brexit promises of a green future have never materialised

Brexit was supposed to lead to a new era of green agriculture, but farmers are on the brink as they can't access the government environmental subsidy schemes

Ah, that brexit bonus that keeps on, eh.

"Cambridge University could cut ties with Barclays after more than 200 years over the banks refusal to stop financing new oil and gas projects, according to the Financial Times."

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The Fediverse is being extremely cool about the fact that is representing the at in

signals he has no interest in signing -

UK ministers had hoped to agree foundational trade partnership before both countries head to polls

Church deaths 'cold-blooded killing', cardinal says.

Both Hamas and Israel use the same tactics as innocent Palestinians suffer

UK holds first trade mission to Ukraine: range of agreements signed (more)

AFU forced to curtail some operations amid ammunition shortage and cutbacks in U.S. aid senior military official (more)

Britain said on Monday it would implement a new import carbon pricing mechanism by 2027, mirroring the EU scheme, with goods imported from countries with a lower or no carbon price having to pay a levy as part of decarbonisation efforts.

The government said the carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM) would apply to carbon intensive products in the iron, steel, aluminium, fertiliser, hydrogen, ceramics, glass and cement sectors.

: Windinghole - BuryMeWick
: winding hole
: Photo by Smabs Sputzer (1956-2017) on Flickr

Judges Given the OK to Use ChatGPT in Legal Rulings

Plans for hydrogen and electric buses on Derby and Derbyshire routes

Good article on the skills of working in a care home looking after old people, and the implications of the government's latest plans to reduce immigration.

This all ties in with the capacities of the NHS, because people need places to be looked after when they leave hospital.

As approached the end, Matthew knew he had to give himself as many options as possible to get to the Final 3. That way he wouldnt be locked in with just one. And of course we now know it worked! 1st TikTok today:

You can also see Matthews thought process as a YouTube Short:

Or on Instagram:

UK companies to help Ukraine with artillery systems repair, drone production (more)

At 4-6pm on Radio Jammor each day is The Teatime Show, with music from 1990 onwards*

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Today : 2023-12-18 Stigmabase Nordic Xperience

Nordic countries have much in common in their way of life, history, religion and social structure. They have a long history of political unions and other close relations but do not form a singular entity today.

This "Honest Government Ad" about the UK and the upcoming 2024 election hits SO close to home

You totally shouldn't bookmark this website too:

(That's sarcasm, by the way. You totally should.)

"Self-declared and Stephen Fry will deliver the 2023 Alternative Message with an impassioned plea for us all to recognise and call out for the it is.

Moved to speak following the alarming rise of antisemitism in the following the October 7th attacks and the subsequent response from , Fry reveals he has been driven to overtly claim his heritage in order to stand up to antisemitism and hateful abuse."

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