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officials use to decide on issues from to licences

findings show uncontrolled and potentially way used in and some forces

UK risks scandal over in AI tools in use across

MP stopped from boarding Air flight as his name was Mohammad

MP was stopped from boarding a flight to Canada with other members of parliament because his name was Mohammad, the House of Commons heard on Monday.

Mohammad Yasin, Labours MP for

UK PM on wars in Ukraine and Middle East: Putin will fail, and so will Hamas (more)

Number 1 for Free UK Wills

Rishi Sunak dodges ceasefire questions as he cosplays global statesman John Crace The Guardian

"The Israelis had assured him that they were following the letter of the law and that was good enough for him. Who was he to doubt them Those airstrikes that wiped out entire Palestinian families were just one of those things."

Shlama! Salam! Shalom! Pax! Three men light candles in front of the crucifixion site on Calvary.

Behind them, the cross marks the place where Jesus was crucified on Golgotha, the spiritual centre of Christianity located in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

Picture taken by Aid to the Church in Need.

Monitoring dissent!
"A startling revelation indicates that the has substantially amplified its surveillance of the online activity of educators. Ranging from leading education experts to assistants and earning modest salaries, the magnifying glass of surveillance closely monitors posts critiquing policies. The discovery was made by The Observer, revealing that the Department for Education is keeping extensive records of such posts, something that weve previously covered."

8pm... time to dance!

Radio Jammor is on the air...
Broadcasting from to the , &

Changing the travel behaviours of the majority of the British population may seem like a drop in the ocean of total global carbon emissions but it is a drop with a significant ripple effect

If we can demonstrate to other countries that this is possible, then they are much more likely to follow suit, particularly as the effects of climate change start to take hold in earnest

Sure, its a drop in the ocean, but maybe thats enough to start a wave

AFC Energys ammonia-to-hydrogen technology achieves 99.99% hydrogen

UK Government Caught Surveilling Social Media of Teaching Assistants


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Lovers of the magical colour purple, would you give this toot a boost to help handmade purple works reach more awesome purple lovers This colour is just so entrancing and beautiful
Get your purple shine here:

4bn in UK public pensions funding North Sea oil giants drilling new wells

Pension funds used by millions of council workers in the UK are pouring cash into companies expanding offshore oil and gas extraction

"The UK government promises to implement changes to improve recycling, introducing a set list of materials for recycling bins and ensuring regular food and garden waste collections. These plans aim to simplify recycling."

, shares powerful calling for + in

Father wrote an on Saturday which he shared on the , (), calling for the Church of England not to or to , but to ahead of the in November

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on being to : It has left some

I do think that there comes a point where I should have been allowed my to what was going on

After a delay of more than a year, Turkey's President Erdoan signed the protocol ratifying Sweden's accession to the NATO alliance and submitted the documents to the parliament for approval.

The Prime Minister of Sweden, Olaf Kristerson, was quick to congratulate the signing.

Turkey and Hungary are the only members of the 31 alliance countries that have not yet ratified the protocols.

Preview and Channel Information for next Saturday.

call for and at heart of s .

This is the we are talking about here...

Assuming our real leaders (DMG Media, Murdoch, etc) continue to promote rightwing politics, then when Climate Change really starts to bite and tens of millions are displaced by rising sea levels, famine and the inevitable human response - war parts of the South Coast will resemble the 2006 film 'Children Of Men'.

set to after intense by .

"If the have decided to make a ban on a '', then I'm sure the will make it very clear to them what they think next year."

Russia Deploys Pre-WWII Tech on Avdiivka Assault

The use of outdated technology in Russias latest assault might be an indicator of dwindling supplies.

A trip down memory lane - UK My last night in the Highlands and dinner at the Coastal Pub and Kitchen, Shieldaig, Scotland

Help Juliette, a trans woman and an Asylum seeker in the UK cover for her monthly rents, food and other bills in order to survive her escape from violence. She arent allowed to pursue paid job until her asylum case is processed and may need our support until then.

Updated Goal: 2125/15000*

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Weather at 6pm on Mon 23 Oct is fine, 9C, pressure falling slowly and 0.2mm rain. Humidity is 92%.

Quick trip to London last week, this week back with the family and friends to our second home town of many years. Gotta keep the perm residency!


Good evening. It's 6PM, Monday, 23rd October. The headlines: The has pledged an additional 20m in aid for , where over 5,000 people have been killed and 222 are being held hostage. Hostage negotiations are reportedly at a serious stage. Despite 30 aid trucks entering Gaza recently, the UN warns more help is needed. faces over 100 flood warnings and London saw up to 100,000 people attend a pro-Palestinian protest.

"The UK Government invests 200m to decarbonise freight vehicles, introducing 370 zero-emission trucks and creating job opportunities in sustainability. Major companies like Sainsbury's and Marks and Spencer benefit,."

6pm means it's time for some Soul Sounds

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Going to travel to the for a week, with a BritRail pass for all of , so anything interesting you'd recommend for a day trip (willing to go into other kingdoms, too)

Both city trips and light hiking.

The English supermarket chain Iceland has a store in Oslo and Ive never seen it in a worse state.

Half the freezers are empty, a bunch of them are unplugged and pushed to the corner. Empty shelves in a lot of places. Costs about 4 for a Freddo. It looks like its on the brink of shutting down.

Kinda resembles the UK, to be fair.

Hate crime laws may need redrawing, says Met chief Mark Rowley

I can see redrawing those laws to include any criticism, insult or derogatory cartoon concerning the government like so many other police states around the planet.

Hate is hate, criticism or peaceful demonstrations are not.

Dont over legislate democracy or civil rights.

: Calf Heath Marina Bridge
: towpath bridge
: Photo by touluru on Flickr

Pink News: Miriam Cates: What has the Tory MP said about trans people and trans rights

Managing your money online: Finances can be tricky, but this subject will help you learn how to do budgeting, banking and shopping online in a safe and easy way.   

is no longer set to become 's ambassador to the as there appears to be little enthusiasm from himself while the fears image problems due to procurement from his time as Defence Minister - as reports.

The first video of the Hawk anti-aircraft missile system in action in Ukraine.

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