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nothing to do with the farmers should be targeting the supermarkets, there war profiteering needs to be dealt with

"Tesco says price pressures easing as profits soar
The UK's biggest supermarket chain made annual pre-tax profits of nearly 2.3bn up from 882m"

China flooding Britain with fake stamps in act of economic warfare

Interesting status update

"Russia creeps forward as Ukraine strikes its air force and navy

Both sides pursued their strategies in the war, with limited success for each, as ammunition shortages plagued Ukraine."


Good night, America!

Covid hand sanitiser fraud pair sent to prison

Tick tock, drip drop... At 20:00 hrs on Wed 10 Apr 2024 the Malmanac weathervane reports 13.7C, 84% relative humidity, pressure steady 1012mb. 1.2mm precipitation so far today. Wind is blowing 5.1mph from W, gusting to 10.5mph.

"UK records 189,000 new solar installations for 2023"

Congress must let Ukraine win, say Barbra Streisand, Sean Penn, Imagine Dragons, Timothy Snyder and other luminaries

ME/CFS in the UK: suicide, forced treatment, psychiatric detentions

may help.

( has more links too.)

If you got cash problems, I feel bad for you some.
I got ninety-nine wombos but a grant aint one.

Idfk. Brain is solidly off rn.

A major says are being let down by and .

Dr. claims no good on the of to -related , and have been caught up in a stormy about the

Leicester announce 89.7m loss as delicate financial picture is laid bare

In-between the rain showers I managed a couple of photos. It was really just a walk as we knew the weather was shocking, but as I go everywhere with my camera...why not

New location visited today, Titchmarsh Reserve (Wildlife Trust) and I'll defiantly be going back when our country experiences the sun one day in the future.

Stoltenberg: Kyiv justified in striking military targets outside Ukraine

US considering dropping Julian Assange prosecution, Joe Biden says

Is the Administration Protecting the Russian Regime What a shame

UK Standards Authority: Six Accredited Registers of counsellors and psychotherapists have notified us of their adoption of the ' framework', for assessment against the for Registers. Please Share Your Experience of the registers and SCoPEd by emailing us at by 17 May 2024


Weather at 6pm on Wed 10 Apr is showery, becoming more unsettled, 11C, pressure falling fast and no rain today. Humidity is 92%.

Just waiting for the taxi


It's only 6pm too

'A new report has found that a majority (56%) of people want to shift investment in road building schemes to funding options for walking, wheeling, cycling and public transport.

Sustrans Walking and Cycling Index... also revealed greater public demand for active travel over driving, with 50% wanting to walk more and 43% wanting to cycle more. A third of people want to make greater use of public transport.'

Failure to pass Ukraine aid strategic and moral malpractice

Train diverted after passenger dressed as Star Wars character reported to police for carrying firearm

Yesterday I attended a class ran by an agency partnering with , the Department for . It was called 'getting back to work with confidence', and to their credit, the facilitator was good and empathetic. But towards the end he had a slide with emotions & he asked attendees to pick one, hoping choices would be upbeat like 'happy' or 'confident'. It was completely heartbreaking to hear again & again 'sad' (5 times!), 'anxious', 'overwhelmed', 'angry'. crisis raw for you!

A compilation of Russian propaganda threats to destroy other countries.
Was your country mentioned

What Is Heart of Palm And Nutritional Benefits to Delicious Recipes

How the West is Betraying Ukraine and Itself

The Independent UK: What the Cass Review fails to tell us about growing up trans

"Trans barrister Robin Moira White says the 388-page report was billed as a new start for gender services in the UK but its glaring holes, notably around controversial puberty blockers, will leave the NHS unable to deal with the real challenges faced by young trans people"

For those unable to access -

Archived (Premium):

: Bridge I, Bank Hall Bridge
: road bridge
: Photo by TonyMo22 on Flickr


That way the Daily Mail uses the word "diverse" like it uses "woke"
We all seeing that, yeah

Guardian: UK foreign secretary fails in bid to persuade Trump on Ukraine aid (more)

Ukraine, UK sign agreement on defense cooperation (PHOTOS and more)

Ukraine and UK sign another agreement on defence cooperation (more)


All day the BBC has been trumpting the news about the "Trans Problem" the Establishment wants us to see....fucking disgusting.

It's Section 28 all over again and most people will shrug about it.....

Student died after using two to three big bottles of laughing gas a day

ICAO code:
Operator: Royal Air Force
Speed: 769 kmh
Altitude: 12192 m
Distance: 5.5 km
Angle : 65.8
Direction ->: WNW


Seen: 8x

Margaret Atwood was v prescient! Handmaids Tale is on the cards!

TV doctor Tijion Esho exchanged Botox for sex with patient

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