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Not the sharpest image, but here is a Male Eurasian Kestrel looking for a meal.

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These wars are between the superpowers. And the people are getting killed for them. From my point of view, both and are looking to become the most powerful and dominant. Just like the and want it.

The superpowers never did anything good for my country, except if their own benefit was there. And they always tried to ravage the resources and keep the people poor and hungry. I am looking at you, too!

**The CONservative government response to the electorate demanding a General Election NOW!**

Why am I not surprised in the slightest

Sunak claimed no one wanted an early election, so we've emphatically shown him that we do.

His response A classic party survival before country!

China supports Russia in war, but it is not relationship of equals - US Pentagon (More)

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Keep safe all those folks.

Borb of the Great tit variety

Here, there and Fieldfare

Each year, thousands of fieldfares leave Scandinavia and even Russia to spend the winter in the comparatively mild UK. The birds typically begin to arrive in September and nearly all will have left by late April.

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"Nespresso drinkers in the UK will be able to return their used coffee capsules for recycling, free of charge, through Royal Mail."

8pm... time to dance!

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+ : We cant go on like this.

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42 hospitals in England built with unsafe concrete.

Read for the complete list.

Woman still won't pay 3k council tax over climate change

A 73-year-old woman has vowed to continue not paying her council tax as a form of climate protest against Buckinghamshire Council

The mother-of-two, who has two grandchildren, is protesting the Councils refusal to stop banking with Barclays due to the bank investing in fossil fuels

Russia says it intercepted U.K. military planes over Black Sea (more)

Organic chicken manure is polluting River Wye, court hears

Anti-pollution charity River Action has won the first stage of a legal fight against the Environment Agency over pollution to the River Wye

Hamas likely used North Korean arms in attack on Israel, in violation of UNSC Sanctions (more)

"The UK Government plans to invest 650m to support the growth of the fusion energy sector, including funding for research, development, training, and the development of new facilities. The aim is to lead the way in clean energy and meet nuclear targets."

7pm is Hip-hop time!

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Gestapo 2.0

Four-spotted Chaser

The U.S. announced its intention to permanently supply long-range ATACMS missiles to Ukraine, with a significant increase in the number of missiles, as stated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

There is also hope for the possibility of Ukraine receiving ATACMS missiles capable of targeting objectives at a distance of 300 kilometers, which would enhance Ukraine's defense capabilities.

Thank you People of the United Kingdom. The UK and partners are launching a 127 million ($153 million) Winter Emergency Assistance Plan for Ukraine, the senior military adviser of the Great Britain delegation to the OSCE Nicholas Okott said, as reported by Ukrinform.

Oxfordshire scoring highly for net zero progress in UK

A campaign group has singled out Oxford and Oxfordshire has among the few council areas to make progress on net zero with most other authorities falling well behind

Four years after councils started formally declaring a climate emergency, a series of scorecards published by Climate Emergency UK has shown the majority of local authorities are "underperforming" when it comes to action on climate change

You can get help with travel costs if youre disabled.

You can apply for a disabled persons bus pass or railcard if you have a condition that makes it hard to get around.

Find out more

London: Climate activists stage protest outside Barclays office in Canary Wharf

On October 19, 2023, climate activists organized a protest in front of the British Bank Barclays office in Canary Wharf, London. Pics/AFP & Fossil Free London

Getting a smile out of me lately is a challenge, heart is broken still with the war in my home country. But hey, I'm starting to get back to myself and I, ah, I made some pretty things:

Health professionals risk arrest with road occupation, die-in and climate inquest outside JP Morgan

As part of the Oily Money Out week of protests, over 60 health professionals are risking arrest this morning by staging a die-in and climate inquest in the road outside JP Morgan Chases London Embankment offices

News at 6PM: Rishi Sunak has reiterated the 's solidarity with amidst escalating conflict. Israeli air strikes have resulted in 3,785 Palestinian casualties. In response to the crisis, Egypt plans to open the Rafah crossing to . Families of 203 hostages taken by have made a public plea for help. braces for torrential rain due to Storm Babet, prompting evacuations. Indonesia is set to launch a China-backed high-speed train.

UK folk - please email your MP.

Good form, email template, and an easy local rep finder at :

It could not be simpler.

6pm means it's time for some Soul Sounds

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95 UK Universities That Have Pledged to Divest from Oil and Gas Use Banks Funding Climate Crisis

Students have accused the institutions of hypocritical and performative green commitments

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