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North Korea threatens US with preemptive nuclear strike (Kanal13 - Azeri News in English VIDEO)

A Gannet making off with some foliage from the cliff side

There is something stately about a Jackdaw. A bird that greys as it gets older, much like me

What you looking at buddy

Tree Sparrow doesn't seem that pleased to have its photo taken

Number 1 for Free UK Wills

8pm... time to dance!

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Scuffles erupt and missiles thrown at police following pro-rape/massacre march in

Today, we marched in our thousands for an immediate ceasefire Jeremy Corbyn

Mobile in the really has an Edge to it

A bottle of what Sothebys is calling the most sought-after Scotch whisky is set to go up for auction next month, with an estimated price of up to 1.3 million.

The auction house said the 96-year-old bottle of single malt from distiller Macallan - The Macallan Adami 1926 - will come under the hammer in London on 18 November.

Gosh, why would nations like the and be so supportive of ethnic cleansing

It's such a mystery.

Results from Before the Bell for Linares vs Catterall. 4 bouts, broadcast is on YouTube.

More b-roll from this year.

Here we have a Razorbill amongst some beautiful purple costal flowers on the cliff


This country highlighted its full cooperation with the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

Shock, rage, increasing unease: s community wrestles with response to

came together to condemn , but concerns over s actions are being voiced

"In what they are calling a "significant" step forward, UK scientists believe - for the first time - they have found cases of seabirds that have had been exposed to the current H5N1 strain and then recovered."

looks like this should be an important consideration when reviewing this weeks flooding

Been poor weather for days here so going through the B-roll from this year (hope you don't mind).

Here are some Nesting Black-legged Kittiwakes from earlier in the year when I visited Bempton Cliffs in Yorkshire

Sleepers - Grey Seals on the Yorkshire coast

Many British adults regret not concentrating in their French or German lessons at school. Most believe that languages should again become compulsory in school.

Many feel ashamed that they cannot speak another language and would welcome the opportunity to learn.

Only 21% of UK adults said they can have a conversation in a modern language that's not their mother tongue, according to a YouGov poll commissioned by the British Academy.

Jeeezo! thats amazing.
lower life expectancy than , despite more than 20x the health care spending per capita. It would be incredible if it wasnt so believable.

No more of

President Zelensky Says Turkey To Take Part In Malta Talks On Ending Russia's Invasion Of Ukraine (more)

6pm Saturday: Time for the New Music & Scottish Albums Chart show

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- Change of production by source between 2000 and 2022 (in TWh)

Vision21 growing veg for the community in

: Bridge 9, A5 Watling Street
: road bridge

Pink News: Tamworth Tory candidate Andrew Cooper flees building as Labour winner begins victory speech -election

Agreed 100%. It merely shows how desperate & out of touch the are.

They're purely focussing on the far right of the electorate in the hope something major happens to justify their extremist far right rhetoric, which will then resonate to their faithful & undecided voters.

was a one trick pony. A joker card which they can't surely hope to play again.


Held at the Saatchi Gallery, The Oulim in London celebrates the 140th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Korea and the UK with a wide array of content, from BTS and BLACKPINK to K-Drama and the latest VR & AI tech. Entry is free, so dont miss out!

Tickets for The Oulim in London
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Their extreme brand of politics is distasteful to the extreme, but racist extremism is all they have left

So far, the Bibby Stockholm & Rwanda have cost the hundreds of millions, with both grotesque plans only handling 40 asylum seekers between them!

What they're doing isn't about addressing immigration, it's about presenting the front of being cruel & mean to foreigners as a dog whistle to the far right

I thought Thatcher was extreme, but this lot make her seem a pacifist

For the far right it was never about the stated aims of , it was to stop brown immigrants coming to the .

Foolishly, it didn't occur to them that Brexit only affects . I doubt many of them even understand the nuances of what they voted for.

Whilst Brexit's caused mayhem to the UK economy, the have gone quiet on these mythical Brexit benefits, but they've now gone into overdrive with immigration which they still view as an election winner.

Ausblick in unsere Zukunft

Consider the source.

"Sky News apologises after claiming guest said Israel had it coming"

It's mushroom time!!

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A couple of photos of the trans solidarity demo at Newcastle's Civic Centre today! Hopefully, more photos will be on the way as there were photographers there.

I've been to TDOR, TDOV, pride, and trans vigil related events, but this was my first demo. I'm normally too scared of the police to attend these types of events - but the state of the UK means I feel I need to step it up and brave my fears. I couldn't live with myself if I couldn't say I've done *something* given recent events, so from now on, I'll be making a point to attend more demos etc as I get the opportunity.

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Trafalgar Square in London, UK, is famous for its lively events, such as New Year's Eve celebrations and cultural gatherings.

At 4-6pm on Radio Jammor each day is The Teatime Show, with music from 1990 onwards*

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James Cleverly says he has asked the Israeli military and government to respect international law and to preserve the lives of civilians in Gaza.

foreign secretary calls for restraint from

from Cairo Council

"... the DfE earlier tried to cancel a conference because two of its speakers, early-years experts Ruth Swailes & Aaron Bradbury, had previously been critical of govt policy. Now it has emerged that the department made similar threats in order to stop another expert...

"Dr Mine Conkbayir, an award-winning early-childhood author and consultant... the DfE had threatened to withdraw funding for the conference if she spoke."

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