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No more Sunday roasts: UK readers on why they are eating less meat

"Fuck'n Russian Republicans!"

Ukraine has taken an operational pause on the southern sector of the front and is being cautious due to a possible budgetary blockade of further assistance from the United States, Deutsche Welle

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Scotland-to-Germany hydrogen pipeline plan accelerated by Scottish Government

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8pm... time to dance!

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As the becomes law in the without critical legal safeguards to end-to-end encryption, the internet as we know it faces a very real threat:

The Act could give the UK government the power to access, collect, and read anyones private conversations at any time. The UK Government has previously admitted that the proposals are "technically unfeasible," and we hope Ofcom
keeps this front of mind during the implementation process. (1/3)

In a double lock, today, we passed an old boy and his dog. Not all there, but the dog was friendly. Glad he's got a dog for company.

Now I'm toasting my toes after a day of trodding the muddy towpath between locks, working our way south on the Trent & Mersey toward Kisgrove.

You get a good sense of how tiny the stove (or solid fuel burner) is when you see the silhouette of my feet appear in front of the flames.

and support russian Nazi!


The EU promised Ukraine 1,000,000 artillery shells, but only 300,000 have been delivered so far. Meanwhile, North Korea has handed over 350,000 ammunition to Russia," said Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis. "We surely have the resources to outperform North Korea. We should stop being frozen in the headlights while brave Ukrainians die," he added.

A trip down memory lane - UK Exploring the Scottish Highlands, a summer of my trip

7pm is Hip-hop time!

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EU, Australia Make 'Progress' Toward Free Trade Deal: French Minister

The European Union and Australia have made "progress" towards a free trade deal, France's trade minister said Friday, ahead of a Group of 7 trade meeting.

Labour is splitting over Keir Starmers unquestioning support for Israel Vox Political

Starmer Cabinet Wales Islamic Centre

UKs Online Safety Bill Receives Royal Assent, Imperilling Digital Rights

It's the moment British digital rights advocates have dreaded. The UK's Online Safety Bill is now law.

The UK Online Safety Bill is a bill no more. Last month, we reported on the bill's passage, effectively making

is National Black Cat Day in the so I'm sharing a photo of my boy Miko. He's going to turn 11 years old in December and is the king of our hearts.

Weather at 6pm on Fri 27 Oct is fairly fine, showers likely, 10C, pressure steady and 3.6mm rain. Humidity is 94%.

6pm means it's time for some Soul Sounds

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England to diverge from EU water monitoring standards

President Zelensky

EU organizes online film festival in Russia despite invasion of Ukraine


The UKs Controversial Is Now Law

The government says its Online Safety Act will protect people, particularly children, on the internet. Critics say its ineffective against dangerous and may be a threat to .

Unprecedented diarrheal outbreak erupts in UK as cases spike 3x above usual

UK accused of plan to further cut cost of bananas at expense of poorest producers Trade policy The Guardian

> refusing to commit to pledge to stop cutting tariffs on big producers despite being as cheap today as three decades ago

The UKs controversial finally becomes law - The Verge

The bill, which aims to make the the safest place in the world to be online, received royal assent today. But its contents have been contentious, especially because of their potential impact on encrypted messaging.

" new documents shows UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt offering to work with Equinor to publicly promote the oil and gas industry

The chancellor also appears to suggest that Equinor could improve its image by funding renewable energy projects through profits made with oil and gas. Equinor enjoys considerable government support, with an estimated 3 billion tax break to develop Rosebank."

Record numbers of 18-year olds from deprived areas have applied to the most selective universities & courses, according to newly released data. says the trend is "encouraging", but says the advantage gap has "hardly shifted."

"The UK governments weakening of its windfall tax on energy profits matched the demands of a high-level lobbying campaign by the oil and gas industry, new research reveals."

At 4-6pm on Radio Jammor each day is The Teatime Show, with music from 1990 onwards*

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will "play a key role" in coverage of the & next year & will host a series "showcasing the power of Britain around the world", the broadcaster said.

(Great, just what everybody needs)

Norwegian state-owned oil giant announced they made 6.6 billion in profits over the past 3 months

the plans to hand Equinor 3 BILLION in tax breaks for . UK taxpayers will effectively cover 91% of the costs for Equinor to develop the massive Rosebank field.

Who is Tory MP Crispin Blunt, bio, age, family, wife, education, net worth

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