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My personal favourite Spoonbill photo

...And here is the racist slug race-baiting, recycling -esque talking points and spouting ill-informed nonsense like a good dishevelled fascist in the wake of the .

As I keep trying to remind , DO NOT TRUST THIS BLONDE TWAT.

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'Boris' Johnson marching against is like cholera marching against diarrhea.

Just a reminder that his editorship of saw no problem with publishing racist, anti-Semitic columns by Taki.

Oh, and then there was the anti-Semitic stereotypes in his flimsy excuse for a novel.

He's going on this march because it masks his past on Google searches. A trick he keeps using. Nothing more.


"UK music projects aim to transform lives of people with dementia"

British empires past emissions double UKs climate responsibility

Exclusive: Data shows that including CO2 from countries once under colonial rule makes Britain one of worlds biggest historical emitters

ICAO code:
Operator: Royal Air Force
Speed: 674 kmh
Altitude: 10973 m
Distance: 1.8 km
Angle : 80.8
Direction ->: WNW


Seen: 7x


An American M1A1 Abrams tank was spotted somewhere in Ukraine

s past double s

Exclusive: Data shows that including CO2 from countries once under makes Britain one of worlds biggest historical emitters

There's many things say they'll do differently, & because of the mess the 's in, there's many things they've no choice but to follow suit.

It seems there's little the can do to arrest their slide.

Labour need power to effect change, so it makes no sense to rock the boat & put at risk a potential election victory.

The nation looks like we've made our minds up. Labour merely have to hold their nerve & not snatch defeat or a hung parliament from the jaws of victory.

Nice to see ladybirds still around at this time of year

Ladybird on Nettle

5 Teal moored to the bank of the lake like boats :)

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Words cannot convey the depth of the brutality at the Ukraine frontlines today."
- Aure


70 Kilometers To Crimea: The Breakthrough That Could Shift The War In Ukraine

Weather at 6pm on Sun 26 Nov is fairly fine, showery later, 3C, pressure falling slowly and 0.2mm rain. Humidity is 95%.

Behind the mask

Gaza seems like an inflection point in the shaping of world opinion because the Wests leaders Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer and Olaf Scholz and Joe Biden didnt pretend to be even-handed, writes Mukul Kesavan.

Theres a fine line between impartial and agenda-based . In the this was crossed at least a decade ago. There isnt an impartial journalist left. Unbiased factual reporting doesnt sell advertising or satisfy the media barons. No wonder were in such a mess.

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In London, commemorative events held at monument to Holodomor victims (PHOTOS and more)

Found a new blogger from the University of St Andrews.

He is doing a great job at showcasing the town and Scotland.

Other half has taken up the half price trial of Paramount+. Christ it's slim pickings the content on there. Can we ask for our 3.50 back

Some of us remember only too well the contaminated blood scandal in the which led to a number of premature deaths and which is still being investigated.

November 26, 1980

English post punkers Family Fodder released the single Savoir Faire b/w Carnal Knowledge

Savoir Faire is the project of Alig Fodder, a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who would work with a revolving door or other musicians over the years.

Their sound at this time was a pop-oriented, yet still experimental take on the post-punk genre.

Their first album was a mini album tribute to Blondie, so that should tell you how cool they are.

This is their third single, and its from the bands first full length album Monkey Banana Kitchen.

Its also one of their best known tracks, and for good reason. It opens with a catchy synth driven riff that gives way to the melodious vocals of French singer Dominique Levillain

UK: Labour MP Rosie Duffield - An investigation was launched after the MP for Canterbury liked a tweet by the comedy writer Graham Linehan

Archive copy from the Times today:

"The MP for Canterbury, who has previously claimed she has been ostracised by Sir Keir Starmer and the party for her beliefs about womens rights, is currently not on the partys approved list of candidates to stand at the next general election"

"Despite being selected to fight her marginal seat last year, Duffield, 52, has been omitted from the official list held by the partys ruling national executive committee because she is facing a disciplinary investigation by Labours governance and legal unit ...

"Insiders claim that an investigation was launched into her conduct at the end of March after she liked a tweet by the Father Ted comedy writer Graham Linehan"

There are times when I think the UK might've ended up in a better place if Margaret Thatcher hadn't been PM for all of the 1980s and instead Su Pollard from Hi de hi was Prime Minister.

Instead, a spokesperson issued a statement acknowledging the ransomware incident and the immediate initiation of an investigation with third-party cybersecurity experts.

: Bridge 52, Laughton Hills Bridge
: road bridge
: Photo by Andrew Batram on Flickr

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Everything ok in the today My feeds are full of news stories of you all losing your minds over a moon halo.

Does ice not form in the air over Europe

M1A1 Abrams Tank on Ukraine's Frontline!

"Will not provide exact location of tank"
- Aure

This is the smoke & mirrors of politics. acknowledge the has little choice but to upgrade our crumbling infrastructure, but the are playing politics (like with in the Ruislip by-election) by accusing Labour of having to hike tax to pay for their proposed 28bn pa infrastructure programme.

Labour's rolled back on it so as not to give the Tories an attack point, but polling suggests the UK electorate accept the need to find the money to achieve .


It's in the , the sky is , and in 1h it'll be #222255

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Move over, : heres my essential guide to greeting strangers Emma Beddington The Guardian

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