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US House intelligence chair warns of urgent national security threat

Tick tock, drip drop... At 20:00 hrs on Wed 14 Feb 2024 the Malmanac weathervane reports 10.9C, 90% relative humidity, pressure steady 1007mb. 2.6mm rainfall so far today. Calm.

House Intel Chairman announces serious national security threat, sources say it is related to Russia

Welcome to the , where you can get jailed for expressing yourself even if you don't make any actual threats/incitements. The perks of being a country without something like the US 1st amendment. In Britain you could also get jailed for saying something "grossly offensive". And then they mock the Middle East for being "backward". This is America's future once the 2-party duopoly tricks the US public into giving up more rights.

House Intel Chairman announces serious national security threat, sources say it is related to Russia

"Wouldnt it be nice to have politicians whose shallowness and hypocrisy arent so easily mocked by 10-year-olds"

A compilation of Russian propaganda threats to destroy other countries.
Was your country mentioned

"Premier League football clubs now required to publish robust sustainability policies"

UK army sending 600 trucks and 1,200 soldiers to Poland, the deployment is related to the NATO Steadfast Defender 2024 exercise.

UK Government infomercial be like:

If you (spend 60 to) switch to an energy saving showerhead, you can save upto 20 a year on your energy bills.

Appreciate the effort, and I do think these sorts of initiatives are important...but which civil service employee on well above minimum wage with a great pension wrote this shit

US House of Representatives speaker threatens to curb Ukraine,Taiwan, Gaza, Palestine, Israel, Indo-Pacific aid bill (more)

(): to push on :

Republicans increase pressure on House Speaker Mike Johnson to bring up Ukraine aid bill for vote (more)

For 25% of surveyed men in the , the point of Valentine's Day is to "get laid" according to a survey from 2015.

More than the half of women responded "show how much you care"22 percentage points more than men!

Happy Valentine's Day

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Not a bird you can easily miss The glorious Eurasian Goldfinch


American woman on my work call was lamenting her kids growing up. They didn't want to do any more. Sort of a wistful "they grow up so fast" kind of moment.

I raised my kids in the , where it's not really a thing. They never experienced what the Americans do in school. I have no such feelings.

I hated VDay in school. It was a bunch of perfunctory "I like you" messages that were given to everyone from everyone. It's "everybody gets a trophy" with this weird romantic slant, at an age when kids really don't need to be thinking about romance anyways.

Here is a photo of another Greenfinch where a gust of wind seems to have given it a new cycle helmet hairstyle.

Here is a light weight tiny bird, the Goldcrest. They don't seem bothered by your presence but they just do not stop moving. Land nibble move repeat :)

Brexit Britain has 'significantly underperformed' other advanced economies, Goldman Sachs says

Post-Brexit Britain has significantly underperformed other advanced economies since the 2016 EU referendum, according to new analysis from Goldman Sachs, which aims to quantify the economic cost of the Leave vote.

Here is a female Chaffinch seen in the woods today

Not a UK native but a winter visitor. This is our smallest Thrush (UK) the Red Wing. Nice to still see them at the reserve even though 90% of the berries seem to have been eaten already.

We have a London Drupal meetup coming up on 20th Feb (Tuesday) -- at The Children's Society office in central London in the evening at 6:30 PM.

Sessions of this event are dedicated to exploring the forefront of web development and content management with Drupal at its core and an AI chatbot with Flowise (Open Source).


Hawksbeard Flower

This pretty bird is a Reed Bunting (male). With its black bank robber hood it is easy to identify

Seen today at Summer Leys Nature Reserve

The always 'happy' looking (not) Greenfinch seen today on my afternoon walk

Here is a young male Bullfinch who was happily stood eating from the ground for about 15 mins. I saw no sign of its parents, so I imagine this one is now fending for itself.

Weather at 6pm on Wed 14 Feb is settled fine, 8C, pressure steady and 4.0mm rain. Humidity is 96%.

News at 6PM: has sunk a warship in the Black Sea. in the holds at 4%. Studies show great apes exhibit teasing, such as hair-pulling. The UN rejects support for forced evacuations in Rafah, despite Israeli directives for a hospital to evacuate and warnings of likely mass casualties. Ceasefire talks between and continue.

Duplicitous Starmer caught bang to rights yet again

Its a bucket-list fish: bluefin tuna are back in British seas and so are the fishing boats

UK petition to Parliament:

Ensure sex workers are not excluded from banking services.

Love meansstop insuring climate chaos

-burning largely offset fall in particulate from in The Guardian

I dont think burning is a sustainable source of , especially if its also a hazard.

ICAO code:
Operator: Royal Air Force
Speed: 757 kmh
Altitude: 12192 m
Distance: 8.0 km
Angle : 56.6
Direction ->: WNW


Seen: 14x

Canada allocates $44 million to support Ukraine's future F-16 fleet

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