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UK genetics project looks for lost apple varieties to protect fruit in climate crisis

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine: March 29, 2024, by the UK Ministry of Defence.


Humiliation by India shows Israeli biases have damaged Americas credibility.

india and the US flawed quasi democracies sound like and are so much alike that neither has the objectivity, moral or legal authourity to judge the other.


I dont think Ive ever seen the footpaths and trails be this muddy for so long. Bring on some warmer weather!

VCA , ePaper , Friday, 29 March 2024

rejects call to Over

Other stories incl. the disgusting shenangigans by the governments of & . Disgraceful!

Weather at 6pm on Fri 29 Mar is showery, bright intervals, 8C, pressure steady and 1.2mm rain. Humidity is 85%.


A view of Manchester Museum from another part of the museum. The neo-Gothic building was designed by Alfred Waterhouse, and opened in 1888.

Update: Russian missile attack on Odesa injures 5, including 3 children

"Raw sewage spills double to record 3.6m hours in 2023"

The British government knows a large number of UK nationals are fighting for Israel or living in illegal settlements

Phil Miller:

Russian veto halts monitoring of North Korea nuclear sanctions

Forty-five people have died after a bus crashed in South Africa.

: Tunnel 2, Curzon Tunnel
: railway bridge
: Photo by ell brown on Flickr

ICAO code:
Operator: Royal Air Force
Speed: 775 kmh
Altitude: 12215 m
Distance: 3.7 km
Angle : 73.1
Direction ->: WNW


Seen: 5x

And and and in the far #'future and and -level for the , etc. all part of the of another : THE , taping tonight. Subscribe to 531 past episodes here:

I've enjoyed marina life this winter, but now everything's awakening. A spider is exploring the ceiling. A Canada Goose was looking for a place to nest on my stern deck. Trees are budding. The sun is returning. This Saturday we spring forward and change the clocks.

First I pick up my familythey'll get over jetlag in London while I overdose on squeezes and cuddlesand then it's a train back to the boat, to head up north together.

"Englands sewage crisis: how polluted is your local river and which regions are worst hit"

Ukraine receives $1.5 billion in loans from World Bank

The loan, backed by guarantees from Japan and the U.K., was provided through the World Bank Trust Fund (Advance Ukraine).

apocalypse could take away almost 8m jobs in , says report


> , younger workers and lower paid are at most risk from artificial intelligence

Le chef du parti DUP dmissionne aprs des accusations sexuelles anciennes

Ukraine receives US$1.5 billion loan from Japan and UK (more)

UK Ambassador to Ukraine starts Good Friday in shelter due to Russian missile attack (more)

Enormously exciting: farm to create biggest natural grassland in southern England

Lower Pertwood in Wiltshire aims to restore declining plants, insects and endangered species

The everyday 'cosy' Ableism of the British.

Ah, here it comes...
Here comes the

Yep, huge downpour...

Here are the options I've found for in the :

(1) NHS (free) but only for: over 75 or care home residents or weakened immune system

(2) Boots (98.95)

(3) Private pharmacies via Pharmadoctor (price set by each pharmacy but guidance is 75-85 for Pfizer, 45-55 for Novavax)

Both Pfizer & Novavax seem broadly comparable:

Britains universities are in freefall

"Some borrowed heavily to expand and make themselves more attractive, only to be caught out by rocketing inflation and borrowing costs."

"Blaming a 38% drop in applications from foreign postgrad students for its plans to freeze pay and promotions."

"The net result isnt more choice for British teenagers, given that foreign students were effectively subsidising them."


Informative and eye opening.

Definitely worth a listen

How western media have always largely been propaganda , manipulative, especially when conflicts exist

Chinese battery company EVE is in talks to build a 1bn "gigafactory" in the .
The company promises 6,000 jobs for England's West Midlands, while opening room for the Chinese electric vehicle monopoly to expand into the Europe. If the initial factory plan comes to fruition, the project will likely receive hundreds of millions of pounds in government subsidies to expand operations.
While supposedly waging economic Cold War on through its sanctions, economic decline and deindustrialization in the UK forces British imperialism to take on relations of dependency with foreign Chinese capital just to stay afloat.

Ukraine receives $1.5 B loan from Japan, UK through World Bank mechanism (more)

These UK Universities Embrace Vegan Menus to Fight Climate Change

Paula Vennells Horizon ITV

UK, Czech ministers among Chinas hacking targets #CybersecurityandDataProtection #EU-Chinarelations #Europeanpolitics #Britishpolitics #Cyberdiplomacy #CyberEspionage #ForeignAffairs #Czechpolitics #Intelligence #TechnologyUK #Humanrights #Cybercrime #Espionage #Sanctions #Security #Politics #Hackers #UK

'Manchester venue cancels Palestinian event due to 'recent publicity' and safety concerns
HOME said the concern for safety of staff, customers and audiences was 'paramount''
What nonsense and not the first time a Zionist organisation has had an event celebrating culture has been cancelled. I urge people to boycott this venue.

Oooh a "personal letter" from Rachel Reeves.
Years ago and in desperation in the run up to an election I put a swing bin outside our front door with the notice "political leaflets in here please". 98% of those leaflets were duly put straight into that bin by political posting types.
This one came via Royal Mail so doubt that would've worked.
Maybe time to revive that idea.

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