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machines destroy our habitats:

We wanted to get a sense of the minimum scale of finance that both of these countries owe due to the effects of their operations. they are based on opaque and incomplete data from the and governments, which dont include most from the institutions supply chains

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has instructed the government to fulfill the EU's requirements for accession negotiations. The decree specifies that its aim is to "ensure the implementation of the country's strategic course towards acquiring full membership of Ukraine in the European Union."


8pm... time to dance!

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Given today, I should be sharing 'All I want' but actually this feels more appropriate.

- Come Back Brighter

As Protect Earth starts a new planting season, it's important to know what's been achieved. Here is a review of 2022/23's work:

Russia's Shoigu meets top Chinese military official for second time in 10 days (Kanal 13 - Azeri News in English VIDEO)

"Final testing being done in project to give North Yorkshire site new life as source of geothermal energy"

7pm is Hip-hop time!

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Anyone in the UK, under 21 and interested in Amateur Radio The Radio Communications Foundation are offering to help fund Amateur Radio exams -

: 96% of staff at 28 colleges struggling financially, 79% impacted, many use , hot water and heating

'The surprising story of steam trains on the Central line'

Putin Calls For Closer Russia-China Cooperation On Defense Technologies, Including Military Satellites (more)

In the evening, the Russian military hit the superstructure of a civilian ship flying the Liberian flag with an Kh-31P anti-radar missile as the ship was entering a port in Odesa region. Three crew members, who are citizens of the Philippines, were injured. A pilot was killed and another port worker was injured. (PHOTOS)

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Major kudos to Carol Vorderman for telling the tory clusterfuck apologist BBC where to go.

Unlike me, Ms Vorderman even has the decency to say she respects the BBC. I dont. At all.

"UK museums agree to collective action to tackle the climate crisis"

Hashtags could help to get your target audience. (you can edit your post. Many people have subscribed hashtags and get the post into their timeline then)

6pm means it's time for some Soul Sounds

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'Freedom is the right to peacefully protest': PM accepts pro-Palestine march will go ahead on Armistice Day

Does Seven Bins and braverman secretly hope any demonstrations turn nasty so they can claim the moral high ground and legislate further against freedom & civil rights

its all peaceful & legal

Russians target Liberian ship with missile in Odesa Oblast casualties reported (more)

Russian missile hits civilian vessel under Liberian flag off Odesa coast (more)

Ex-civil service head thought team during early , hears politics live -

"Beef, soy and palm oil products linked to deforestation still imported into UK"

European Commission Proposes Opening EU Accession Talks For Ukraine And Moldova (more)

Asking if it's a lifestyle choice

I'm going to pushback on what that homeless former chef said! The refugees have fuck all to do with why he's homeless!

It's high rent ...first of all! Cost of living, ageism, no social housing, Tories and Tory-acting Labour MPs.

shut down in

! Shut em shut em down! -

: Gnosall Railway Bridge 35A (dis)
: railway bridge
: Photo by on Flickr

Given its lacklustre response, Dalrymple cant help but sympathise with guerrilla rewilders at least to some degree.

The status quo is that were monitoring things into extinction, she says. Theres also a risk in inaction, and thats becoming clearer to a lot of people.

Pink News: Homophobic abuse of elderly LGBTQ+ people in care homes exposed in new documentary

UK targets Russian gold in new sanctions package (more)

BREAKING: European Commission recommends Ukraine, Moldova begin EU accession talks (more)

BREAKING: European Commission recommends to start EU accession talks with Ukraine.

The BBC news front page just now. Hard to conceive of a less substantial news story than this, surely

Delighted to say that a call for papers for the #2024 Congress in , it now up & running!
Head over to the site for details, info themes and more!

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The United Kingdom has imposed sanctions against 29 individuals and legal entities that work in the oil, gold mining and strategic sectors and support Russia in the war against Ukraine, the British foreign secretary reported.

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Ex-civil service head thought Prime Ministers team during early Covid feral brutal and useless, inquiry hears UK politics live.

Seems accurate.

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'Handed a death sentence: doctor forced to return to from

accused of grotesque failure as says he and other have been sent back over border

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