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Loch Lomond & the Trossachs, Balloch, Scotland.

My first time encountering gorse flowers. They are amazing -- they smell just like coconut or sun tan lotion!


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"UK emissions could rise by 15% if government uses surplus to weaken climate goal, CCC warns"

"Doing so would make it far easier for the next government to meet that budget, allowing emissions to rise by around 15% from current levels instead of falling towards net-zero."

New Nanoleaf wall decor will LIGHT UP your home in more ways than one: Tap Tips, episode 4

What is it about genocide that media organisations feel their duty to continue courting justification for by trying to back any interviewees who call it what it is into corners of whataboutery and false-equivalence

Could it be that decades of journalisms lies and liars have rendered theirs a profession unable to avoid misrepresenting even itself

TIP: Dont bother looking to the Guardian, too far gone to even recognise its own hypocrisy

Brilliant from Jonathan Cook on Britain, Palestine & Israel

"Gateshead: Abandoned coal mines providing cheaper, clean energy for homes"

GSK is hiring a Senior Data Scientist
Location: Brentford, United Kingdom

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from their new LP and accompanying film, VOLCANO.

"Holding On" (2023)

Pissed Off Postman Sweeney Pat WANKER WISHY SUNAK

- Evolution of production by source compared with 2000 (in TWh)

Anti-Muslin, pro genocide , far right extremist hate mongers cannot identify their boogie man

Jeremy Hunt Struggles To Answer Gaza Protest Question!

"Aldi turns to AI to track flexible plastics recycling"

Any people any opinions on or REA Fusion panels I can't work out which batteries they use but I suspect they're made by GivEnergy.

I'm ideally looking for kit that doesn't tie me into crappy apps and the need for broadband to be up all the time.

Goldfinch in the snow. In

A male Blackbird in the snow. In

The West Needs Stronger Sanctions On Russia To Help Ukraine, Says Financial Crimes Expert (more)

A Buzzard perched in a tree looking down at the snowy ground for any snacks moving about. In

My friend Little Mate in the snow yesterday. In

I love . Even if you don't, you've likely ingested enough of it through osmosis that you get the gist.

Imagine the scenario: a killer virus ravages the world. Everyone is dead - all but a handful of plucky survivors. Buildings sit empty, cars unmoving, calm & quiet prevail. Nature tentatively creeps back in to the cities.

What invariably happens in the best case scenarios The individual survivors band together and pool their collective knowledge & skills. They set up a safe place to live. They purify & distribute water. They secure a source of food. They work together to fix up the local power plant and begin to slowly but surely put the pieces back together.

This is in action, and it is the way we are meant to succeed.

What invariably happens when one aims to take control of the group, inflicting hierarchy Breakdown and collapse.

This is in action, and it is what the current party-based electoral "democracy" of the , , etc uses to prevent us from banding together to solve problems and keep ourselves alive. These are effectively the same as dictatorships. They are the same thing because both are an apparatus of control against the common.

Society will only succeed when we're all on the same team.

: THE , , and

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Last one from today: A Great tit with some food in its beak down there!

Bluetit looking at the activity going on below its perch

One of 6 Grey Squirrels seen running around the wood today

Weather at 6pm on Sun 3 Mar is becoming fine, 6C, pressure rising fast and no rain today. Humidity is 83%.

a Great tit departing its perch

Great tit came in pretty close

Reed Buntings are everywhere I go recently

'This is my lake' implies the Mallard

Good evening. It's 6PM, Sunday, 3rd March. The headlines: Raye secures a historic six Brit Awards. and Nevada are hit by a harsh blizzard. The Chancellor is set to unveil the Budget on Wednesday. is said to be not dispatching a delegation to Egypt. Shehbaz Sharif retains his position as Pakistan's Prime Minister amidst Northern 's political instability.

a beautiful Robin greeted me as I entered the woodland at Barnwell (UK) today

A Male Mallard looking over its shoulder

This (escaped) domesticated Greylag goose got a little too close!

New location visited today: Barnwell country park, Northants. UK. It was a little grey, but seemed nice enough. Its a location that attracts families (which is a good thing).

I did see a pair of mushrooms carved from the trunk of a tree, covered in fungi.

"Antisemitism, Intimidation and Violence in British Politics"

Be kind to your mind:  Here are a few suggestions in how to help someone struggling with their mental health.   

'Traffic levels in England and Wales are projected to grow by as much as 54% by 2060, predicts the U.K. governments Department for Transport (DfT).'

'In a projections report issued December 12, the DfT also said road delays could rise by 85% to 2060.'

"Climate finance: UK accused of moving goalposts to meet 11.6bn pledge"

: Winding hole
: winding hole

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