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Last week I was in urban and complaining about how crap it is to be a pedestrian. This week I'm in rural England and I will say one thing the has gotten right is the and all of the countryside access it provides.

Field-Based Monitoring Of Instream Leaky Barrier Backwater And Storage During Storm Events
<-- shared paper

Very surprised to see what appeared to be a humingbird in the garden last year... It did in fact turn out to be a hummingbird hawkmoth.
First one I'd ever seen. Corvedale in Shropshire UK.

It has been A DAY here in the small village we're housesitting in. You know... one of those days where life buckles you into a rollercoaster and then says "Ahh... you ARE okay with heights... aren't you"

BUT we ended it by trekking to a wee Tudor pub in the next village for a pint

I forgot to take a picture at the pub. But this is the walk to get there!

ICAO code:
Operator: Royal Air Force
Speed: 789 kmh
Altitude: 12192 m
Distance: 4.2 km
Angle : 71.1
Direction ->: WNW


Seen: 4x

Changes to Regime May Violate International Law


Tick tock, drip drop... At 20:00 hrs on Tue 22 Aug 2023 the Malmanac weathervane reports 19.1C, 71% relative humidity, pressure steady 1016mb. No rainfall. Wind is blowing 2.5mph from W, gusting to 7.4mph.

"Last week, the UK government released its long-awaited biomass strategy, which lays out the steps it intends to take to develop a sustainable, well-regulated biomass sector. "

Ukraine will liberate Crimea by military means if Russia does withdraw from it Ukraine's Security Council Secretary

Intercepts of Russian phone calls on the front lines detail the worsening situation on the Russian side.

Russian troops are running out of equipment and feel 'at war' with their own commanders

Goodness me !!! For those of us who have read it, this was described 40 years ago in a book called "Ganz Unten" by Gnter Wallraff. If you haven't read it, do yourself a favour, and do read it.
This was 40 years ago in Germany.

This is today in the UK...

And of course, at the other corner of the continent we have our "lovely" Tories, who offer us the chance to revisit our past disease glories.

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A trip down memory lane - Time for some serious wildlife Farne Islands, Northumberland part 1 of 2

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Petition: Urge the United Kingdom to Ban Animal Snares

Deaths of homeless people in the UK are surging. They occur year round and the highest number of deaths are in the 36-55 age group where life expectancy generally is 80.
Chart: Number of UK Homeless Deaths Rises Again Statista

Today's music:

Soul II Soul - Back To Life (However Do You Want Me)

: Bridge 82, Gronwyn Bridge
: track bridge

UK Tarot Conference October 67, 2023, London, UK and online - The Hermetic Library Blog

A trip down memory lane - UK The Shepherds Cairn Walk, Northumberland National Park, Northumberland 2 of 2

Why am I not surprised that Ubisoft found their way into this deal

Microsoft to sell off Activision cloud gaming rights to Ubisoft in bid for UK approval


Cybercriminals find iPhone vulnerability. Use it hack *any

Apple discovers & fixes with a rush patch.

...but now they must ask UK!

After a bureaucratic delay & many meetings... UK decides patch might slow down spying.

Instructs Apple to not secure a billion users.

Every tech company is no doubt playing out similar hypotheticals and contingency planning around leaving the UK.

AEW Heels on Birdside:

We're having a party!

This Saturday the Heels community comes together for an evening filled w/ fun and friendship! Hang out with AEW talent, catch up with friends, and get pumped for !

This event is exclusive for Heels members.

More info:

The UK wants the ability to stop companies from patching vulnerabilities.

Catastrophically shortsighted.

Any tech product that stays will be suspect in the global marketplace.

The tech sector will flee.

Goodbye tech investment & jobs.


Pink News: Lib Dems to include trans and non-binary people in period poverty debate: Not just a womens issue

SaudiArabia's attack on : -armaments with logistical support, last we checked, right.

Where do the weapons come from that start these civil wars and armed rebel groups in these little countries

Ars Technica: New offer gives Ubisoft, not Microsoft, control of Activision game-streaming rights

1/2 Descendants of Wm Gladstone (four-time PM, 1868-1894) apologize for their family's role in :
I wasnt aware of , which engages in private for crimes of one's ancestors & promotes 'reparative within the framework of the Ten Point Action Plan :
But reparations need to be addressed in more radical ways, & not just by those aware of their familys history

Glittering (Jul 2023)

Pink News: Woman begs UK to do something about rising anti-LGBTQ+ hate after trans relative flees to Canada

Now Playing on Radio Jammor: Female Voices
Judie Tzuke - For You

Radio Jammor is on the air...

Broadcasting from to the , &

"Il non pu pi ignorare le richieste di risarcimento per la schiavit."
Lo chiedono "la storia e la legge".

Pop culture maven and artistic polymath pointed out there are two versions of "Bring on the Dancing Horses" by the one recorded for "Pretty in Pink" and the album version. Thanks, Cowboy.

Here's the LP version from 1985.

Compare and contrast, 80s culture stans.

Music from the "Pretty in Pink" soundtrack.

"Bring on the Dancing Horses" (1985/6).

If you weren't there, this track is peak 80s. The clip is directed by .

Weather at 3pm on Tue 22 Aug is fine, 17C, pressure rising slowly and 2.8mm rain so far today. Humidity is 83%.

Today : 2023-08-22 Stigmabase Nordic Xperience

Nordic countries have much in common in their way of life, history, religion and social structure. They have a long history of political unions and other close relations but do not form a singular entity today.

Can everyone tell their UK friends about these shows It's my first time touring over there since nonsense went through the roof and i'm a lil anxious about it. Would be great to have lots of folks and allies at these shows <3

Details here:

"Hundreds of cameras installed on London's roads to enforce a clean-air zone that imposes a daily charge on some motorists have been vandalised amid fierce opposition to its upcoming expansion, police said on Friday."

A trip down memory lane - UK Alwinton Hike, Northumberland National Park, Northumberland ,

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