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Landlords are swine and the only thing you can trust them to do is screw you over to maximize their own enrichment. A community group in the UK's Gloucestershire took over an abandoned mill that had become a security liability for its owner, and poured 300,000 Pounds as well as thousands of hours of work into converting it into a radical "pay what you can" restaurant and social space a revolutionary transformation that lead to a glowing Guardian profile in March of 2024. One day after the profile was published, the owner informed them that the building had been sold and they have until late August to get out:

"The community around The Long Table, featured in the Guardian earlier this month, has been left reeling after it was ordered to move out of the mill it occupies in Stroud even as it sought to engage with the landlord to buy the building.

It means the mill will be transformed from a valued community resource it also houses a bike workshop, secondhand childrens gear supplier and a furniture bank into a warehouse for a local business that has bought the site."

Does the owner have a right to sell the building Sure, that's how property works in a capitalist society after all although one does have to wonder why the group's efforts to buy the building themselves have been ignored. Is it a complete scumbag move on the landlord's part after a whole community came together to fix it up, spending significant amounts of money and diligent effort to turn a derelict mill that was practically falling down into a valuable neighborhood resource Yes full stop. The lesson here is - never, ever, trust your landlord.

VCA , ePaper , Sunday, 31 March 2024

Why the West needs to get out of its debilitating slumber, face harsh realities, and ensure that Ukraine defeats Russia

Revised figures confirm went into recession last year.


NEW - Russia has officially accused Ukraine of involvement in the terrorist attack at Crocus. This is stated in a statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The investigative actions carried out by the Russian competent authorities indicate that the traces of the latest terrorist attacks lead to Ukraine. Russia has sent a demand to the Ukrainian authorities for the arrest and extradition of all those involved, the statement said.

Russia also demands from Ukraine the arrest of the head of the SBU Malyuk, in connection with his statements about his involvement in the bombing of the Crimean Bridge and in the murder of a number of people in the Russian Federation (in particular Tatarsky).

The Russian Foreign Ministry threatens Ukraine with liability for violation of obligations under anti-terrorism conventions.

Russia issues an ultimatum to the Kiev regime immediately stop any support for terrorist activities and compensate for the damage caused to the victims

Ukraine denies to this moment any involvement in the terrorist attack at Crocus.

As reported by DDGeopolitics on Telegram

ICAO code:
Operator: Royal Air Force
Speed: 755 kmh
Altitude: 9754 m
Distance: 0.6 km
Angle : 86.2
Direction ->: WNW


Seen: 1st x

Ukraines SBU helped Czech BIS counterintelligence agency reveal pro-Russian MEP influence scheme

Today in Labor History March 31, 1990: 200,000 people protested against the new Poll Tax in London. The new tax shifted the burden from the somewhat progressive tax based on property values, to an entirely regressive tax.

: Bridge 87, Jacksons Bridge
: track bridge
: Photo by PangolinOne on Flickr

After the de-occupation, 422 bodies of citizens were found in Bucha, and in total, almost 1,190 bodies were found in the district

"In messages during the pandemic, he referred to ministers as useless fuckpigs, morons, and cunts. The inquirys lawyer asked Cummings if he thought his language had been too strong. I would say, if anything, it understated the position, he replied." This is a depressing but definitive read as we wait for the UK election to be announced.

A bombshell revelation
UK government lawyers say Israel is breaking international law, claims top Tory in leaked recording Israel-Gaza war

Budanov warns Russian railway in occupied Ukraine can pose 'a serious problem

"Hospital admissions for waterborne diseases in England up 60%, report shows"

Portobello Road, Londres, Reino Unido
Enero 2007
Foto: Miguel Miquez

"Four arrests in central London during anti-Israel parade"

"Arrests made on suspicion of terrorism and hate crime related offences at latest anti-Israel rally."

Londres, Reino Unido
Enero 2007
Foto: Miguel Miquez
Paddington Station, Londres, Reino Unido
Enero 2007
Foto: Miguel Miquez

Hier ist endlich der 5. Teil meines Reisetagebuchs zu unserer Schottland-Reise. Wir cruisen auf den Shetlands rum, mssen leider Abschied nehmen und besuchen die Churchill Barriers und die Wracks dort auf den Orkneys. Das Video ist auch fast fertig und folgt morgen.

BBC 93

Remember those alleged Ukrainian POWs killed in a downed Russian aircraft that Western media spread rumors about Russia has not provided any new information on IL-76 crash - General Budanov (more)

Under pressure. Qatar grants (provisional) freedom to man imprisoned for being gay.

happy national give-ourselves-jetlag-deliberately day !

This is not any hot cross bun sparked house fire... This is an M&S hot cross bun sparked house fire &S

Why the gender identity clinic was forced to shut ... and what happens next


Giving to Ukraine no longer as risky, says Joint Chiefs chairman

The small isle of Oronsay, off the coast of Skye in Loch Bracadale.
Conditions were a bit different compared to last time we were here! But the vistas and scenery were no less epic.

Why do people in the UK call mathematics maths and people in the United States call it math

gov. lawyers say is breaking law, claims top in leaked recording.
Chair of foreign affairs select committee Alicia Kearns said at a Tory fundraiser that legal advice would mean the UK has to cease all arms sales to Israel without delay.

tenure as foreign sec. is now untenable IMO.

The small isle of Oronsay, off the coast of Skye in Loch Bracadale.

Conditions were a bit different compared to last time we were here! But the vistas and scenery were no less epic.

You may enjoy more photos from this hike, all here ->


I missili di e possono colpire solo la

I missili britannici e francesi consegnati a hanno una portata di 250 chilometri, quanto basta per colpire solo la Crimea.

I tedeschi potrebbero invrce colpire anche la in profondit.
(Italia Oggi)

"The British government has received advice from its own lawyers stating that Israel has breached international humanitarian law in Gaza but has failed to make it public, according to a leaked recording obtained by the Observer..."

The is ruled by a vain & fastidious Monarch and a cabal of Administrators. The notion of , much less was lost long-ago. What kind of future will my Granddaughter have under this lot A sad one I am afraid.

"UK greenhouse gas emissions fell 5.4% in 2023: data"

The has discovered its first murder hornet. "They can fly right across the channel." The advice to the public mirrors that given here in Washington state. If you see one, report it immediately. Let authorities deal with it.

It's murder hornet breeding season, apparently. The bee population won't like any of this.

'Fossil fuel executives and the fast-track to a Tory government job. MORE than 100 people from the oil and gas sector have taken up senior government roles under the Conservatives, and two dozen have left such positions to work for major oil companies.'
Not Russian or Chinese interference!

Khalid Abdalla: I read Refaat Alareers If I must die after my speech at Trafalgar Square, words that have become like an anthem. An honour to read. Refaat was only a year older than me when he was killed.

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