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Just learning about how are treated in the again and remembering the stories of what my parents told me about their efforts to save badgers and stop badger culling, back in the 80s and its made me realise, how unnecessary cruel it is that the is literally enabling this literal genocide just to combat TB, despite literally not being the main source of the problem.

Another UK L once again, blame something with something without legit reasoning or proof.

Amber alert in uk for aurora tonight cameras set up and Im planted in the garden with all of the blankets its not too cloudy either

Meant to be is free but tonight is the last night ( of a month being available)

It was a real effort to sign in! So I'm watching on laptop.


"Port of Liverpool plans UKs largest roof-mounted solar project"

This weeks episode of Diary of a Touring Musician was a hard one to write but we made a promise to ourselves that we would be honest - how can you make things better if you dont know whats broken

A real-life warts-and-all account of touring grassroots venues and theatres in the UK - Day 11 - part two Diary of a Touring Musician is out now!!

Big thnx to the Aussies, always ready to help out.

SW Londoner News (UK) - on Government rhetoric contributing to the rising levels of transgender hate crime

"It is also notable that these spikes only occur where policy or speeches are distinctly negative towards the trans community. On the 17th January 2023 the Government u-turned and included transgender people in their ban on conversion therapy"

Interesting local news article, with detailed analysis, also discusses difficulty of causation vs correlation on spikes

Queensberry announce their card for York Hall 20 April.
Sam Noakes headlines
Andrew Cain in action
Turner vs Townsend included on the bill.

If you're a Blade Runner fan and find yourself in the UK between September 18 to 24, then you're in luck.

The 2007 Final Cut will be shown by AEG on a HD screen as The Avex Ensemble performs the iconic Vangelis score live.

Listing of dates & locations below.


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About 300,000 more fell into at height of

Nearly fifth of population struggled with basic needs and charities accuse government of failing poorest

in the Friendly Skies! Why do in the think that this will fly
Just more !

Spot the shy squiller!

"EasyJet joins calls for UK government to help fund hydrogen-powered flight"

Good evening. It's 6PM, Thursday, 21st March. The headlines: The US has sued over concerns. In the , there are demands for compensation for women hit by pension alterations. Research associates severe heat with a higher miscarriage risk. A Scottish system speeds up cancer diagnoses. Violence continues near Al-Shifa hospital. The Bank of holds interest rates at 5.25%, a peak in almost 16 years.

Letter: A conspiracy of silence over the looming climate crisis
Letter to the Editor
23 minutes

So! The Director of the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) has called out both the Conservative and Labour parties for their Conspiracy of Silence, in not acknowledging the scale of choices and trade-puffs that will face us after the election

'Sheffield kicks out polluting ads in groundbreaking new policy'

I need a solicitor to help buying my first home in the Uk. Just the usual stuff.
Any recommendations internet

Roger , a 80 anni, suona con gli a a favore del Teenage Cancer Trust: Finch sar vivo salir su un palcoscenico

UK led European full fibre rollout in 2023 but lags in uptake

: Lock 23 Bratch Bottom Lock
: lock
: Photo by WAVE:Galleries, Museums, Archives of Wolverhampton on Flickr

We have a natural! Adorable Toddler Steals The Show During Queens Belfast visit

"Child with blood disorder scared to wear kippah after being forced out of bed by pro-Palestine nurses"

"Manchester hospital said it was investigating after boy treated well when he was without a yarmulke"

Brains of Mastodon I need your help identifying some tablets before I dispose of them

They were prescribed in 1995 but apart from that the label is unreadable

I know what I believe they are but I have reason to believe they're something else & I'd like to know if I'm right

The tablets are white, round, uncoated, about 7mm across, one side has a divider for splitting, the other has the name "EVANS" & the numbers "50-137"

I've looked online but I can't find them

La journe du 21 mars 2024 en quatre actualits politiques

The ICO must toughen up fab article by with the UKs data protection bill in the Lords here are some changes that would improve it

30p Lee's reaction to England's kit for Euro 2024 featuring a multicoloured modernist St George's flag

"Woke" => "Anything I don't like"

Could we set up a Crowdfunder to help him leave the UK ...

If anyone doesnt have a problem with creeping privatisation of our think again. Dentistry is all but private now. And ask a owner how much theyre getting fleeced at the . The companies and would love it if they could make us pay whatever they wanted to boost their shareholder profits.

"Woke London is the most antisemitic capital city in Europe says Israels diaspora minister"

"Amichai Chikli also called on the UK to prevent radicalisation in mosques and schools"

Good afternoon. It's 3PM, Thursday, 21st March. The headlines: Research suggests heightened miscarriage risks due to extreme heat. The government is urged to compensate 'Waspi' women over pension age revisions. The US Secretary of State holds talks in Egypt. The UN faces challenges in delivering adequate aid to Haiti. The Bank of 's interest rate verdict is expected at noon.

The Crown leads in 2024 Bafta TV nominations - The Guardian

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Money Mobility and Embedded Payments Recast Banking -

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Irelands PM Leo Varadkar announces resignation - Al Jazeera English

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Hospital where Kate treated responds after alleged privacy breach - BBC

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MI6 chief resigns Garrick membership after criticism - The Guardian

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Honest and brave: progressive Jewish figures defend Jonathan Glazer speech - The Guardian

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Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire Review - IGN

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PICTURED: James Martin moves on from ex-girlfriend Louise Davies with Arun Nayar's personal trainer ex-wife Ki - Daily Mail

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