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Jeremy Hunt under fire after Treasury says no new cash to fix Raac in schools Schools The Guardian

Simply disgusting, but exactly the sort of thing I expect from the . The really care nothing for anyone except their rich business friends.

Lidl stores across the started recalling four types of PAW Patrol snacks because of an issue with its packaging.

A URL printed on the snack's packaging was compromised and, to everyone's shock, began serving explicit content.

is an animated series for children created & produced in .

Some of my daughters beautiful violas.

Hey you!

Chaffinch says hello

Good evening friends of the birds


Make your UK Will online for Free.

It's Music time on Radio Jammor

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on in English Opinion The Guardian

"Corgis parade outside Buckingham Palace to remember Queen Elizabeth II a year since her death"

It's Music time on Radio Jammor

Radio Jammor is on the air...
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ICYMI: Another railway strike announced by ASLEF train drivers

Anti-Boycott Bill Will Make it 'Almost Impossible' to Challenge Human Rights Abusers

> Campaigners say the legislation aims to prevent public bodies including local councils, universities, and public sector pension funds from deciding how to spend, invest and trade ethically, in line with international law and human rights.

in the

A with was promised by last October. Why is it still not ready -
Successive prime ministers have failed to achieve what they see as one of the great dividends offered by


Weather at 6pm on Sun 3 Sep is settled fine, 19C, pressure steady and no rain today. Humidity is 76%.

Good evening. It's 6PM, Sunday, 3rd September. The headlines: is intensifying anti-corruption efforts and counter-offensive operations. plans to deport Eritrean asylum seekers. Tesco offers body cameras to staff due to crime concerns. The government pledges to ensure school safety, as fears rise over unsafe concrete in 104 schools. Typhoon Haikui hits Taiwan. The Burning Man festival turns into a mud bath. Inflation in the UK may increase again.

6-7pmon Sunday
The Auld & Traditional Scottish Show
and auld family favourites.

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No it's exactly the same here. The has a technology agnostic approach to the internet, maybe even more so than .

That's why has lagged so far behind the here. I think we should care about that stuff as a nation but we don't.

So you're dead on the money, ideological arguments are like water off a ducks back here.

There's no great resistance. It's just that people don't care.

Is the falling behind other rich economies Yes, but thats only part of the story

National wealth can mask, or even create, other problems. After all, were more than an : were a

Ukraine Launches Three Kamikaze Marine Drones on Putins Crimea Bridge in Latest Daring Attack

Russia claims to have destroyed all three, but the Kerch bridge IS closed again.

Russian officers contact former general amid deteriorating conditions on front line

Campaigners speak out amid suggestion government could reject Climate Change Committees advice


In Friday's it was reported that and of bodies are to be brought up to date by next year. There have been problems since the abolished the in 2015 - and it makes sense to find out as soon as possible if there are any more in the position of among others , , and . However there are some snags to this.

Juvenile Dunnock

Adult Dunnock

Location: College Lake, Herts, UK

Hot day for a walk today, again, not many birds about, but the ones I saw were fab.

Here is a Juvenile Chiffchaff

** Kew Gardens in October: Queer Nature - Celebrating diversity in art, plants and fungi ** :progressprideflag: :flagtransgender:

"From the fascinating science behind plants and fungi to the connections between plants and LGBTQ+ communities, enjoy this celebratory programme ...

Join us for an evening of queer entertainment in amongst the foliage of the iconic Temperate House. Expect music, cabaret, comedy and talks alongside a sprinkling of queer joy"

TERFs are going to have a meltdown and we can expect "Serious questions must be asked on how the woke far-left Kew Gardens has been institutionally captured by militant TRAs" in the Mail and Torygraph

Courtesy of a hint by:

At 4-6pm on Radio Jammor each day is The Teatime Show, with music from 1990 onwards*

*Except for requests

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Newspaper editor Peter Wilby (Independent on Sunday + New Statesman, also a Guardian & TES columnist) has recently been convicted for possession of child sex abuse material.

Dean Nelson was writing about abuse in UK children's homes... at the same time as Wilby was trying to dampen those stories & undermine the victims.


scientists tackle the taboo subject of in polar research

Former Harrods owner Mohamed Al Fayed, whose son died in car crash with Princess Diana, dies at 94

> Mohamed Al Fayed, the flamboyant Egypt-born businessman whose son was killed in a car crash with Princess Diana, has died, his family says

News at 3PM: The government has pledged to address safety concerns over concrete in 104 schools. Tesco is offering staff body cameras due to crime fears. is intensifying anti-corruption efforts, with President Zelensky leading the crackdown. The Burning Man festival has turned into a mud bath. British defence sites face hacking threats. Typhoon Haikui has hit Taiwan and the UK Chancellor suggests inflation could rise again.

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Featuring music where the predominant singer or singers is/are

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A trip down memory lane - the Alwinton Hike in Northumberland National Park, Northumberland, UK ,

Network Rail: Week on the Network - 03 September 2023

Restoring a historic bridge.

Electrifying the network.

And laying over 7,000 metres of across the country.


If (IF!) I were to be in the at the end of the year, would there be any interest in having me talk about my on somewhere or something

EXTREME NOISE TERROR at Obscene Extreme Fest 2008

byy skoki ze sceny i poobijany eb przy pogo.. ENT rozjebao wtedy system w Trutnove!

in grind we trust! :yayblob:

It's & Music time on Radio Jammor

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StephenMcDonell RT by badiucao: To no avail, I reported some of the racist abuse directed towards the Foreign Secretary in Chinese under the post below. Is he an English man or an English pig!, asks one. Hes referred to as dog, black and X/Twitter even thinks it OK to call him a dead nigger.

Jimmy Buffett: Margaritaville singer dies aged 76 - BBC

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BBC presenter sorry after unfortunate slip of the tongue turned show X-rated - The Mirror

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