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Its too easy to tar all politicians with the same brush and yes, I know his seat is disappearing at the next election, but, just maybe Chris Skidmore is a salutary reminder that theyre not all bad Chris Skidmore resigns Conservative whip over Sunaks oil and gas licence plan

UK long term forecast

More & more people will experience more severe climate related weather events. The politicians that helped cause the crisis won't take any responsibility for it.

It was never a prudent idea to use Fossil fueled machinery to build houses on . The clearly predicted that was going to cause more rain (precipitation) in the UK

To key point is more flooding (winter). Although droughts & flash floods in summer (in the )


What difference do North Korean missiles make in the Ukraine war (DW - German News in English VIDEO)


still dry just missed us, thanks to the whim of the Severn's resident nymph/goddess, sebrina/Hafren. but a lot of people did get flooded both here and over most of the we really need to think about what is going to happen to low lying communities and we NEED to stop building on floodplains.

Is the 's published emissions misleading & the claim that the UK isn't burning coal for it's electricity generation When the Gov, incorrectly assumes, maybe intentionally, that "biofuel" is "carbon neutral". And the UK burns masses of for electricity generation (e.g., Drax power station) Also, many people (how many) in the UK use wood fuel, fossil fuels for home heating (e.g., wood logs or pellets, coal, kerosene, tanked natural gas)

Fudging the figures

Olympian Oscar Pistorius released on parole 11 years after killing girlfriend

new method for getting shields raises interesting strategic questions. When do players go for one instead of adding to the prize Remember that you have to win to get anything! Todays TikTok:

You can also see my thoughts on UK shield strategy as a YouTube Short:

Or on Instagram:

"Tory climate tsar Chris Skidmore quits as MP with brutal attack on Rishi Sunak":

Chris Skidmore resigns Conservative whip over Sunaks oil and gas licence plan

The general election will be swayed by foreign policy good news for Sunak

Prime ministers think that representing the nation abroad boosts their appeal to voters

Me thinks the voters thoughts will be a little closer to home

"Heavy rains have pummelled , and the over the last two weeks, causing persistent and even one death in France.

In the , too, communities are at the mercy of neglected infrastructure projects. Damaged flood defences, river mismanagement and poor soil quality are making deluges worse."


Looks like is still there, at the moment anyway

Polish FM: 'We should respond to the latest onslaught on Ukraine in language that Putin understands'

Former minister Chris resigns as in in protest over 's North Sea and plans. I can... no longer condone nor continue to support a government that is committed to a course of action that I know is wrong and will cause future harm". It'll cause another by-election (there are now eight slated for this year)

ICAO code:
Operator: Royal Air Force
Speed: 706 kmh
Altitude: 9136 m
Distance: 7.4 km
Angle : 51.0
Direction ->: WNW


Seen: 1x

Stay safe online: Safer Internet Day is just a month away - 6th February   

Norway completed the transfer of two F-16 fighters to Denmark, intended for training Ukrainian pilots.

But he doesn't give a fuck and nobody could ever make him care.
Setting up a 'taskforce' for something that is expected every year is just gaslighting, you 'rat faced fuck'

North Korea fires artillery shells towards Souths border island BBC News

US calls UN Security Council meeting over North Koreas missile supply to Russia

Sunak on child poverty

As we enter a year of election in the , every forget if you vote blue, you get poo.


Rishi Sunak booed as he leaves caf in Tory constituency in humiliating moment

.Now theres a surprise


Ice and frost warning as health alert issued for England hundreds of homes under water

Torrential rain in the aftermath of Storm Henk, which caused severe flooding earlier in the week, has added to misery for hundreds of families whose homes are now under water and travellers facing disruption to their journeys.

Baby That Had Spinal Surgery While in the Womb Can Now Walk and Run

"Farnborough airports biggest critic silenced as expansion plans continue"

Bloody Sunday: Police submit file to PPS over family procession
<< for the to charge the families of victims openly murdered by a soldier for protesting, given the UK gov already called the murders "unjustified and unjustifiable", whilst refusing to punish the soldier would be incendiary to politics.

: Bridge 60, High Bridge
: track bridge
: Photo by cattan2011 on Flickr

Do you really, really want these Spice Girls stamps

Just One Per Cent of Voters Say Rishi Sunak's Government is 'Very Honest' - Byline Times

Break your heart by finding out which British celebrities support Fox Hunting...

Fenster Freitag. The river comes to the fishing tackle shop. Seen through the bus window this morning.

"Motorway electric car charge point target missed, says RAC"

Fox Hunting is an abomination, whomever said it was "the Unspeakable after the Uneatable" had it right (was it Wilde)

World forced Putin of going cap in hand to North Korea UK Defence Secretary (more)

has so few sailors it has to decommission ships

New frigates unable to be manned unless two existing warships are taken out of service

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