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It's far more complex than this. The are desperately setting traps for .

His best course of action is to remain vague-ish & not to disturb his opponents whilst they're busy making a pigs ear of their rule

It won't suit the far left, but few in or within the Electorate care

The biggest issues concerning the electorate are the cost of living & the , both of which the Tories are failing miserably at

We're just holding steady until


Britain's Supreme Court to weigh legality of to

To discourage migrants, the wants to deport to Rwanda some who arrive by boat without a visa.

Human rights groups have sued, and the Supreme Court will begin hearing arguments on Oct. 9.

Mastodon users, could do with a guide here, what is a good tool for planning bus journeys around the UK I have a challenge I'd like to do but I'm having trouble with planning and would like to know if there is something that could show me possible routes.

"Yesterday's Psychosis (2022)"

Tick tock, drip drop... At 20:00 hrs on Sat 7 Oct 2023 the Malmanac weathervane reports 12.3C, 95% relative humidity, pressure rising fast 1021mb. 19.8mm rainfall so far today. Wind is blowing 0.7mph from NW, gusting to 4.3mph.

Sorry for the volume of toots today, I hope no one minds too much. Some days are better than others for birds and today is one of them.

Here's a Greenfinch to apologise

8pm... time to dance!

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President Zelensky

It wouldnt be a Saturday without a photo of a Great tit, so here is one I encountered this morning

The political earthquake in 1997 should serve as a lesson to the who the electorate really are.

We all love the rhetoric of Benn, Foot & , but no one wanted them as Prime Minister.

The far left will never learn.

A Eurasian Goldfinch eyeing up a juicy berry

Another bird seen this morning - the pretty Long tailed-tit

thats also true
We have a system that is very poor at representing the wishes of the electorate

That starts with funding being predominantly from the wealthy and business, FTTP, and continues with the party whip and "donations", directorships and the revolving door into businesses

There is very little representative about the system of " representative democracy"


So much love for the Woodpecker but is it cuter than this Bluetit... I think maybe not

the comment i responded to was

"The 19% average poll lead over the last 12 months illustrates the majority of the believe this to be the case too"

That statement is clearly incorrect

Yes,that get a majority in the commons
No, that is not " a majority of the UK"

Climate activists march through Newcastle against Rosebank oilfield approval

Campaigners marched against the approval of Rosebank which will produce up to 350 million barrels of oil

Keir Starmer: Yes, of course, he responds crisply and without qualification. You know, a woman is a female adult.

or perhaps learn about whats it like living in under blockade since 2007. Regardless, the Israeli concept of what the wants has crumbled in the worst possible way.

Geopolitics is fascinating, but the history of the conflict has nothing to do with Iran. It has to do with the (and the League of Nations/#UN), which made it possible, through the mandatory, for thousands of refugees from Europe to be sent to a territory that had majority Arab population (95% in 1919). Arabs and Palestinians always claimed that post Europe had to take care of its in Europe, and not make it their problem.

Everything that happens since then is interesting but not an explanation for why this conflict is unresolved still.

Weather at 6pm on Sat 7 Oct is indeterminate, 10C (feels 8), pressure rising fast and 7.2mm rain. Humidity is 94%.

Dept of added 42 companies to a control list for support to 's & - support that includes the supply of US-origin integrated circuits.

7 entities from , , , , & the were also added.

The include that uses for precision guidance sys in & used on in .

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Summer skies in October

on the website:-

'Introduce national restrictions on pavement parking.'

Needs 247 more people to sign for an official response.

'Pavement parking affects everyone, but is especially dangerous for people with disabilities, including people with sight loss and wheelchair users, as well as parents with children, and older people'

Poll predicts landslide Labour election victory with 12 cabinet ministers losing their seats

A 11k+ poll, modelled using MRP. Polling done by Survation 11-25 Sept: Average seat projection:

LAB: 420
CON: 149
LD: 23
Labour majority: 190

UK Media narrative lags actual polling by 6+ months

HotSat-1: spacecraft maps variations across Earth

- Change of production by source between 2000 and 2022 (in TWh)

: Bridge 3, Pauldings Lane Footbridge
: footbridge
: Photo by Scouse Smurf on Flickr

The Many Lessons of the Ukraine War
The enormous responsibilities of the United States in the war and how they created it despite Russia's concessions. They literally applied logic, peaceful solution is weakness.

Why the keeps apologist far-right racist presenters on air is beyond comprehension. It must be the hubby's connections...

"Carbon Capture Is Risky But We Need It, Say Tory MPs At Chevron-Sponsored Event"

Michael Spicer does The Room Next Door with Penny Mordaunt's party conference speech

You have a really interesting political vision for the ...

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Radio Jammor is on the air...
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Ici larticle de Le Monde de juin, que lon peut relire pour situer le contexte du dbat en sur la ville du 1/4 dheure
La ville du quart dheure et son inventeur sous le feu nourri des complotistes

Additional British Troops Arrive In Kosovo To Bolster NATO Forces (more)

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