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Interesting videos about the question why or if women are more liberal than Gen-Z men

TLDR(but actually a different take/video):
Liberal by the "American" definition i.e. "left-wing/progressive".
I personally don't really see that much of a gender divide in my surroundings so it might just be a correlation, but I still find it interesting to think about.

Voters scrawl Navalny on ballots & Britain hits back after Russia hack 60-Second Briefing

Ukraine drone strikes Pervyy Zavod oil refinery in Russia

The Sleat peninsula of Skye is often overlooked.
However, what it does offer are some of the finest mountain vistas on Skye.

government seeks to limit low- schemes as part of its plan for

Exclusive: has already cut but now seeks to block ability to fine drivers

The Sleat peninsula of Skye is often overlooked.

However, what it does offer are some of the finest mountain vistas on Skye.

Plenty more photos from this hike are awaiting your hungry eyeballs, right here

"Royal Family Criticized For Not Altering Photo Of King Charles Much More"

government seeks to limit low-traffic schemes as part of its plan for drivers

"Sunaks plan for drivers, unveiled in September and intended to prioritise motorists needs at the expense of other road users such as bus passengers, cyclists and pedestrians, sought to crack down on not just but also 20mph speed limits and bus lanes."

This is like US red states supporting fossil fuels by imposing a ban on gas bans, or a ban on plastic bag bans, on cities.

Alternate Headline that would actually deserve to be on a Canadian top-news page:
Kate Photo Scandal another reason Canada should divorce itself from this circus.

I mean, for the love of god, WHO CARES.

They Don't Live Here.
None of them have any impact on our day to day lives.
They aren't even Canadian Citizens.

It's just gossip. That's all it's good for. Stupid, meaningless, gossip.


is the new , it seems

"High levels of PFAS forever chemicals found flowing into River Mersey new study"

Ukraine Daily Update Day 751 ft.

Russia launches another terrorist attack on

Russian oil producing plant hit by drones.

What is happening in Europe: , , .

Operator Starsky is an officer of the National Guard of , who joined during the war in in 2014.
He partecipated in the successful defense of the Airport of in February 2022.


Long-duration energy storage: get on with it

Published by the Authority of the House of Lords

Das Science and Technology Committee hat Experten aus Forschung und Unternehmen zu LDES Verfahren befragt. Dokumentiert im Stil einer Anhrung.

President Zelensky on Russian double-tap attack on Odesa: despicable act of cowardice (more)

Wind is the cheapest, fastest & cleanest form of energy we can build, and theres enough of it to power the UK 4 times over. With solar, also cheap, fast & clean, we can power ourselves 6 times over and we can do it without public money.
- Dale Vince via


Wake up honey, the new definition of has just dropped. If you support any independence or anarchist movement, you're now effectively the same as a fascist Combat 18 member.

New Tour

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Here is a photo from this years selection of discarded Christmas Trees that Ive spotted. There was a lot less this year. Maybe an indication of the dire economic situation - will post a few more soon

Original tweet:

Drama Unveiled: Shocking Nominations & Double Standards

British Parliament Debates: Should Tea Breaks Be Extended to Discuss the Weather More Effectively

A co, jeli azyl nie przysuguje Europa ma problem z deportacjami

if anyone is wondering how its going here in the uk. this pretty much sums it up

New Queensberry boxing show set for April. Featuring the English Heavyweight title clash between Solomon Dacres and David Adeleye.

: There is ample evidence that a General Election should be call. And then there is a flock of (human) chickens. WHY

: There is ample evidence that a General Election should be call. And then there is a flock of (human) chickens. WHY

As Michael Gove peddles his preposterous and dangerous new extremism definition, his hypocrisy is out there for all to see!

Part One of his new definition states that extremism is: the promotion or advancement of an ideology based on violence, hatred or intolerance, that aims to negate or destroy the fundamental rights and freedoms of others!

So lest we forget:

Cabinet Minister Against Islamophobia Definition Addresses Dark Money Lobbying Group Tied to Organisations

by Nafeez Ahmed in Byline Times

Two Government officials Communities Secretary Michael Gove and the Independent reviewer of the Prevent strategy William Shawcross addressed a profit-making lobbying group in September 2022, the directors and shareholders of which are tied to , and pro- in both the and .

This week November 2022, the Government decided to stop working on an official definition of something it committed to three years ago. Byline Times investigation suggests that this decision is the result of pressure from a lobbying group linked to US far-right dark money bound up with the .

On 6 September, Gove who was appointed Levelling Up, Housing and Communities Secretary last month spoke at an event organised by the Counter Extremism Group (), a think tank founded by Robin Simcox and Hannah Stuart. He was joined by William Shawcross, who is in charge of reviewing the Governments controversial strategy to prevent violent extremism.

During the event, Gove opposed the idea of creating a precise definition of Islamophobia which could be used to police what people can say in order to penalise them for it

The Independent: Rishi Sunak is working towards an autumn general election on 10 October, The Independent has been told

"It is understood that the PM is unlikely to wait until mid-November, since it would clash with US presidential election"

"The October date would also throw party conference season into disarray, which is a key opportunity for all the major parties to campaign and fundraise ahead of the upcoming election"

: Lock 8 West
: lock
: Photo by isla's dog n'bone on Flickr

s said that at around midnight U.S. Central Time, the company experienced a global technology , which was quickly identified and corrected, according to a separate message to global operators viewed by the Journal. A third-party provider conducting a caused the issue, the company said in the message.

McDonalds Disrupts in , and

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TikTok ban: China attacks 'bandit logic' of House vote - BBC

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Seventeen make history as first K-Pop band to play Glastonbury - Evening Standard

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SpaceX launch live: No splashdown as contact with Starship rocket lost - BBC

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Six Nations: Manu Tuilagi named on bench against France for international swansong - The Telegraph

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Air-traffic control bank holiday chaos: On-call engineer took 90 minutes to reach HQ and reboot computer - The Independent

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government refusing to hold a general election on the same day as the nationwide local elections so it can hold off for its own, marginal, advantage, and costing local authorities millions of pounds in extra costs as a result is just the icing on this 14-year cake of misrule

Van Gogh self-portrait arrives in Wales for Art of the Selfie show - The Guardian

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