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If you observed many relatively wealthy folks' behaviours in the , you'd be forgiven for thinking that isn't a reality

To parody & paraphrase many Brits "I'll just fuel me SUV up with some diesel & then we can drive to the pub. Their having a BBQ with beef today"

"****! Their are some idiots blocking the road, summit to do with stopping oil. Their idiots! How could we get to the pub to drink beer & eat beef if Police need to lock em up & throw away the key"

G20 admits African Union as permanent member G20 statement calling for all sides to refrain from using force to gain territory is an outrage to Ukraine as an invaded state (Reuters News VIDEO)

government lifts de facto ban on onshore AP News

8pm... time to dance!

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National Team Ukraine secure tie with England in Euro-2024 qualifiers (more)

Working Group Meeting LIVE: The President discussed with Michael McFaul the activities of the International Workers' Association In English / untranslated (Office Of The President of Ukraine Official VIDEO)

G20 Summit: Ukraine allies to persuade Modi to condemn Russias invasion (Times Radio News VIDEO)

"None of the s biggest offshore developers took part in the auction after many complained to government ministers and officials that the maximum price had been set too low."

It *almost* as if the Conservative UK government didn't really want these farms.

Morocco earthquake: More than 600 killed as buildings damaged (BBC News VIDEO)

"The companies had warned ministers repeatedly that the auction price was set too low for to take part after costs in the sector soared by about 40% because of inflation across their supply chains.

The governments energy security disaster means the may miss out on billions in investment and may also push up bills for working households, the Labour party said."

Eee, it's a tad warm today.

"To combat the extreme environmental toll of major oil spills, researchers at The University of Texas at Austin have created a technology that could significantly improve cleanup capabilities compared with current methods."


You know what anarchy is

It's not a word you throw around or label yourself with.

It is something you DO.

Pink News: Euro 2024: Jill Scott makes her view on Jordan Henderson move clear

"Some things keep you up at night.
This newsletter topic is one of the things that makes me restless.
I often wonder about Dean Ablakwa, a man I have never met, but one I am seriously concerned about.
Heres why "

I really hope that this stupid fucker was charged with wasting police time:

Joining Horizon Europe as an associate member is a relief for UK scientists, but no cause for celebration. The priority now is damage limitation.

hottest day of the year But also in it's time for so we drove to see a display at Cemetery on local deceased artists, authors, musicians, and a very interesting ballet dancer. And had a walk, with a bit of post pandemic reflective sadness

A trip down memory lane - UK Skerray to Torrisdale Bay Hike, Sutherland, Scotland part 1 of 3

Google's Statement on the UK Online Safety Bill


Struggling with the weather in London today. The thing is it's very hot and I'm anxious today regardless, struggling with OCD and can usually distract my anxiety with work. But what do I do when the heat causes brain fog and head aches that avoid me of being able to focus on my work

: Lock 23, Varneys Lock
: lock

A trip down memory lane - UK The Shorehouse Restaurant, Tarbet, Lairg, Scotland - Stunning seafood and great views

UK folks..... don't get the tubs of Celebrations, Quality Street etc, there's barely anything inside them.

We've had two tubs, one of each, and both less than a third full.

Extraordinary documentary by into UK senior politicians, conservatives and security services colluding with Russian spies and oligarchs, to the detriment of , European and security.

& ruthlessness, far-right loonies and sex and drug addicts in politics: the elite who opened the doors to criminals and actively helped them corrupt the .

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson arrived in Lviv by Intercity+ train. Ukrzaliznytsia noted that this is already his fifth trip. Upon arrival, he was met by the mayor of the city, Andrii Sadovyi. (PHOTOS)

In Britain, Ukrainian students learn how to improve the quality of soil contaminated by the consequences of hostilities. Heavy metals and other pollutants have already been detected in some soil samples. This can affect the quality of crops grown in contaminated fields and spoil the world's food supply.

Terror suspect Daniel Khalife was "pulled off a pushbike" by a plain clothes officer in Northolt, London, the Met Police has confirmed while unveiling new details on how the fugitive was found

Not exactly James Bond, but I like their style

Off to the Tower of London

Plan for 20mph speed limit targets in London voted down

() a person is five times less likely to be fatally injured if hit at 20mph than at 30mph

Labour said it supported the idea "in spirit" but could not vote for it

Votes before Lives

Is there a political party in with a spine

To quote again the SNP MP Chris Law

Tories and Labour are 'two cheeks of the same arse'

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*Except for requests

Radio Jammor is on the air...
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Puzzled as to why my energy rates have only dropped a tiny amount and there are hints it's going to increase again over the coming winter, but EU rates have dropped significantly.

Military instructors from different countries pay tribute to Ukrainian recruits who completed a training course in Great Britain and are heading to the frontlines to defend Freedom, Democracy, and International Law (VIDEO)

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Radio Jammor is on the air...
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G20 Summit agrees on joint declaration finding compromise on Ukraine without Putin or Xis obstructionism (more)

In the we are not allowed to have research projects with researchers affiliated with Russian Universities. But Government and Universities in the UK continue using , whose owner actively helps in the war.

Im Gegensatz zum werden die hier in , unabhngig vom Geschlecht oder vom Spiel, das sie leiten.

Aber wie im bezahlen wir sie alle viel zu wenig.

After all the mess of Brexit, a deal has finally been made to allow UK scientists to rejoin the Horizon research programme and also give them access to the Copernicus Earth observation satellite programme.

Wow! They clearly havent been to the UK in a few years

After 40+ years of neoliberal theft and 13 years of Tory government, nothing works, the rivers are dead and full of shit, as are the beaches and seas, we are the corruption capital of the world and in the grip of the same forces that trashed everything decent in the US

In The Skies Over Ukraine

Amazing what can be accomplished when you give two spoiled children a time out. Reports note the main points of the declaration agreed by G20 leaders during the summit - Reuters. The main thing about Ukraine:
countries should act in accordance with the purposes and principles of the UN charter
countries (more)

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